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Spirit Stats for Path of Spirit Manipulation?

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  • Spirit Stats for Path of Spirit Manipulation?

    Are there any splatbooks for stats regarding the spirits controlled via Path of Spirit Manipulation? My understanding is that they are Umbroods and possibly Banes? I know Werewolf and Mage both deal with Umbroods, I would prefer Mage books since I never play Werewolf.

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    There are not any specific books in VtM as far as I know, as Spirits have very little place in a VtM game. There are a small handful of exceptions, like the servants of Kupala included in Transylvania By Night, but generally Kindred have little to no involvement in the spirit worlds, with Necromancy being the main exception.

    You are correct that WtA and MtA are the places to look if you want more concrete examples. Werewolf and Mage do use slightly different rules for Spirits, in some editions at least, so you probably should pick a line to use as the baseline for your rules, but I would probably recommend looking at both for ideas; I'm pretty sure Werewolf is the best source for natural spirits and entities in the Middle Umbra, while Mage will provide you with more information about High Umbral spirits.

    The older Mage books Book of Worlds and Infinite Tapestry provide information about plenty of Spirits, in addition to describing the various Realms of the Umbra.

    Umbra: the Velvet Shadow is the main sourcebook for spirits in Werewolf, there's an older version and a W20 one. You might also want to check out the Book of the Wyrm, Book of the Weaver, and Book of the Wyld for more specific information about spirits aligned with the different members of the Triat.

    PS: I remember reading somewhere that most spirits have a dislike for vampires, but I can't recall the source. Am I remembering that correctly, and could someone provide a source if I am? I am pretty sure it's an idea introduced in WtA rather than VtM, but I'm not sure.
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      • M20 Core Book
      • M20: Gods & Monsters
      • The Book of Madness
      • The Book of Worlds
      • The Infinite Tapestry (only has a couple spirits statted, despite what you'd think)