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Unique surgery done by a tzimisce?

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  • Unique surgery done by a tzimisce?

    When I mean unique surgery, I don't mean body horror. I'm talking about surgery a tzimisce may have done that had positively affected someone. This could have been the tzimisce surgeon or somebody else.

    This was inspired by a post I read where someone used vicissitude to merge a ghoul, I believe a revenant, with themselves. I believe it was to take advantage of their self producing vitae system.

    It could be from lore, something you did with your character, or what someone else did with their character. Maybe even something you wish you could have done.

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    I've had characters try to reweave their own rib cages into a sort of basket formation to provide protection against being staked. A botched roll was ... unfortunate. And messy.

    At some point I want to play a Tzimisce plastic surgeon who fixes disfigurements and deformities less out of any kind of benevolence and more from a sense of noblesse oblige.

    What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
    Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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      Must have been really stretching the masquerade with a ribcage like that.


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        I was in a game with a trans-player. There character was also trans and went to a Tzimisce for a gender confirming surgery. In character my Tremere questioned this, only because "If you shake hands with a Tzimisce, you will probably come away with the wrong number of fingers." But the surgery went well.


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          One player in my chronicle had his panther form altered so he could talk in that form. The player did the low demon voice thing.


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            I cleaned someone's organs and made an old woman look young again (for purposes that can't be said to have been pure)
            I gave out a few designer pets. Awful, but I'm sure the recipients were happy with them.

            RAW, I don't really think there's much you can do that's purely positive beyond cosmetic surgery. It's useful for surgeons doing mundane surgery I suppose.

            Non-Vicissitude magic surgery: There was a BSD who knew mother's touch and frequently abused it. Want to lose weight? Have an Abortion? Got a pimple? Rip and regrow.

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              I had one age My lasombra 3 years. As an 19 year old at time of embrace it gave me something of a inferiority complex and difficulty with hunting 10 years in.


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                I have a seemingly abandoned Tzimisce fledgling (a shovelhead survivor, one assumes). He survived by being sort-of adopted by a Cleopatra who seriously got the short end when being beaten with the ugly stick, he got fucked over even by Nos standards. Every night begins with fleshcrafting his adopted sire back to his original appearance, regardless of how painful both the "surgery" and the reversion are. The Tzimisce himself also does a tidy sum with identity forging, "aging" and body modification (tatts and piercings), largely with the desperate and the young who are unfamiliar with the Tzimisce and their less... pleasant uses of their signature discipline.

                Tzimisce are also useful for removing shrapnel and stuff that gets stuck in your body, and for repairing damage done by somebody else's vicissitude if the victim's generation was higher than the original user
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                  It really comes down to how you handle doner tissue. Depending on the fluff the flesh crafting arts can combine creatures or parts them into a single creature. But at other times it requires 6 dots or higher in flesh crafting to create conglomerate entities or requires Kuldonic sorcery. Personally, I am fine with using donor parts to bulk out or refurbish a given creature, but once you get more than two or three creatures total mass involved, then the rules requiring high flesh crafting or Kuldonic sorcery kick in.

                  Using donor tissue/parts you can do all sorts of things. Adding additional muscle groups for athletes enhances win rates, hooking up an additional liver gives poison or toxin resistance, adjusting the skeleton to increase stake resistance is common. The main issue is that the human body is kind of a tight fit, so if you are going to start adding additional or redundant systems, you have to increase the overall size of the body. There is a reason warhammer 40k space marines are almost as big as war form shifters, then need the room for all the extra organs produced by the implanted gene seed.

                  I think the closest you get to beneficial flesh crafting that isn't cosmetic is in the correcting of side affects from diseases or accidents. Swapping out parts of a lepper, changing nerves from polio victims, out right replacing crushed joints for car crash victims, etc.

                  Though the one time a fiend made a blue whale into a living mobile haven could also be considered beneficial, just for the coterie. Considering the mutagenic effects of Nosferatu blood and the flesh shaping skills of the Tzimisce, that was quite the cthulhu-esque ghoul at the end.