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Path of Corruption seems like a better signature discipline for the Followers of Set than Serpentis

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  • Path of Corruption seems like a better signature discipline for the Followers of Set than Serpentis

    Now I have heard a lot of people say that Serpentis is pretty much a lesser version of protean, and that it doesn't really fit thematically with a clan like the Followers of Set. So I thought that maybe Path of Corruption would be a great substitute, for obvious reasons. Yes I know its a blood sorcery path, but I think it would work well for the Followers of Set.

    I will leave a link below which will lead you to a site that talks about it.

    You may need to copy and paste it in new tab.
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    Serpentis or Protean doesn't fit the theme of corruption, but Obfuscate and Presence do. I think Protean works as simply their get-out-of-dodge power. They use Obfuscate and Presence to enhance their ability to lie and seduce, without the outright subversion of freewill inherent in Dominate. Then they simply fly or slither away when everything turns to chaos.


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      Everything is much more complicated. Snakes aren't some freaks that seduce/curse you as soon as they see you. The reason why they try to corrupt others has religious and philosophical roots. Somewhere in their clanbook you can find information. All of them (at least in DA and earlier) are religious and pray to Set. Serpentis is the power by which they embody the powers/aspects of their god, Set. Those bewitching eyes, scales, snake tongue and transformation into a giant snake.

      It is not difficult to guess that Akhu is part of their religion. Many priests start learning akhu with The Breath of Set; moder priests prefer snake inside or The False Heart, the Snake Inside and the Dry Nile as primary path. Moreover, many of the paths of akhu are "ordinary" magic, while others are dedicated to snakes and their religion (Revelations of). It's just that not all follower can learn it or want to. Many of the paths of akhu are "ordinary" magic (not dedicated to corruption), while others are dedicated to snakes/corruption and their religion.

      In fact, followers practice corruption by any means i.e. they don't need magic, they can get their way with words. Even if you need magic or supernatural help, Obfuscate and Presence are more than capable of handling it.
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