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  • Sunlight damage

    So, the Difficulty for soaking aggravated sunlight damage ( only with Resilience ) are, from the manual:

    3 Heavy clouds or twilight, indirect light
    5 Fully covered with heavy clothing
    7 Through a window
    9 Outside in a cloudy day
    10 Direct and unobscured sunlight

    So, cumulation of attenuating circumstances can lead to receiving no damage at all?
    For example:

    Hiding in the shadow of buildings ( but still outside ) in a heavy clouded day or at twilight ?
    Wearing heavy clothing in an heavy clouded day or at twilight ?
    Direct light through windows in a heavy clouded day ?
    Indirect light through windows in a moderately cloudy day?

    And can we assume that full heavy clothing reduces the difficulty by one category?

    Mabye extra-high protection suncream, thick make-up fundation and sunglasses or protective lenses could help?

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    Its not a direct add system and the list is more "guidelines." The point is ANY exposure, direct or indirect to sunlight will burn a vampire. It has been mentioned in fluff that even the reflected sunlight off the moon is enough to cause sunburns with prolonged exposure. Unless the sun is completely blocked there will always be a roll if you can even attempt to resist it at all.


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      This is the kind of thing that depends a lot on ST's discretion, which usually includes the needs of the specific chronicle. But no, those things are not necessarily cumulative and those are guidelines, as Chris24601 said. It's probably never less than 3, although I would say a 2 is reasonable if the Kindred really goes to extremes to protect itself and going outside during the day seems to be interesting enough for the game.

      For a "perfect" protection where you automatically soaks with every dice (dif 1), you would need to have what is effectively no exposure. If you think the sun is heavily enough obscured already and the vampire is using heavy clothes, high factor sunscreen and heavy makeup on top, sure, why not? It isn't in the intent, but it isn't like its game breaking, either, and it is an extremely circumstantial protection that can wear off with as little as the clouds going away. Not to mention that the Humanity limit on action stays full on, so it isn't an easy day for most Kindred anyway.

      I'm personally favorable for such arrangements in crossover games of any level, where the characters may need some leeway to take part in some scenes. The thing is that the sun damage is far more a thematic thing than a balance rule, so its not strictly a problem to be flexed a little.

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        It'd be too much of a pain to try to calculate ambient light within a turn and then debate clothing with you players (and I'd rule Sunscreen doesn't help because... it's magic.)

        I would say, if your fortitude meets or exceeds the difficulty of sunlight soak, you should automatically soak one level, and if it exceeds twice over, two levels, and so on (Settites can take up to six damage a turn!)

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          Originally posted by MyWifeIsScary View Post
          It'd be too much of a pain to try to calculate ambient light within a turn and then debate clothing with you players (and I'd rule Sunscreen doesn't help because... it's magic.)
          It wouldn't be needed. First as ST you don't have to calculate, you have to decide. You just answer a yes/no question out of your head, geared towards what you want from the scene. The whole thing isn't likely to come frequently, when it comes is precisely because this rare possibility of going out is a dramatic moment that is worth the time. And the sunscreen is there more out of a reflection of effort than anything, which is also magic (putting effort in a strictly defined action is one of the basis of a magic ritual under hermetic philosophy).

          All of that is more for dramatic effect than anything. If a story benefits from this moment, so be it. And if it benefits from those moments being somewhat frequent, so be it too. If it comes with some frequency (like the home town in Twilight where almost everyday is clouded), then it is even easier because you just need to define your clothing setup once.

          ​Finally, if you don't think it is worth it, just don't do it, but Solomon Draak is asking precisely because they want to know what you can pull out reasonably as an ST.

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            This is why I play Dhampirs. “Oh no! The sun is burning me to death... oh wait, I’m just a redhead; that’s normal.”