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[Dark Ages V20] Bloodline: The Equites

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  • [Dark Ages V20] Bloodline: The Equites

    I've got some extra time on my hands and felt creative so decided to write up an idea I've had for a historical bloodline. I've tried to keep it short so that people will be able to read it all.


    Equites (Latin), Hippeis (Greek), Maryannu (a very ancient name)

    Coming from ages past, the Equites are horsemen superb and living since time immemorial in the Mediterranean world. According to the the legends the Equites hails from a great civilization, which one varies, but as great warriors betrayed and overwhelmed. In the west they say they were of a Rome overtaken by savage barbarians, in the Greek world they claim descent from the Homeric world and driven from their rule by the Dorian tribes and descendents of Herakles. Further east the story is the same but here enemies from the sea emerged to cast them out from their rightful palaces. The details and names differ but the basic story is the same; Renowned and glorious warriors cast down by barbarians.

    Tonight they are but a shadow of their, claimed, former strength but have found their place as soldiers in service to princes across the lands bordering the Mediterranean, and a few other places as well.

    Sobriquet: Horsemen

    Appearence: Depending on their resources and taste but Horsemen almost always dressed in a martial way. When out of armour they tend towards practical cloths of tough fabrics that can stand a brawl if needed. Since most of the Equites comes from a warrior backgrounds its common with blemished like missing teeth, scars and broken noses. That said, a noble knight is likely to dress according to fashion and an outlaw more practical and to prevent easy identification even while they are of the same blood.

    Haven: Horsemen often sleep close to places where there are horses, arms or both, even if it’s just their own horse. More than a few unlucky Kine have found a lone horse, taken them with them and the following night been visited by a furious Cainite intend on rescuing its four-limbed companion.

    The Embrace: Individual ideas and tastes shift but what is common is that the Sire has noted, and sometimes tested, a future childer’s potential for combat. It’s not unheard of for sires to engage their progeny in pre-Embrace battle as a test which can lead to an Embrace, to the human’s death or even the Cainite’s Final Death in a few noteworthy examples.

    Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Presence

    Weakness: Treat horses as people for Roads and Paths and temporary lower max Willpower for every night they spend without contact with horses, be it grooming, riding or just talking with the animals, for at least one hour. Willpower limit is restored by one dot for every night with at least one hour of interaction with a horse.

    Organization: While some Elder Equites dream of restoring what they lost there are often too few of the bloodline to form more than sire-childer pairings and most Equites have more loyalty to their personal associations and companions then those with the right blood in them. Still at times a few will band together into warbands.

    High Clans: The betters of the night whom we by right should stand together with

    Lower Clans: Servants, barbarians and threats. The wolves howling at the gates to destroy the ordained order of the world.

    Ventrue: They are like us but have never known humility like we have.

    Lasombra: False priests and dishonourable whisperers in the dark

    Gangrel: More beast than warrior

    Toreador: Was there ever a more false and fickle heart?

    Assamites: Worthy allies or foes

    Tremere: A story of usurpation old as time itself that plays out once more. No mercy.


    Blood of Diomedes (Fortitude 3, Animalism 2, Protean 2) – Transformed a ghouled horse into a man-eating monster. The horses grows sharp fangs for tearing apart flesh and its biology switches from herbivore to and aggressive carnivore. The horse gains +3 to attack dies and must be feed on meat. This change is irreversible. Must be done when feeding the horse Vitae from the Cainite and the process takes two nights to go through for the horse.

    Companion’s Location (Animalism 2, Auspex 2) – If the Cainite's ghouled horse is within ten miles of the Cainite, the Cainite can sense the exact direction and distance to where the horse is for the cost of a temporary Willpower dot.

    EDITED: Addad a stereotype for the Tremere

    EDITED 2: Changed Auspex to Presence in the Discipline list
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    These Equites are honestly very interesting! Their weakness of horses counting as people is very unique and interesting.


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      Originally posted by TrueMrMultiverse View Post
      These Equites are honestly very interesting! Their weakness of horses counting as people is very unique and interesting.
      Thanks, I'm happy you like it.

      The only thing I'm still not sure about with the write-up is their third Discipline. Animalism was a given, I settled on Fortitude for their physical Discipline after having considered Potence as well, but for the third I didn't find an easy fit and I'm still not sure that Auspex is the best pick. Still, I couldn't think of any that would have worked better as Obfuscate was a no-no, I didn't feel like they should have a social Discipline and I didn't want to go overboard with two physical Disciplines.


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        Why no social discipline? Presence seems pretty natural for them to me, since a magnificent/intimidating presence is a trope for horselord characters.


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          Originally posted by CajunKhan View Post
          Why no social discipline? Presence seems pretty natural for them to me, since a magnificent/intimidating presence is a trope for horselord characters.
          You make an excellent point. I think that I had put myself into a bit of a tunnel vision with wanting to separate this bloodline from the Ventrue and that they are warriors as opposed to rulers. But Presence would probably be more useful for both the trope you mentioned as well as offering players and NPCs more variation in concepts.

          Thus I'm changing Auspex to Presence.