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  • Stat Michael Morbius

    What would his sheet look like if we made the closest equivalent in VTM terms?

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    Morbius is strange case. He is what is called a pseudo-vampire, aka living vampire, in the marvel comics.
    • Thin-Blood, Ghoul, or a Dhampir. He doesn't have a weakness to sunlight or stakes in the comic, meaning one of these options will serve you best.
    • He has access to Dominate, Auspex, Protean, Potence, Celerity, and Fortitude. He has shown use of almost ALL of these abilities and has at least 1 dot, except Protean with up to 2 dots, in each and every last one of them. If you're running this in V5, give him Thin-Blood Alchemy as it can use ALL of these abilities and then some. Like his ability to glide, which he also has.
    • Morbius has serious mental issues, and his vampiric hunger often makes him see things that aren't there. This can best be represented with the Malkavian clan curse if in V5. Older editions can represent this well with derangements, most likely one that cause auditory and visual hallucinations.
    • He is a genius! Prioritize Mental Attributes, most likely Intelligence. Social abilities are the least important Attributes for this character.
    • Prioritize Knowledges, especially Medicine and Science, but don't prioritize combat abilities like melee or firearms. Morbius is not a formally trained fighter, he relies on his supernatural strength to fight.


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      Movie version almost works as a straight up Gangrel. Protean, Animalism, and the physical disciplines. His flight would need to be homebrewed, though. Maybe a Potence 5 power that has soaring leap as a prerequisite that allows for true flight? Or a Protean power with Feather as a prereq that allows for flight without shapeshifting?