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  • CajunKhan
    started a topic Zombie parts

    Zombie parts

    What do you think of this homebew power? Overpowered? Underpowered?

  • Baaldam
    A little old and overpowered, but the relation was kind of obvious, so....

    Magog's March (Fortitude 6, Mortis 6)
    Aka., one-kindred zombie apocalypse. You hit the kindred, not only it probably shrugs it off, but after spending a blood point to activate this power, flying chunks of flesh, bone and gore regenerate and reform as zombu replicas of the kindred, with the same physical atributes and already under its control. The character rolls Wits+Occult, spawning one duplicate per success.

    Based on the combo of a PC in a "methuselah game" i played with some friends a few years ago, damn, it's from slightly before we made the jump from 2nd/3rd ed to V20 and we still owe this thing a reworking....

    [Magog, the guy the combo is named after, is a 6th gen Cappadocian Infitiore, more Ursus than Saint Peter, he doesn't really care to avenge a clan he never fit well in, joined the Inconnu out of a desire for companionship/nostalgia more than any serious moral/spiritual issues and went rogue after finding a band of old farts almost as wild and insane as him. About the age of Menele, as the two supposedly fought in their youth against the Baali followers of Shaitan and participated in the razing of Thera]

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  • SetiteFriend
    Extremely underpowered.
    • At the apex of Fortitude, dismembering will be next to impossible already, so this won't come into use often. At Fortitude 5, decapitation requires that you deal 15 damage, and it also subtracts 2 successes from being a called shot.
    • Compared to Flesh of Marble or Prowess from Pain, this really can't compete. Flesh of Marble will let you ignore an attack per turn, Prowess can really boost your stats.
    • Strongest part is really surviving decapitation
    I'd lower it down to Fortitude 3 and add an amalgam with Oblivion 2. The amalgam mostly because this doesn't seem like a pure Fortitude power, and the added oblivion locks it to the Hecata initially. It also represents how the dark power of oblivion keeps the detached limbs animated even when cut off.

    That within it's design goals of being an Hecata power. Personally, I'd make it a level 4 Blood Sorcery-Protean or Fortitude amalgam, with some mechanics for pulling cut limbs back.

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