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Ways to reduce Frenzy?

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  • Mercurial
    started a topic Ways to reduce Frenzy?

    Ways to reduce Frenzy?

    What Disciplines, Rituals or Combos can you learn that will allow you to reduce or eliminate your risk of frenzy?

  • MalleusXXIII
    This is all I could find, and includes some mentioned previously:

    Thaumaturgy paths
    Focussed Mind (levels 2 and 5; Blood Magic) reduce likelihood of frenzy in the user/another, or prevent frenzy in the user

    Thaumaturgy rituals
    Blood Rush (level 1; Guide to the Sabbat) prevents frenzy from hunger
    Purge the Inner Demon (level 1; Blood Magic) prevents frenzy in another
    Gentle Mind (level 3; Chicago by Night) steels another against frenzy
    Binding the Beast (level 4; Vampire Players guide) prevents frenzy in another, and impedes other vampiric abilities
    Platonic Split (level 7; Lair of the Hidden) splits the ‘beast’ and ‘human’ aspects of a vampire into two bodies

    Necromancy paths
    Corpse in the Monster (levels 4 and 5; V20) prevents/reduces likelihood of frenzy in the user, amongst other effects

    Dur-an-ki paths
    Gifts of Faith (levels 3 and 4); Veil of Night) brings another vampire out of frenzy, or reduces the likelihood of frenzy in others

    Dur-an-ki rituals
    Kafir’s Bane (level 3; Sins of the Blood) allows the user to automatically ride the wave

    Sadhana rituals
    Armour of Diamond Serentity (level 1; Blood Sacrifice) prevents frenzy in the user

    Elder level disciplines
    Conquer the Beast (Animalism 7; V20) allows the user to enter a controlled frenzy
    Free the Beast Within (Animalism 9; Players Guide to the Low Clans) allows the user to enter a controlled frenzy
    Tranquillity (Dominate 6; Vampire Players Guide) pull another out of frenzy
    Inner Darkness (Obtenebration 8; Players Guide to the High Clans) reduces the likelihood of the user frenzying, amongst other abyssal effects
    Siren’s Song (Presence 6; Clanbook Toreador) can render others less likely to frenzy
    Cooperation (Presence 7; V20) reduces the likelihood of frenzy in others

    Call the Wild Hunt (Animalism 5 and Protean 4; Libellus Sanguinis 3) allows the user to cast their beast into a ghoul, and thus the user cannot frenzy
    Enhance Sensation (Auspex 3 and Presence 3; Road of Sin) can increase or reduce the likelihood of frenzy on another
    Sutekh Fathers Anubis (Necromancy 4 and Serpentis 4; Lore of the Bloodlines) prevents frenzy in the user whilst in undead human-jackal hybrid form

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  • Rhywbeth
    Necromancy. Wraiths with Keening can force a vampire in or out of frenzy, amongst other things. The Sepulchre Path is an obvious one for getting a wraith ally/servant, though the Ash Path can also be used for making deals with the Restless.

    Alternatively, the Spirit Mentor merit, if your wraith friend has that arcanoi.
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  • Karos
    Less sure for V20, but in V5:

    1. Quell the Beast (3rd Dot) - Let's you end a frenzy if you get a critical whilst using the power. (It has other applications against Kindred and Mortals.)
    2. Drawing out the Beast (5th Dot) - Let's you force your frenzy onto another Kindred or Mortal.
    Blood Sorcery Ritual
    1. Gentle Mind (3rd Dot) - Provides additional dice to resist frenzy when cast. By default lasts a scene but a critical secures an entire evening.

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  • Kharnov
    Path of Focused Mind from Thaumaturgy has two powers; one that can add a bonus to resisting, one that can make you temporarily immune to Frenzy. There's also a Sadhana Ritual, Armor of Diamond Serenity, which makes the user immune to Frenzy.

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  • CajunKhan
    Animalism allows you to literally blast the frenzy out of you. Having a friend who can soothe your beast with Animalism helps as well. Yoinking your heart out with Serpentis helps as well. I think there is some Thaum ritual that helps as well, but I can't remember its name off the top of my head.

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