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    Originally posted by AnubisXy View Post
    So far as I understand it, the Sabbat basically said, "Okay, all that talk about killing Antediluvians and stopped Gehenna? Well, it's go time! Time to fight or die, sink or swim."

    The Lasombra (and others but mostly the Lasombra) said, "... naaaaah, I don't really want to die fighting the elders. Turns out this whole thing was just a LARP and we're gonna go join the Camarilla. Deuces!"

    I have a hard time seeing vampires on the Path of Honorable Accord abandoning their faction, their allies and their very raison d'etre because they don't want to die. That mostly goes against all of the Path's precepts. Now at an individual level there would certainly be a few, but I imagine the vast majority of the Path followers would have been on the first red-eye flight to the Middle East to go fight. That would be my guess as to why there aren't any left - they all went to bravely face their Final Death.

    If you have a hard time seeing a Lasombra Path of Honorable Accord Follower being capable of feeling deeply torn between who to be loyal to, when they would be loyal to both sect and clan, and now suddenly both are making conflicting choices, that's kind of on you, and you holding following this path to a standard no other path of morality or even humanity has been, especially by the actual rules and material of the game. Following the path doesn't make you an automaton, no longer capable of nuanced thinking or decision making. And following the path doesn't preclude that sometimes now and then, like pretty much everyone else on every other path or humanity that isn't in Golconda, you fail at perfectly following it, especially when there are driving reasons pushing you to consider an act that would transgress it.

    Especially when, the problem in V5 plot shift is that the Sabbat has shifted in overall attitude, becoming far more brutal, feral, and especially to the point for someone on Honorable Accord, arbitrary, than their previous incarnation, to the point that it is noted that Honorable Accord followers end up repeatedly in conflict with something as simple as the Sabbat approaches to even mortal society due to their own philosophy. Honorable Accord demands a rigor of approach that would increasingly feel like it has no place in that Sabbat, (and in fact that is what results to the point of it being abandoned and pushed to the margins as a Forsaken Path, not the thing you are saying of "well they all died"). It feels reasonable just fine within the worldview and ethos of the Path for their to be room for a path follower to look at all that and decide they cannot abide by what they believe and remain in the Sabbat. Especially for a Lasombra path follower, who on top of seeing the very nature of his sect shift in that way, has to deal with that the leadership structure of their own clan that they answer to and have some loyalty to besides is going "Marines we are leaving". Choosing to defect is entirely possible in these circumstances. But even a non Lasombra path follower is going to entirely, validly, start having second thoughts about the Sabbat in these circumstances. And some of these people might in fact act on those thoughts, because they aren't robots. And some of these people might not act on those thoughts, because they aren't robots. Path followers are not a monolith, especially in a V20 setup, the setup being discussed here to frame actions and choices in.

    And since the discussion here is that we're talking about V5 plot changes, with V20 setup, and what path followers would be doing in a setup like that, at that point the ones deciding to act/defect make a path check to see how much the choice hurts them on a spiritual level.

    And that's about it.
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