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Casting call for Vampire: The Masquerade NPCs

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  • Casting call for Vampire: The Masquerade NPCs

    A fun little exercise, I think.

    Basically, who would you cast for the various NPCs in the setting.

    Any actor at any point in history.

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    John Barrymore (Drew’s grandfather) as Lodin.


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      Also as Olaf One-Eye (John Barrymore was a very talented actor).


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        Gary, Indiana

        Modius: John Cussack's Edgar Allan Poe (he really looks the part)

        Allicia: Mila Jovavich

        Evelyn Stephens: Zoe Kravitz

        Lucian: Ray Stevenson

        Juggler: Brad Pitt;center,top

        Eric Sharpe: Lance Reddick

        Arthur Caldwell: Kevin Smith
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        Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.

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          We actually did this a little.

          Augustus giovanni-al pachino in godfather 2 but slimier.

          Montanio-tony Todd.

          Tremere-christopher Lee in his 70s

          Al.ashrad-ghassad massoud.

          Lucita-monnica beluchi in her 20s

          Antole-edward norton

          Theo bell-Michael Kenneth Williams or Wood Harris.

          Mirthras-idris alba.

          Sacha vkkos- tilda swinton

          Hardscracht-charles dance
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            I once made some lucita renders for the campaign we're playing. I used Penelope Cruz as base figure.


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              A tough list to consider and there is lots of good actors and actresses to choose from.

              Tremere: Peter Cushing as an aged manipulative arch master mage would be an interesting take.

              Lucita De Aragon: Salma Hayek would be good as the rebel childe of Moncada.

              Montono: Idris Elba would bring the weight of duty to the role of Lasombra's eldest childe.

              Arch Bishop Monacada: Mickey Rourke can play creepy people with ease.

              Sasha Vykos: I think David Bowie ( I know he was mainly a singer) would be awesome as the fiend and play gender bending stuff with ease.

              Theo Bell: Will Smith even with the fallout of slap gate is still an awesome actor and has done serious roles before.

              Fathima of Banu Haquim: Penelope Cruz.

              Lodin/Olaf: Mel Gibson is out of left field for sure, but he would be perfect for the role as both of them have seen better days.

              Talley: Brad Pitt because of what I saw in Killing Them Softly.

              Ambridgino Giovanni: I would go with Malcolm McDowell in his early 50's.

              What in the name of Set is going on here?


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                William Hickey from Prizzi's Honor informs my mental picture of Ausustus Giovanni. Though I suppose it's a moot point now.

                For Aisling Sturbridge maybe Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


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                  I've said as much before, but Baron Harkonnen from the Lynch version of Dune is my head-canon image of August Giovanni.

                  Antje Traue is also my ideal casting for Sturbridge.


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                    For Beckett I would go with Harrison Ford in his early 40's and he already played Indy and this would be a different take on one of his signature roles and for Hesha Rudhza I would go with Denzel Washington.

                    What in the name of Set is going on here?


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                      Caine: Timothy Omundson (Cain in supernatural).
                      Jabal the first ghoul (and maybe second generation vampire): Chris Obi (Anubis in American Gods).

                      3rd gens:
                      Sutekh: Peter Williams (Apophis in Stargate SG 1).
                      Tzimisce Antediluvian: David Palffy (Sokar in Stargate SG 1).
                      Cappadocius: Mark Harelik (God in Preacher).
                      Absimilliard: The actor who played the Master in the Strain (i am talking about the big guy in the first couple of seasons).

                      4th gens:
                      Mithras: Henry Cavill (Superman).
                      Menele: Luke Evans (Vlad tepes in Dracula untold).
                      Helena: Cristina Rodlo ( Yaritza in Too Old to Die Young).
                      Alexander of Paris: Allan Hyde (Godric in True Blood).
                      Montano: Hakeem Kae-Kazim ( Mr Scott in Black Sails).
                      Moloch: The Blacksmith, not a real person lol but worth mentioning (watch the short clip called the Blacksmith showing off unity 5 game engine on youtube).

                      5th gen:
                      Gustav Breidenstein: Till Lindeman (lead singer of Rammstein, watch mein herz brennt video clip).
                      Francois Villon: Lambert Wilson (Merovingian in Matrix).
                      Critias: Helmut Bakaitis (the architect in the Matrix).
                      Hardestadt: Sebastian Roche: (Mikael in Vampire Diaries).
                      Marcus Verus: Kevin Mckidd (Lucius Vorenus in Rome).
                      Camilla: David Morissey (Aulus Platius in Britannia).

                      6th gen:
                      Jurgen von Verden: Alexander Skarsgard (Erik Northman in True Blood).
                      Monty Coven: Barkhad Abdi (the Somali pirate from Captain Philips).
                      Phantomas: Charles Dance ( Master vampire in Dracula Untold).