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V20: A Sabbat Biker Game

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  • V20: A Sabbat Biker Game

    Okay, I have come up with an idea for a Sabbat game focusing on a pack of Neonates modeled after the Outlaws MC motorcycle gang. It is a metaplot-free game and isn't really personal horror, instead focusing on dark and gritty action, but nonetheless, I am working on making it and gathering players for it to play over Skype with.

    The basic idea is that our pack is based out of one of two locations. The first idea is Osaka, Japan (I do not use KOTE or Kuei-Jin in my games) or Detroit, Michigan. It all depends on which better fits the story as I write it and what my players want between Detroit or Osaka.

    The Sabbat pack of bikers are vying for control of the city with mortal gangs, deranged cults, the occasional Lupine or Mage, and other vampires such as infernalists and Camarilla interlopers. That's what I have so far, as this game is a work in progress.

    I even converted the ranks of the Sabbat to the ranks of the Outlaws MC and vice versa. Here's what I got...

    Bishop: Club President
    Ductus: Vice President
    Pack Priest: Sergeant At Arms
    Pack Member: Full Patch
    Shovelhead: Prospect

    Character creation would be standard Sabbat Neonate stuff.

    7/5/3 for Attributes
    13/9/5 for Abilities
    7 dots for Virtues
    4 dots for Disciplines
    0 dots for Backgrounds (but more can be purchased with freebies)
    15 Freebie Points
    Maximum of 7 points in either merits or flaws

    The following Paths are allowed, although Humanity and Cathari are the two most common paths....

    Path of Humanity
    Path of Cathari
    Path of Honorable Accord
    Path of Metamorphosis
    Path of Caine

    The following Clans and Bloodlines are in play...

    Brujah Antitribbu
    Gangrel Antitribbu
    Malkavian Antitribbu
    Nosferatu Antitribbu
    Toreador Antitribbu
    Tremere Antitribbu (no metaplot, no problems!)
    Ventrue Antitribbu
    Assamite Antitribbu
    Ravnos Antitribbu
    Serpents of the Light
    Daughters of Cacophony
    Salubri Antitribbu (NO Third Eye in my games though)

    If anyone is interested, PM me.

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    The only problem I see with this is that Bishop and Ductus status wise would own these types of groups, not lead them. A bishop would own a lot of these groups actually. also why the no background points?


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      Originally posted by Asssassin View Post
      The only problem I see with this is that Bishop and Ductus status wise would own these types of groups, not lead them. A bishop would own a lot of these groups actually. also why the no background points?
      The no background points is a standard for Sabbat characters, if Guide to the Sabbat Revised is to be believed.

      As for Bishop, well, seeing as the Club President resides all over the chapter members in an area, it kind of fits. The Ductus is one step down from the Bishop, so naturally he'd be Vice President in terms of ranks.


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        Well there's something I didn't know about Sabbat beginning characters...Thank you for that...and the rest of the your post is correct as well. I must be off my meds or very tired. Please disregard everything I have said and I hope your game goes swimmingly for you If I had a cam I would play (also assuming timing was well done)


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          sorta interesting side note- I supervise an autopart warehouse in McCook, Illinois. The birth town of the Outlaws MC. you see bikers quite a bit when the weather permits. Maybe use Chicago instead of Detroit for your game? I like the idea of your game! Sounds like fun! One of the Alternate Identities of a character of mine uses a motorcycle club as his Herd/Resources. They make money through both legal and black market gun sales (also explains how our group has access to their nice firearms)


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            Detroit works wonders for these types of games. It is nothing but crime and urban decay, but it has upper-crust neighborhoods in the surrounding areas. Capturing that sort of degeneration of mo-town and an industrial history that has seen better days adds a sort of horror to it that fits really well in a Biker chronicle.

            Optionally: Take a note from the film From Dusk Till Dawn, tongue-in-cheek grit is fun to play on occasion, especially if you lace it with lowbrow humor and over the top things like Mexico City by Night had.

            If I had some free time here, I'd be glad to play in your chronicle.

            “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” - Friedrich Nietzsche


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              Then Detroit it is!

              I will be using V20 for the rules, and maybe some ideas from Guide to the Sabbat and Destiny's Price.


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                Have you read Children of Revolution?
                Think you could use that character or maybe can you help with some history
                "In the 1960s, Apacia became fascinated with an American nomadic culture that resonated with her own origins: motorcycle gangs. Upon first encountering them, something about the leather-wearing, nomadic gangs sparked a sense of familiarity. To Apacia, these are the Scythians of the modern nights, and she has embraced the culture whole-heartedly. Apacia has gathered to herself a sizeable, national-level motorcycle gang called the Skiths, who use a tattooed skull as their emblem. They are on par with the Hell’s Angels and the Pagans in terms of national scale of criminal operations, and closely watched by organized crime task forces in law enforcement and the FBI. Interspersed in the membership of the Skiths are nomadic Sabbat packs who consider themselves loyal to Apacia first and foremost above any other Sabbat authority, though she rarely takes an active hand in their activities. It is only when she has been tapped to direct a crusade that she calls on them, and they arrive with her at the new crusade site, a leather-clad, tattooed cavalry on roaring Harleys. Indeed, she has established herself as the patron of an inner-circle blood cult of the Skiths, and even shown them her serpentine form in order to strike fear or admiration into them."
                And sure you watch Sons of Anarchy tv show, thats is good source of inspiration for lots of histories.