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Ravnos Antediluvian and Week of Nightmares

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    I take it up to 11 and have a giant kung-fu battle on the moon.


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      In my games I use Ravnos as a means to say that antidiluvians are monsters in terms of brute power but not unbeatable and even them can fail against the beast.

      In the case of Ravnos he had success in evolving into a demonic being a king of the "Rakasha" but in the process he was consumed by his role and become a destructive force without free will, a wight. He summoned just summoned an army of lesser demons and called for his progeny to aid him in his conquest of India and later the world.

      Thing is his progeny thought what a dick! He wants to make earth into hell and I happen to live there so almost nobody came and many fought against his creator openly or as saboteurs.

      The sabbat fought during the night and the technocracy during the day. Eventually ravnos was hit by an artillery strike and his physical body killed. Had he used strategy he may have succed in taking over india but being a wight he was not able to strategize properly.


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        For me the week of Nightmares is really useful. The shift in the jyhad as most street level kindred know it is a direct result in a large part of the Sabbat Leadership, who thought that their apocalypse-talk was mostly a method of indoctrination and influence, finding out, "Holy shit those things are real? And I'm expected to lead a bunch of shovelheads to fight them?"

        And all kindred see what happens if you kill a clan founder or ancient antediluvian, that is to say that the borrowed blood tries to call back to itself in a frenzy of diablerie. This has two effects first it shows that as a Kindred your life is borrowed from those you inherit it from and it will follow their will. And second, it shows the lie of those who have claimed to have killed their founders, as now it is in living memory of what the death throes of an ancient feel like to their progeny even a dozen generations removed.


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          I just make references to it from time to time in our game. Our characters know that something bad happened to the Ravnos and heard contradictory reports that something wiped out the most potent members of the clan.

          What in the name of Set is going on here?


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            Not really. Always seemed like a confusing mess of an event that the more you read upon, the less it makes any sense whatsoever to make happen in one's table. So many meta-based assumptions stacked together glued by "just roll with it" that makes one head hurts.....

            Also, not like i care so much about the ups & downs of Ravnos canon portrayal - or the representation of insanity in setting through Malkavians is all that better/more sensitive - anyway.

            To be clear, it's not that i'm against big metaplot events as explanation for setting changes & retcons or their use as a springboard for plotlines - damn, i once retooled "Grandmother's House" to make into an adventure with actual stakes and player agency instead of just godmode NPC on godmode NPC combat vignettes.

            But the background and fluff of the Week of Nightmares never made much of a positive impression on me. For all of V5's faults, Gehenna Crusade works much better as a "game-changer event in the backdrop", imho.

            Also, far more entertaining to have Cabbie/Caine/Ankla Hotep shenanigans in Berlin, LA , Rio, Graceland or the city big or small of your preference in the street/domain level.
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              It's bullshit. So no. Metaplot existed to sell books and to get ignored.

              1: I actually like the Ravnos, it doesn't take much to decouple them from the racist stupidity they've been burdened with, so I'm not gonna shaft them on account of some people lacking imagination.
              2: I like the idea that the apocalypse is around the corner. Because it's always around the corner. Even in the earliest of recorded histories, humanity has thought the world would end soon, that "soon" has carried on for thousands of years. Cyclical gehenna can get fucked doubly. The end is nigh. The end is always nigh.
              3: Metaplot takes away agency from storytellers who know better and who have a direct line to their games and their players. It serves as nothing more than a way to get certain types of people to buy more books. But as I'm lucky enough to get into WoD late and look at it in retrospect, I can see it for what it is: Worse than unnecessary, actively harmful to most player's enjoyment.

              Originally posted by AnubisXy View Post
              I take it up to 11 and have a giant kung-fu battle on the moon.
              I'm sure if I used it, I'd do something like this.
              And the moon would be destroyed to keep the giant ape from wrecking havoc.

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