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    *facepalm* And this is what I get for not having read the Revised Clanbooks in over a decade.

    I made the Power an "8" because it was supposed to be a Methuselah level gift, for 4th and 5th Gens. I suppose it could go down to 7th. This was a recent creation, inspired by watching The Originals last year. I'm still getting back into the V20 swing of things.


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      So how about a fortitude 6 power that gives you another hurt health level? Or a fortitude 7 power that gives you two extra bruised health levels?


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        Path of Antiamet or Discipline Antiamet.

        Antiamet can affect any discipline or gift up to level of antiamet.Antiamet is equal to stamina+antiamet (DC 7).Each success negate successes on rituals and magic up to level of Antiamet!Antiamet works like armor(Free use of path requires no action).It can only negate non physical powers.Potence would still have full effect when striking damage to character.But chimerstry(when used on subject would suffer from it).Maximum of negated successes equals 2xlevel of antiamet.So raising stamina wont help much without discipline itself.
        Antiamet requires Occult per dot of Antiamet.


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          (Ritual 9,Dementation 9,Dur-An-Ki 9)

          The vampire with this power must spend 10 vitae and 1 Willpower.After that he can increase all social attributes by 3.Furthermore you can buff social attributes why wouldn’t you?(this effect is permanent after successfully casting ritual even once.Botch decreases all by 6 and raises difficulty for social interactions by 1.On the same table just instead sucess 1 per dot of botch <3
          1 success One scene
          2 successes One hour
          3 successes One day
          4 successes Three days
          5 successes One week
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            Doppelganger (Dementation 7, Dominate 5): This power allows the Kindred to possess another vampire in the manner of the Dominate power Possession, with the possession vampire's body condition being identical to that power. Also, one cannot use this power on a vampire of lower generation, as is typical for Dominate powers. Using the Dementation power of Restructure, the possessing vampire changes the possessed body's mentality to a passive state, willing to accept commands from the possessor.

            All memories, skills, backgrounds and such from both possessor and possessed bodies are available, including Disciplines. The possessing vampire has the physical attributes of the possessed body, and the higher of each social and mental attribute. (For example, a possessing vampire with Str 4 and Int 7 possessing a vampire of Str 7 and Int 3 will effectively have Str 7 and Int 7). However, accessing the abilities of the possessed vampire is very difficult. All difficulties for accessing any abilities, backgrounds and disciplines of the possessed are 1 higher than normal if the possessing vampire's Attribute is higher than the possessed, or two higher if the possessed vampire's Attribute is higher (max difficulty of 9). Difficulties for abilities accessed in combat and similar stressful situations enjoy an additional +1 difficulty). Every two hours, both vampire bodies consume a blood point. Often, the possessing vampire will direct the body into a fire or other means of disposal, in order to avoid leaving behind a husk without volition that might betray use of this power.

            So in essence, "become that nasty Camarilla guy, and use his knowledge to penetrate the building and get that bomb planted. and then dispose of the body before returning to your own body."


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              Not powers per se but homebrew anyhow.

              Here are two Bloodlines I crafted out of general boredom as an amusing thought exercise. The Reapers are meant to portray the Reaper strain of Vampires spawning from Novak found in Blade 2 while the Dryads were created in half an hour or so because someone on the old forums asked for ideas for a Bloodline focused more on flora rather than fauna.


              The latest experiment of an Elder Tzimisce Koldun in creating the perfect Cainite soldiers in the war against the Camarilla as well as evolving the Cainite race as a whole the Reapers are monsters created by monsters. They may seem humanlike and can walk amongst other Cainites without raising too many eyebrows but when angry or feeding their true monstrosity is revealed as their jaws split open to reveal maws and their feeding tongue.
              There aren't too many of the Reapers currently in existence since the first amongst them has left his creators side and their flawed Embrace makes rising their numbers rather difficult. They are still seeking their place amongst the Sabbat but it is the wish of the first to gain enough sane numbers on his side that they can start demanding the Sabbat as a whole to recognize them as a Clan giving them status and a voice within the Sabbat.
              However currently only ones to know of the Reapers existence are those directly involved in the Elder Tzimisces experiments, which basically means his childer, revenant assistants and few chosen associates amongsts the Sabbat and naturally some of the Nosferatu have gained knowledge of the experiments.

              Nickname: Freaks, Monsters, Abominations or nothing at all as not too many know of their existence.

              Sect: Sabbat although the bloodline might end up independent depending upon the reaction the Sabbat at large gives them. If given Clan status they will likely embrace the Sabbat fully but as of current day only few know of their existence.

              Appearance: The Embrace leaves them bereft of hair and with a nasty looking scar running down their chin. Also they look slightly more sickly, with somewhat bloodied eyes, than your average Cainite which only gets worse as their hunger rises as their skin seems to turn slightly more translucent leaving their veins to be seen disturbingly. There is some speculation that these features would worsen with age but as they are a young line it's still purely speculative. As they feed their chin splits open at the scar and their feeding tongue as well as their teeth bite down into the victim revealing their monstrous nature without a doubt.

              Haven: Being a young bloodline there is hardly any common nominator in what kind of havens the few sane Reapers keep while the feral abominations favor sewers, caves and basements where they can hide from the hated sun.

              Background: Thanks to their rather unstable Embrace there is suprisingly little coherence in who can become Reapers. Most prospective childer are not chosen per se but rather just happen. This means that potentially the Reapers can have people of all kinds. Especially since due to the young nature of the Bloodline there has been no time to actually develop anything resembling universal or even stereotypical pattern to the few Embraces that result in sane Reapers instead of Abominations.

