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    I've started an outline for a new campaign, and I was wondering if you guys could help me brainstorm some ideas. So far I've got this simple outline for the first session.
    Pack gets assigned acquiring juicebags for blood feast.

    Pack fights SI while acquiring juicebags.

    Pack joins blood feast.

    Meet some NPCs at blood feast and interact.

    Path of Enlightenment discussions and philosophical interactions.

    Pack Priest player possibly gets to make a speech at blood feast if she impresses elders.

    Blood feast includes fire-jumping competition that players can chose to participate in.

    Get mission to transport Bob the Vozhd to a siege.

    Encounter hitchhicker thieves on interstate. The pack eats the robbers, or shovelheads them, or feeds them to Bob.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas to spice up the session.
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    Originally posted by CajunKhan View Post
    I've started an outline for a new campaign, and I was wondering if you guys could help me brainstorm some ideas.
    Here are some generic scenes I would like to see if I played in a Sabbat game. May not be best for the first session, but things that can be used at some point:

    The PC pack meets a Nomad pack and they share stories. The Nomad pack should be a very different kind of pack than the PCs to show the diversity within the Sabbat. Allow discussion of major political differences and political rumors as the Nomad pack sounds out the PCs to determine where they may stand.

    Have a moment at some event where one Sabbat (maybe some on Path of Caine) tells the story of Vestgeir, the supposed Ravnos Methusaleh who was really Caine in disguise, saved the sect in its early stages and transformed the old Anarchs of the Revolt into the Sabbat

    Meet one of the Sabbat's supposed non-Vampire allies - a pack of Black Spiral Dancers, a specific faction of PENTEX, a member of House Tytalus, or even one of the nicer allies that are more limited in scope of their relations (like certain Bone Gnawers or the Native American friends of those Sabbat on the Path of Harmony) if the PC concepts fit that.

    Recurring use of one Revenant family in the chronicle, the family and its specific household dependent on what makes sense for the PCs and your chronicles

    PCs have opportunities to discover one NPC who is a regular part of their setting is a secret Infernalist

    At least one of the PCs should have an encounter with their previous human life - family, close friends, lover, etc. Either to see if the PC has any second thoughts on abandoning their Humanity, or that the encounter creates mortals hunting vampires based on their old connection.

    Seeing a monomacy where a challenger wants to kill an existing Sabbat leader and thus alter the local politics. In order to be more than just a scene where people observe, perhaps there's a way for a PC or the PC pack to somehow intervene before or during the challenge that will affect its outcome.

    More intelligent organization/themes of packs. While some packs might consist of random clans and random Paths, I'd rather see some packs that are actually coherent - one that is all Nosferatu anti-tribu who rarely interact with other packs, packs comprised mostly of one Path, a gang of Panders whose main concern is advancing the Pander cause, etc. You can explore a lot more of the Sabbat that way.

    At some point have the PCs come across what should be another coven's communal haven, and find it completely destroyed and ransacked. Maybe signs of destruction of any Cainites that were present. One of the Sabbat's many enemies found this pack and destroyed them. Maybe one of their scouts is still around, possibly seeing the PCs and allowing them to possibly find him.

    An NPC Sabbat is found guilty in absentia of a Sabbat crime. The bishop orders the PC pack to find and bring that Cainite to the bishop so the sentence can be carried out.

    Hope you can find some inspiration in one or more of these. Good luck with your new chronicle.