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    I... actually adore the Ravnos weakness (the vice one) As an armchair sociologist it's just so... compelling.

    1: Everyone expects the worst from Ravnos, which in turn encourages Ravnos to reject the mainstream. Which spirals into an even worse idea of the Ravnos.
    2: Most Ravnos, burdened by vice, can't realistically meet the moral ideal that other vampires have, which spurns them onto interesting paths like Paradox
    3: The Ravnos weakness, along with their reputation, keeps most of the population transient, which makes things even harder for them. Even if they could get along with the other vampires, mortal authorities aren't far behind.

    4: That one Ravnos trying to keep to humanity is basically a golden unicorn, A titan of inner conflict, A juxtaposition. a Paradox. And the rest of his clan will want him dead out of a twisted sense of jealousy.

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      Why not use the original clan curse, they had higher difficulties in social rolls becuase they are supposed to be "outcasts" and "distrusted" thus as they donĀ“t feel connection with any hierarchy they travel a lot triying to find a home but being unable to do so.

      Note: This is very similar to the Nosferatu curse in requiem who may or not be ugly, their curse is that people feel unease around them for various reasons.


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        Ravnos feel like at least two different clans between versions to me, including those that the OP cited. Although I struggle to identify what they're about without looking to their weaknesses. After all, that's the most fixed mechanical feature a clan has, at least within a single edition. I'm guessing that the V5 developers, having ruled out previous weaknesses, decided that constant travel was a key feature of the clan's identity and wrote the new weakness around that, combined with the Week of Nightmares. Personally, I prefer the sin theme (to describe it in a DA:V term), but some people clearly didn't. Salubri have the opposite in their V5 compulsion and the point has made that the characters themselves don't have to like it or rationalise/justify it in one way.

        A pariah theme sounds a bit close to (VtM) Nosferatu to me; they're even called "lepers" sometimes. Although you could argue the same about sin and Setites and Baali, even if they have their own reasons.


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          I think it depends on how the Ravnos fit into the setting in your games. Is it that they are wanderers? Is it that they are thieves or criminals? Are they sinister tricksters who cheat and devour people? Depending on the main concept they fulfill, you can think up different Banes that feed into that.

          Maybe they lack self control and have a disadvantage applied to Willpower. Maybe they are so engrossed in the false reality they create with Chimestry and deception that they actually have a hard time seeing things as they are and have a difficulty to their Perception. Maybe they are prone to vice and have difficulty to Conscience rolls or whatever passes for Virtues in V5. Maybe they still need to wander, but the penalty if they don't is similar to the Nightmares flaw - you lose dice pool that day.

          Originally posted by Rhywbeth View Post
          If you want vampire legends, rather than vice and virtue, you could take clan compulsions into the regions of vampiric folklore? Can't enter a dwelling uninvited, can't stand on consecrated ground regardless of true faith levels present, can't cross running water, obligated to stop and count certain things.
          I always approve of ways to include more legend and folklore. Not entering a dwelling uninvite would certainly be appropriate for Ravnos, but would need some elaboration. Is it just personal dwellings or places of business? What if someone rents versus owns? What if the owner is a corporation or other legal fiction instead of a person? What if they arrive at a party and a guest answers the door, can they invite the person in? How long is the invitation good for - does it need to be revoked to prevent someone to keep coming back, or does the vampire need to obtain a new invitation each time he wants to enter? That may sound stupid, but it's exactly the things that come up in play and need to be figured out in advance so both PC and ST are ready. I had a house rule Flaw that did that, and I had to figure out the answers for just that.

          Incidentally, I found a lot of those traditional flaws of vampires are great for Malkavian derangements. Usually you can make it some form of OCD and just narrow it appropriately. (As I was typing this, I just saw that Bluecho said the same thing!)


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            The "cannot enter home as an uninvited guest" thing is cool--- It would be interesting if they are compelled to leave if the owner revokes the invitation... or if they are physically unable to, then either they frenzy (*edit--actually nah; this would kinda defeat the point of using it to de-escalate a hostile situation, obviously; a frenzied vamp is even more trouble) or start taking damage...heh, that (damage if you can't leave the house) may be a bit too extreme a penalty for most people's taste though. Also yeah, it should be the owner(s) of the home in question that has to invite the Ravnos before they may enter....and perhaps if the owner were to be killed, whatever was the last thing that happened (invited or not) is forever in place for that particular house...unless maybe a new owner takes over and changes the invite/uninvited status.
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