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New age sorcery scares me...

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  • New age sorcery scares me...

    New age sorcery, is one of the 4 "waves" of anarch sorcery. For those unfamiliar with anarch sorcery, I will leave a link to the wiki that explains all you need to know about this type of sorcery, I will also leave a link for its rituals.

    Now the scary part isn't that it make you a combat master, no far from it. The scariest part is that it gives you the ability to maintain a cult. Now you may think "a cult?" "sure that's scary but if we are talking about vtm, then that's par for the course". And usually I would agree with this assumption, but I feel a lot of people miss out on how terrifying this wave of sorcery actually is.

    Those who follow this path gain the ability to learn the paths shown below. This a good balance of defensive and offensive paths, not leaning too heavily into one or the other. This makes the new age sorcerer in question both formidable in combat and in social situations. If the sorcerer in question finds himself in a situation he cant just fight or talk himself out of, path of mercury is there to save the day. The green path is great way to save money on food, sustaining a cult isn't cheap after all. Plus, its always great to have the forest fighting for you, and not against you. But the path of corruption is what will really help you with your endeavor.However the scariest thing about new age sorcery isn't the paths, but the rituals.

    Level 1 allows you to walk on things that you normally wouldn't be able to hold your weight i.e. water, treetops etc. Now its not going to be that useful in combat, but this will no doubt help in getting more people to join your cult.

    Level 2 gives you the ability to put some of your vitae in a quartz crystal. This works great for storing vitae, but it also works great for ensnaring potential followers. If someone meditates with a crystal that has been infused with your vitae they will withdraw 1 point of vitae. If they meditate on it for 3 separate occasions they will become completely blood bound to you. Of course there is a large risk if this vitae infused crystal gets into the hands of another blood sorcerer. So you may want too keep an eye on that.

    Level 3 creates more harmony between your ghouls so they aren't jealous of one another over your affection. You also get a +1 for every 5 people who are under this effect and are helping you with any paths or rituals.

    Level 4 now you can gain will power and blood form your followers from a distance. Of course the second this power is used, the ghoul you took the will power from will loose the effect of the level 3 ritual, and be freed from the blood bond immediately. So you may want to make a contingency plan.

    Level 5 is perhaps the strongest. It allows gain the vampire to gain experience points that can be used to gain attributes, abilities, disciplines, and even possibly lower their generation permanently. The cost for this? Their followers have to die. Every follower that dies is one experience point that the vampire gains. The vampire in question also gains black streaks that look like they committed diablerie.

    There you have it, the most dangerous power there ever was in vtm. The rituals of of new age sorcery would no doubt even make the most powerful elder shake in fear. Say what you want about the Camarilla and their politics, or the Sabbat and their blood thirsty packs. But make no mistake, they hide from humanity, because they fear it. Even the sabbat. However, they still claim that they hold some form of dominance over the mortals, some form of power over the "kine", as they so elegantly put it.

    But can they keep that claim when they come face to face with mortals carrying flamethrowers? The same mortals who are more than willing to die for you?

    I think not.

    P.S. Read up about this in VTM Rites of the Blood if you want to get a clearer idea of what new age sorcery can do.
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    I think maybe they got rid of this kind of blood sorcery in V5. If not they defo should.


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      Originally posted by Amethyst View Post
      I think maybe they got rid of this kind of blood sorcery in V5. If not they defo should.

      Yeah they did.
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        On the topic at had, I believe that was the point.

        The newer generation kindred are Supposed to be scary to elders because they're still young enough to keep some of their innovative spirit and close relationship with mortals. This sorcery style fully exemplifies that.

        Granted, Thaumaturgy in general is Supposed to be overpowered at high levels.

        It's a massive XP sink to get anything useful because none of the paths are actually as strong as disciplines at the same dot rating, so it isn't normally worth it unless you're a high generation vampire that's already maxed your in-clans at 5 dots(or a tremere who gets it at a discount). The only people who are going to have it at that level are powerful non-elder antagonists or players months into a campy action-focused game.


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          A mitigating factor, I doubt any of the Anarch sorcerers have even a single dot in all seven of those Paths, let alone substantial investment. Out of a total of 35 potential dots individuals who possess more than 10 are probably very rare, and likely concentrate on Thaumaturgy to the detriment of the other more basic Disciplines.


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            Looks like I was naive.......
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              Yeah, I really like it.
              Except maybe 5. It's great for an NPC, but for a player? Mmmm... not so much as written. Conceptually, it's really good, but any method of quickly acquiring XP is a no-no as far as players are concerned. Best remedy: The primary purpose of this ritual is to gain dots of generation. It's more convenient but so much more monsterous than diablerie. You're taking away dots of background to gain new dots of background. The stronger the generation, the more people you need to sacrifice (it helps that herd is an exponential background) . As an additional benefit, you're gaining temporary dots in abilities, attributes and disciplines. The marks of Diablerie should still appear in your aura, and if anyone recognizes what you're doing they're going to go out of their way to stop you.

              The paths are more suggestions than a hard rule. New Age religions often borrowed a lot from hermeticism and other beliefs, so it's reasonable to have a NA practitioner try some more Tremere-like stuff. I think ritual 3 would be considered quite heretical by Followers of Set, but otherwise they're quite likely to adopt the rituals.

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