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Some Feral Heart campaign ideas

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  • Some Feral Heart campaign ideas

    I'm thinking of running a campaign where all the player-characters are members of a Sabbat pack following the Path of the Feral Heart. Could you guys help me brainstorm for some adventures appropriate for such a pack? Thank you in advance.

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    Taking some inspiration from Sabbat v5, as much as I do hate it.

    The year is 2013. Mexico City has fallen to the Camarilla, and the regent has met final death. The sect has suffered heavy losses due to constant assault from FLASHLIGHT agents, and tensions are at an all time high as many Sabbat believe that Gehenna is truly here. Many paths, including feral heart, lose numbers by the night, as a new political movement becomes ever more popular as time moves on.

    The pack is a relatively young group, 12 to 35 years of experience, and yet they seen so much change. They're tasked with hunting low level to mid level threats to the Sabbat as well as act as a special assault team. Will the pack survive the tides of change, or will they be among the dead at the end of the night? We'll see soon enough.

    As the campaign moves on, this "political movement" will become slowly more and more noticable. More and more elders turn their back on the sect, as the young begin to abandon traditional ideals. Even the the concept of clan is being reevaluated within the sect. Some call it a shrinking ship, others doing whatever to survive.

    This was a simple write up, hope it at least got you thinking a little bit for your own story.


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      A different way to approach the Path of the Feral Heart is to lean into the notion that Hunting & Feeding do not equal killing. The fact that the path goes against needless cruelty and torture often runs counter to many Sabbat games.

      I could easily see a pack on the Feral Heart path roaming around looking for a nice hidden valley or other hard to access location, stocking it with humans, and essentially settling down for a few centuries. The dislike of technology and politics basically means that they wouldn't be playing much part in the Jyhad or in Camarilla vs. Sabbat power struggles. In a way the pack would be sort of like the vampire equivalent of doomsday preppers who go back to nature and more or less isolate rather than building nuclear bomb shelters.

      The main part of the game would be finding just the right spot to settle down in. Then you figure out how to import and maintain a human population to hunt. Once these concerns are figured out in game you get to essentially play a vampiric tower defense game because either other vampire groups will be interested in your little vacation area or since this is likely a rural or natural setting a bunch of shifters will probably not want you as neighbors or will be wanting to purge the group from the area. This in turn leads to all sorts of territorial dispute stories or even environmental protection stories.

      You can also have fun with the societal molding aspect of all this. The human society that the vampires hunt from are going to be molded by the packs own ethical values. So, you could have a society that lives in terror of monsters in the night that may attack you but not kill you. Alternatively, you could have the society venerate hunting traditions and the vampires end up being great hunting deities that may feed on you in the night or choose to elevate you to godhood if you are a worthy hunter. Admittedly this is more Predator/Youtja than vampire, but it is in the same vein. Heck rather than going with a vampire temple at the end of Dusk till Dawn, you go with the great hunt temple from Alien vs. Predator.

      Of course, you could lean into the notion of hunting equals killing and focus the pack on diablerie. They hunt the strongest vampires possible, for the thrill of the hunt but also to increase their own strength. The tv show Grimm had an episode about the Wyld Hunt that would serve as a good template for this. Just swap out the scalping and coat making for Generation increase.

      Just a few ideas off the top of my head.