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What percentage of the time do you run each sect?

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    KotEK- 20%
    Sabbat- 40%
    Camarilla- 30%
    KotE/Independent- 10%


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      If I had to break down the games that I have been part of in one form or another:

      30% Camarilla
      30% Independent
      20% Dark Ages or earlier (lots of prehistory games)
      15% Kindred of the East
      3% Victorian Age Vampire
      1% Anarchs
      1% Sabbat
      0% Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom (never got around to it)

      The Camarilla is the default for bringing new players into the game. The Independents tend to be better for specialty games and one offs. The Dark Ages and earlier settings provide interesting challenges and story hooks given my own knowledge of history. KotE is excellent as a palette cleanser with different mechanics and themes when you reach a degree of burn out with standard VtM.


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        Roughly 50% carmarilla, 25% Sabbat, with anarch I run my own home brew version at about 10% with the rest dark age. I've never ran an as presented anarch game.


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          How I run it, From the point of view of most vampires, the Camarilla aren't thought of as a "sect", they're just the natural norm, the natural vampire response to modernity: common sense if you will. Anarch games are for when folk want visceral, thuggish violence in an area without functioning law and order, or they want to play Cam with paths of enlightenment, or they don't understand the game (come at me). The Sabbat are a sect, The Assamites are a sect, the Followers of set are a sect, and the Giovanni are best served as family run corperation that works with others.

          I probably run sabbat 25% of the time.
          I'd like to get people into the one true faith in the WoD, the Followers of Set, but I'm suffering a shortage of advanced players at the moment (and games)

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          There's more coming soon. Pay what ya want.