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Questions about something from the revised lassombra clanbook

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  • Questions about something from the revised lassombra clanbook

    I remember that I read a bit of the Revised lassombra clanbook, and that something from that stuck out for me.

    In the beginning passages of the book, one of the narrators a, Lassombra named deb, I believe is taking to a new pack of sabbat vampires and is trying to teach them the history of canites. She states that science cant explain Cainites, but then gives a scientific explanation for cain and abel, claiming that the represent society's of old stone age and new stone age. She also claimed that there were vampires before cain and that they were the dominant species, and compared them to a different species of human. She later on gave more scientific reasoning about the history of vampires. That's all I could remember.

    I have trouble understanding this section. Are the authors trying to make a point of how much of a hypocrite deb is? Or is it something else? I am legitimately confused.

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    I read that sermon she gives as being about focusing on the pack's own individual presents and futures instead of navel gazing about the past, the way too many elders of every clan do; none of it is written in stone when any sufficiently accomplished member of the clan can rewrite the memories of those below them. Making peace with uncertainty about the past is the point. So seize the now!

    It's tempting to read it as a metacommentary on how the ancient past had started to take over the game's metaplot, starting with the Dark Ages line of products; it's certainly also meant to hint directly at the clan founder having survived the diablerie attempt that set off the birth of the Sabbat. It's absurd to believe the eye witnesses to the event, even if they remember killing and eating him.
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