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How often do PCs become wights in your games, and under what circumstances?

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  • How often do PCs become wights in your games, and under what circumstances?

    In my games it is quite rare. The few times it has happened, has always been when someone was deliberately lowering their humanity on the journey to a path, and made the mistake of committing diablerie when they had almost no humanity left. It's actually been kind of a funny "oh crap!" moment. I did ask if they were sure they wanted to commit diablerie. That's usually a big clue from an ST.

    How often has it happened in your games and under what circumstances?

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    Rare very rare because it is a very long process

    However degeneration is really palpable, character can take extra banes and deformities in order to
    • Gain humanity
    • Avoid degenerating from a breaking point/sin
    This makes humanity fluctuate a lot, if you sin you will drop in humanity then to avoid becoming a wight you will start taking banes and deformities with will raise your humanity but this is just buying time. Buying banes increases the dificulty of the next degeneration rolls + there is a limit on how many banes and deformities you can take so eventually you will either stabilize around humanity 3-4 or become a wight in a palpable form of degeneration.


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      Never seen it happen because pre-V5 the hierarchy of sins that even required degeneration checks was such that to even get a check to drop from humanity 1 requires PCs to voluntarily choose actions that most normal people would find deeply uncomfortable (in my experience even dropping below 3 is something few players are comfortable with).


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        Never. Thankfully.

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          It's happened once online (on a MUSH) and once in TableTop. The rules are pretty simple in my games: if you get 5 Inhumanities, you're done as a PC. If you get 5 Beast Traits, you're done as a PC.

          In both cases it was someone who decided to roll the dice one too many times on diablerie.


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            Never. But as you put it yourself, CajunKhan, this is a pretty extreme thing. It takes both a very deliberate path by the player and a moment of faithful decision or sheer stupidity. In all practical terms it can hardly even happen without Diablerie to begin with, and this isn't something you do by accident. Unless someone really goes deep into Diablerie addiction and get to be really successful at it, I can't imagine a PC becoming a Wight by no direct fault of the player.

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