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    Well, this is a hot topic between my friends and I: Why does the Path of Metamorphosis use the virtue Instinct instead of Self-Control?
    I mean, the goal of the Path is to attain a kind of apotheosis/ascension, so why on earth Instincts!? If you let your Beast control yourself, you won't ever achieve anything like that, the beast is irrational. For me, it never made much sense for the Path to have Instincts instead of Self-Control. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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    well according to the path's fifth sin rationale 'a kindred must know the beast to transcend it' from the path of metamorphosis point of view self control does not allow a vampire to understand the beast since you are trying to keep it caged.


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      I see Metamorphosis, Path of Bones and Death and Soul, all three as estranged, (and the first with the others) separated, but somehow analogous. They are pretty driven by control and understanding. I don't like that whole separation of Instinct and Self-control of the previous editions, but in this case I can see a dilemma.

      In a way, Metamorphosis seems like a more conducted and conscious ascendance of our nature. But still, through natural means, like the body. It is a more physical philosophy than Bones and Death and Soul, which go in-depth (one more than another) through the spirit and soul side of controlling yourself and the world (or worlds). And since Metamorphs. spiritual evolution is through the means of physical change, they are (in essence) a highly intellectual and conscious beast of rising excellence and purity. But their understanding and view are still through feeling, perception, and external reception. That somewhat does seem an Instinctive way to try to understand the world and your own self. Instead of the spiritual way of wanting to control your own emotions through rational and will-driven impetus.

      But yeah. I honestly can see both. I can see a Metamorphosist being all about refuting and controlling directly, and not understanding or bargaining with the Beast.

      Strange... When coincidence seems too convenient, I prefer to call it fate.

      -Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain d=


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        The Instinct Virtue refers to a character's ability to control the Beast by familiarity rather than denial. It allows characters to "ride the wave" of frenzy and emotional excess by keeping a close rein on their passion, rather than letting passion control them.
        As atavistic as Conviction, Instinct is the Virtue of a monster who accepts his nature rather than maintaining a sense of human compassion.
        Instinct allows the character to harness the Beast's destructive power; a character with high Instinct is primal and turbulent. A player rolls Instinct when attempting to control a character's existing frenzy.
        When a character who possesses the Instinct Virtue faces frenzy, she always enters the frenzy, unless the difficulty to avoid it is less than her Instinct Trait, in which case she may choose whether or not to frenzy. Thereafter, for the duration of the frenzy, the character is wholly under the Beast's sway, and must be run by the player (or controlled by the Storyteller) in an appropriate fashion.
        Any time the player wishes the character to consciously take an action (known as "riding the wave"); she must roll Instinct against the difficulty to avoid the frenzy.

        The Path of Metamorphosis is a Path of Enlightenment that controls the Beast by studying its limits and the limits of vampirism in general.
        In this light the Instinct is totally fitting.
        Self-controll is basically "denial" of the Beast. Not study. Not knowledge. Not mastering it, denying it!
        While when you are on Instinct you have a deep undestetanding eventually, and knoledge no one on the Self controll could or would posess. They will never be able to "choose" they want to frenzy or not, or "ride the wave", have a conscious Frenzy

        To them those who deny te Beast instead knowing it are below the food and evolutionary chain


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          In my opinion, a lot of it has to do with the fact that most Metamorphosists view the vampiric condition as unambiguously superior to the human condition. Everything human is to be transcended, much like the limitations of the vampiric condition. Self-Control involves denial of the Beast, whereas most Metamorphosists view the Beast, a part of the vampiric condition, as something to be embraced rather than denied, even if you should not surrender to it absolutely.

          That being said, I'm personally a fan of an alternate interpretation of Metamorphosis which seeks the balance between the human and vampire condition as the path to transcendence. Conviction and Self Control seem like a good way to depict that; it would probably look fairly similar to the Path of Death and the Soul, but less focused on death and the spirit in particular. But that is not in line with the traditional tenets of Metamorphosis.


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            I could easily see a Path of Metamorphsis variant that used Self-Control instead of Instinct. In fact, I would expect that by its very nature, there would be more variants among the Path of Metamorphosis that any other Path to the point that every vampire's Path would be slightly different. Obviously it shouldn't be the "Path of Whatever I Want" but if a player wanted to tweak certain elements of the Path I would be more on board with them doing that for Metamorphosis that nearly any other Path.