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Clan tzimisce is the least interesting clan

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  • I like the posthumanism of Metamorphosis, the mysticism of Auspex, the territorial monstrosity and the mad science, about the only part I don't like is the Bram Stoker inspired mockery of Eastern Europeans and Romani, but that can be side lined far easier from Tzim than from Ravnos, EDIT: Stoker may have meant to be 'fair for his day', that doesn't make it acceptable now.
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    • I don't really have a problem with the Tzimisce, though I will agree that the eastern-european stuff should be toned down.

      As for Vissicitude, why not make it, Protean, and Serpentis(refluffed depending on user) into a single "branched" discipline Like Quietus or Valeren. Have different bloodlines within the 3 clans develop along whichever of the 3 branches better fits.

      Lore-wise, the Gangrel, Tzimisce, and Settites are hinted at as being interrelated by multiple sources(see the set and osiris thread for examples). So slipping that in wouldn't require more than a few background tweaks.

      Character-wise, as others have pointed out protean fits more thematically with some of the tzimisce characters(and I'd argue serpentis would be perfect for making a Koschei inspired tzimisce). It'll also probably be easier on storytellers to accept Protean or Serpentis Tzimisce characters if they feel Vissicitude is overpowered.