My first character was a Lasombra Crusader whom I played from (real time) 1999 to 2008, multiple times a week. We took him from Dark Ages to Modern Nights.

He had multiple crises of faith in his first few centuries and eventually found God wanting, and became an Abyss Mystic on the Road of the Abyss. Although he was nominally Sabbat, the truth was, he was a scholar first and foremost.

He got retired when he visited a Tremere Regent to discuss Occultism over a game of Chess, and was assaulted by a Sabbat pack for "consorting with the enemy." He single handedly killed every one of them, and then killed the Archbishop for daring to threaten his gracious host. He makes cameos in most games I storytell as a sort of "old man on the mountain" type figure.