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Specifice of The Domino of Life ritual

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  • Specifice of The Domino of Life ritual

    Discussion just cropped up, mostly about the specifics of this ritual. The overview is simple, vial of fresh human blood carried on your person, lasts until the end of the night. So,
    1. How much blood exactly? Can you just run around with a ritually prepared syringe, for example? Or is like a blood bag's worth or more?
    2. How easy is it to hide that you're carrying blood on you?
    3. Does the container have to be a vial?
    4. Is the enchantment on the blood or the container?
    5. If it's the container that's enchanted, then can the container be refilled and reused he next night?
    6. Which version should be used, the one in Guide to the Sabbat/V20 where only one biological function is simulated, or the DAV20 variant where full function is enabled?
    7. If using GttS/V20, then could you cast the ritual multiple times in a row? So, by carrying three vials (taking 3/4 of an hour to prepare) you could reanimate the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory system?
    8. How common is use of the ritual in vampire society?
    I'm curious about how others would handle it.

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    Vial usually refers to a pretty small container, so I don't imagine users of the ritual would be carrying around pints of the stuff.


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      1. If no amount is given, the sure, a syringe is enough. There's no need to sweat the details so much.
      2. A lot, just as hard as it is to hide your vial of choice.
      3. If the ritual don't ask such details, there's no need to bother. By definition any small container for liquids is a vial, everything else is optional.
      4. Both. As the requirement is the vial with the blood, the magic is on the whole.
      5. Unless the ritual specifies otherwise the container can be used in a new ritual, but do not carries off anything from the previous night.
      6. Any the ST deems more adequate, its tricky to define which is more official between a modern and a Dark Ages version of any rule.
      7. The ST can judge either way, there's no RAW on the matter.
      8. Like every other ritual: not at all. Few rituals are common knowledge in any sense of the expression. You need someone capable of enacting the ritual, this person must know this specific ritual, must be convinced to do so, and the one to benefit from it must also know to ask in the first place.

      Whomever knows a ritual have a lot of power to decide its availability. They may just put a list of rituals with standard prices in a mural in Elysium, or they may decide to keep this specific boon a secret to better explore its actual use without no one knowing what to expect.

      And no ritualist simply knows of every ritual that exists. How this specific ritualist came to know about this specific ritual, then managed to learn it? Even if it isn't especially hard or powerful, most ritualists know a limited number of rituals, so with very few exceptions, for any given ritual most ritualists never heard of it.

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