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    Yeah that number 5 is cool and all but the Tremere have a highly fortified chantry to look after their body so it's not like they have much use for it. Level 5 rituals take a long, long time to learn, and there's so many better uses for your time.

    3 when you say summon, do you mean teleportation? That sounds broke, but if it's just Presence 4 but thaumaturgy? Eh.

    1: The Tremere can learn anything they want. Their system is incredibly open and flexible towards embracing new spells. If they haven't learnt it widely, it's either not worth learning or too disruptive to disseminate.

    2: Tremere are the master-race when it comes to magic and nobody else comes close. A lot of folks might brag about how their tradition is older but that really goes a long way in stating how ineffective they are. The Tremere have a bloodline that favours magic, unlike the FoS, and unlike the Assamites, they actually have a good organizational structure and standardization, whereass the AsSo are utterly dysfunctional as Dur-An-Ki is more a loose umbrella term than a specific practice and the Sorcerers low-key exist as hostages to serve the other two castes.

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