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So, one of my players sold his soul to the Devil. Now what?

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  • So, one of my players sold his soul to the Devil. Now what?

    I'm running a couple of Sabbat games. I did a scene where the Devil tempted the player characters with power. Most of them refused, but one character sold his soul to the Devil. I could use some help brainstorming on what to do next with his character. Thank you in advance.

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    Well first off, the Sabbat Inquisition is going to end up being antagonists for the character. The whole point of the group is hunting down Sabbat members who've sold out to demons. That doesn't mean they're going to gank the player, but you could have them start sniffing around to get tension .

    Second, what sort of deal did they make? Did they just give their whole soul or part of their soul? I think storylines in which a character sells part of their soul to some sort of infernal being, and then the being offers more temptations or the player find themself in situations where they're tempted to sell more of their soul are more interesting than storylines where the character has already damned themselves from the get-go.


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      There are several things I would consider. Rather than think short term plot, I would concentrate on longer term roleplay opportunities this provides.

      First, your chronicle now has an important new NPC, the specific demon who made the deal with the PC. He, and the PCs, can certainly call him "the Devil", but I'd create an actual name and story for this demon. I'd use as inspirations the demons described in the original Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat. Barliagus, Grantel, Lucricia, Nubarus, and Tivilio collectively provide a lot of neat ideas and flavor text. Create an NPC you are going to like playing for a long time.

      Second, figure out what level of Pact the player has made. The demon NPC is now going to spend the rest of your chronicle trying to move the PC up the chain until he negotiates away his soul permanently. (If the PC foolishly gave away his soul permanently already, then the demon doesn't really care. He has his prize and should abandon the PC and move on to the next victim... maybe one of the other pack PCs since they can now see the "advantages" the other PC has made from his deal. The demon is going to use his newfound leverage over the PC to the best extent possible.)

      Third, base on the above, figure out what kind of tasks the demon may ask the PC to do. Either because of what the PC already owes, or what he would want in exchange of providing the PC more power. One of the good things about the demon examples in the ST Guide is we have different examples of what each demon would want done. This is why the demon should be a full fledged NPC. It provides this kind of guidance to you.

      Fourth, the demon NPC will interact to some degree with the rest of the party. Even if it is only to try to avoid their wrath, secretly manipulate them, hide what the other PC has done, etc. But ideally once you have an agent on the pack, the demon will want to use this to his advantage to try to ensnare the entire pack.

      Fifth, the demon will want to start the PC on the Path of Evil Revelations. Try to convince him to do so voluntarily. If he refuses, try to secretly sabotage obeying his existing Path so that he adopts Evil Revelations. Talk about how much better it would be for the PC to join the Path. After all, none of the other Paths have a convenient "helper" like him to really strengthen the vampire's control over the Beast and achieve a high Path rating!

      I think if you start from here, it would easily take up the first few next game sessions. And once these are done, you should have more material to determine how you will be proceeding after that.


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        Originally posted by CajunKhan View Post
        I'm running a couple of Sabbat games. I did a scene where the Devil tempted the player characters with power. Most of them refused, but one character sold his soul to the Devil. I could use some help brainstorming on what to do next with his character. Thank you in advance.

        Please ellaborate a bit, what kind of devil we speak of?
        Satan as the Accuser, like in the tale of Job?
        Or like in the Book of Zechariah where Joshua the High Priest dressed in filthy rags, representing the nation of Judah and its sins, on trial with Yahweh as the judge and the satan standing as the prosecutor?
        The Adversary?
        The Fallen?
        Shaitan? Iblis? Lucifer? Beelzebub? Baphomet?
        Devil with a golden fiddle?
        He made a pact with THE Devil or A devil?
        Actually this one is a very important question, becasue it define the answer to your question. Different devils or Devil or demons behave differently, especially in WoD!

        Anyhow, I would first would show him how important a soul is - even for a Sabbat vampire - what is it really means, he lost is (point of reference, the Simpsons episode, when Bart sold his soul to Milhouse. Jokes aside, it portrays wonderfully the desperation and fear and realisation the long term effects)
        Now his soul belongs to Hell, I would totally torment him with Nightmares of the place, when he is awake, everything is fine...ish (tho' you could have some fun, voices, immages in the corner from the eye) but when he is "dead"? A little travel to Hell where he is now belongs and probably spend an eternity. His new master and owner even could use this as a communication method, to ive insturctions or just enjoy his misery
        I would totally emphasise the fact, he is not free anymore, he is now belongs to someone, totally - for giggles, give him immunity to the vaulderie, to see how others decive themselves with false biding and see themwho they really are!
        The old "I gave you waht you asked, but not what you wanted" is always fun too... power? Sure. With more downsides than benefits!
        A sprinkel of hope, maybe he could weasel out from the deal also fun... or... okay son, I will let your soul go, but first? Convince your pacmates to sell their souls to me, their souls are the price of yours.
        Morality plays, temptation, Baali recrutiment - or rivals, demonology is their plaything! -. sabbat inqusition... hell Camarilla inquisition! Two kind of inqusition wokring together to get him!

        To be honest it all depends how cruel and sadist DM you are and whats your ultimate goal with your players? Want them to achive something, have a "happy end" or suffer like a good little vampires in this gothic personal horror...?


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          Now your PC has a boss and you have a regular NPC with a hook. Whatever story you need your PC dragged into, whatever specific course of action you need taken - you have the excuse. There doesn't need to really be some Greater Plan behind everything, but you can claim that there is.

          Obviously, the important thing is to not overdo it. The player shouldn't hate the game and wish to change the character, so try to find the line of where whipping in line becomes too much.

          In the grand scheme of things, I would recommend talking to the player about the direction for the character. Where do the both of you want to go? The two of you can set a theme like "seeking freedom and redemption" or "going deeper down the dark path", and then tune the interactions to that. Some honest talking about the intentions does a lot of good.


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            If you want to skip the whole soul shenanigans, in the case that this won't work with your chronicle, I'd recommend use mainly the rules of the Fallen, with adaptations:
            • The Demon teaches the character its Celestial Name, because it gives the entity perception powers when spoken aloud;
            • It can also force long distant communications;
            • Whenever the Demon needs extra juice, they can drain the character's Willpower from any distance, causing random WP damage;
            • Convince the character to perform some rites from time to time without saying what they do, setup for summoning just in case.
            With this the Demon will leave the character with a few quirks that you can explore or leave at that as you see fit. The baseline are the rituals and speaking the Demon's name from time to time, which whatever instruction you want. Whenever you feel like it, the character is struck with WP damage.

            Since the Demon knows when the Celestial Name is used, it also knows when the PC fails their part and can strike with WP damage just as punishment. Then whenever you want to play the Demon, it can intrude in the PC's mind with whatever demand, information or question, and when things are too boring you can make a random ritual result in the victim raising with the Demon inside.

            This has the advantage that while the character can think their soul is compromised, you'll never need anything else to back it up, and you're free on how much to actually play the Demon without ever removing the sting of the random WP damage.

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