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What was your first Vampire The Masquerade Character & do you still use them?

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    He was a Ventrue. Don't remember his name. He owned a lumber mill, newspaper production plant and a bunch of newspapers. This was back in the nineties, when newspaper was still one of the most common ways to get the news. He used his control over some of the news to accrue favors with the Prince, which he would trade with less favored Vampires.

    He was a peacemaker with the Anarchs and had a Driving Goal(f3) to bring about peace even with the Sabbat, because I didn't know the extent of the divide between Camarilla and Sabbat when I made the character. Our troupe soon moved on to playing a Sabbat Campaign, wherein I realized how infeasible the first character's goal was. After I discovered Mage, I continued playing Vampire when that's what was being played, but have since stopped playing VtM.

    Thank you for passing time with me in conversation. My Hacks.