              Character Creation: Attributes and abilities as well as mortal backgrounds can be almost anything thanks to the random nature of their Embrace. But they are restricted when it comes to Cainite backgrounds, they cannot start with Sabbat or Blackhand Status and their Generation tends to be around 9-10 currently as the first member of their line is of the 8th Generation and they tend to Embrace slowly. All members of the Bloodline must buy the Feeding Tongue as a 1 point Merit and Bone Encased Heart Merit with 3-5 points.

              Clan Disciplines: Potence, Fortitude, Auspex

              Weaknesses: First of all the Reapers appearance is limited to 2 at best and it goes down by one point, to a minimum of 0, when they are Frenzying or hungry.Secondly and worst of all their Embrace is flawed, each Reaper has only a minimal chance of a succesfull Embrace. When a Reaper tries to Embrace a childe the prospective childe must roll his Willpower against a difficulty of 10, if the roll botches the childe is lucky and ends up as a normal corpse if the roll fails however the childe is given horrid unlife as an Abomination shattering the child to be's mind and reducing them to permanent wight like condition. Only in the case of the roll succeeding the Embrace produces a new Reaper. The Abominations created from a flawed Embrace have an appearance of 0, they have lost themselves to their beasts effectively having Humanity/Road 0 and existing only for the hunt. They instictively know not to harm or attack their creator except if attacked first but are otherwise uncontrollable barring Disciplines. These Abominations themselves are barren and cannot Embrace.

              Organization: Practically none. The Elder Tzimisce who created the bloodline tries to gather those who survive the Embrace to use as shocktroops against Camarilla and as instigators of chaos in Camarilla controlled areas, as the Abominations they can end up spawning cause serious Masquerade breaches which will keep Camarilla busy enough to allow Sabbat to take hold.

              Quote: Stay out of my way and leave me alone. My business doesn't involve you.

              Reapers differ a bit from your average character generation mechanics in that they need to use some of their points to buy a few Merits, which is unorthodox but for the line necessary as they are rather defining features of these beings in the movie.


              Nickname: Vegetarians

              Appearance: Most Dryads tend to wear practical clothing but unlike Gangrel tend to have a slight tendency towards vanity in their attire's colours and general look. This slight vain attitude also manifest in that they tend to follow potential childer for a while choosing their time for the Embrace so that the child to be get's at least a chance to look their best. Naturally though there are exceptions to this as not all Dryads are so strongly afflicted by their vanity.

              Haven: Like the Gangrel the Dryads are more at home in nature and an open sky than in closed spaces or asphalt covered urban hell's. Most Dryads eschew permanent havens although many do prefer a certain type of environment according to their own taste in flora. They tend to share the Gangrels minimalistic approach to materialism though usually having only enough possessions that they can carry along.

              Background: The Dryads tend to embrace those who show proper respect and love towards nature yet are still tough enough to survive in the great outdoors. They tend to consider their Embraces carefully though which is one of the reasons the bloodline has not spread further.

              Character Creation: Dryads Embrace people from all walks of life as long as the child has a love and respect for nature. So the archetypes can range from forest rangers to botanists. Since their tendency to make sure the childe to be has at least some survival skills this tends to mean that most potential childer have Skills as their first priority. Most of the Dryads follow Humanity with an odd few having moved to paths.

              Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Presence, Protean(Dryads use a slightly modified form of Protean as suitable for a Gangrel bloodline)

              Weakness: Refer to Gangrel Weakness in V20 except that Dryad gain a plant feature instead of animal feature as they frenzy. Examples include bark like skin, branch like arm, moss or grass for hair etc.

              Organization: The bloodline being small and mostly consisting of independent Kindred has no organization to speak of. If there are two Dryads in the same area it's likely a Sire and a young neonate traveling together. Past that they tend to change news in the rare occasion they come across each other.

              Protean Alternate powers for Dryads:
              * Eye's of the Forest, work exactly like Eye's of the Beast.
              ** Branches Like Thorns, turns the Dryads hands into bark covered sharp fingered branches or in some cases finger like thorns. Outside of the visual effect works exactly like Feral Claws.
              *** Planting your Root's, causes the Dryad to change into a plant, the plant type must be chosen at the first transformation and cannot be changed afterwards, types ranging from small trees to flowers. Once in his plant form the Dryad is capable of vaguely sensing his surroundings, mostly through feeling the wind or light upon their form etc. but are unable to actually see, and is protected from the harmful effect of the sun. The power requires that there is enough soil to burrow their roots into and costs two bloodpoints to activate. If their plant form is attacked during their transformation they immediately return to their true form slightly dazed from the experience, having similar difficulty modifiers as those disturbed while earth meld. While in their plant form the Dryad smells, looks and feels just like any normal plant of it's type and project almost no Aura that could be noticed, meaning that for an Auspex user to notice that the plant has an Aura he would need to concentrate his Read Aura use towards that plant alone as no general sweep will detect anything out of order.
              **** Here I honestly draw a bit blank. Perhaps they could transform into a animated tree for their fight form or something gaining similar stat bonuses as Gangrel for their alternate animal forms.
              ***** Form of the Mist, as per usual.

              So there you are two new Bloodlines for your amusement. The first is a serious try in creating a Bloodline that captures the theme of it's inspiration as accurately as possible within the rules of the game the second one is rather less serious spur of the moment creation. So take 'em or leave 'em and have a happy Halloween.