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Alcina Dimitrescu - What she would be if she was a kindred in the VTM setting.

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  • Alcina Dimitrescu - What she would be if she was a kindred in the VTM setting.

    Hello everyone.

    So I've recently read and seen some material on Resident Evil, where one the characters from there would interesting to discuss what it would be in the game vampire.
    The character in question is Alcina Dimitrescu, according to various material, including official - suggest a kindred of some kind, or the very least a mortal who practices vampirism. With that said, it makes good sense to consider Alcina as a kindred, as she does have powers which seems to fit well with being a kindred and other associations that fit that notion. Which raises some obvious questions if she is a vampire, like what clan she belongs to, what generation is she, what disciplines does she know and so, which obviously is going to be based on what is known. This is both challenging and interesting at the same time, but more so is an opportunity to to create a character that could be used for anyone who're interested in running something in the resident evil setting or as inspiration for a similar character. As an note important note, I'm thinking in terms of pre-V5.

    Currently what we know - Source: - Obviously some is not public knowledge in the game world:
    ~ there are more sources, including the game demo and other various sources, and earlier Resident Evil games, though I've only included information from RE: Village.
    Full Name: Alcina Dimitrescu
    ~ Lady D. or Mistress D.
    Gender: Female
    Birthdate: Unknown, before 1950.
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Skin Color: Very pale - deathlike skin color.
    Height: 2,9 cm. / Aprox 9 ft 6 in - This extreme height could be from extended use of Vicissitude?
    Occupation: Countess of Castle Dimitrescu (At least since 1950s but possibly before.)
    ~ Location of the castle: Carpathian Mountains: - Which is in central Romania.
    Signature outfit: A long flowing white dress and a wide-brimmed dark hat, along with a black flower on her chest.
    Reflection: She has one. ~That rules out Lasombra - Unless.. It's possible for a Lasombra to actually have one?

    Her last name uses a romanian patronym and is confirmed to be romanian, and the castle is also located in Romania, which means that the clan she most likely would belong to would be clans that are usually to be found there. Also to note, the castle is specifically in the Carpathian mountains, so we can get fairly specific in what clans we're most likely dealing with.

    She has the ability to elongate her fingernails into razor-sharp claws, there is footage of both being turned at the same time. - This would fit well with Protean or Vicissitude.
    Alcina was a follower of a Satanic witch-cult which practiced vampirism and human sacrifice, possibly for sustenance. - Supports the part of being kindred, but we already assume she is.
    She was already regularly engaging in vampirism in the 1950s, and had successfully mutated three women by 1958. - These three "mutated" woman, whom she also considers her daughters, could be her kindred childer" because they aren't her biological daughters?

    We know she is used to cruelty:
    "This control allowed Dimitrescu's family to rule their castle with barbarous cruelty, regularly taking in new staff to replace those who were taken to the dungeon to be killed
    The blood of their victims was used to create an enriched red wine called Sanguis Virginis (Latin for "Maiden's Blood")." It is also known, that the family has imprisoned and tortured many of their staff/slaves, for many years, quite possible as part of creating Sanguis Virginis. ~The Torturing suggest Tzimisce.
    Since the 1950s to 2020s, the castle has been the epicenter of a number of violent murders and mutilations instigated by the nobles against the local peasantry.
    In the late 20th century, the castle became associated with Sanguis Virginis, a brand of enriched red wine marketed by Alcina - Obviously the mutilations and murders are connected with this, thus we know that she's actually still doing this. ~ All of this suggests They're part of the Sabbat.

    About her Childe:
    One has shown it has the ability to turn into partial swarm of insects that also has the buzzing insect swarm sound, although it does look more like dark dissolved matter moving through the air - which I think would suggest protean, obtenebration or a combination, but not really sure. Some of their concept art depicts these "daughters" as having a shadowy haze around them - hence also why I'm thinking obtenebration.Though it might also be a form of blood sorcery or ritual effect.

    Personally, I think her being of Clan Tzimisce makes very good sense, especially also due to the fact of the castle location which also is supported by what supports it's the Sabbat.
    About her age, how old is she really? Well, the design inspiration is from 1560. From what we can see in the official artwork, she appears at the very least to be an adult - she appears to be young, I think mid 20's to mid 30's at maximum.Today that would make her around 90-105 years old, at least. I'm not really sure if there are any indications as to what generation she might be at. Style of clothing and the fact that she is going with the same look (makeup, dress, hat, etc.) seems she's very set in her ways, to me that indicates she's very old. I'm thinking that she's definitely from the victorian age, but thats mostly based on her clothing style (hat included), but could be even earlier than this.

    I'm curious what you guys think, what impression do you get?

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    i bloody love this! you really did capture her in a vtm way!