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    Favorite for me is Mexico by Night followed closely by Montreal.
    Speaking of Las Vegas, I do believe Havens of Damned had one of the havens located in Vegas. Could perhaps be cool to use for anyone that wanna do something with the city.


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      Another two settings in spanish:

      Edad Barroca: Vampiro (1666) (Baroque Age: Vampire)

      Edad Ilustrada: Vampiro (1777) (Enlightenment Age: Vampire)


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        Originally posted by Baroness Nerak View Post
        Of the written books, I find Chicago by Night (assuming we are including 1e and 2e) the best written of them. It has some problems, sure, but the characters are really excellent, there are great snippets of various areas, a good many nonstereotypical nonwhite characters, and just in general inspiring

        As for where I want to see, Vienna, Prague, London and Zadar most. I'd love to work on any of those, though a native would probably be better suited. ^_^
        For London, send for the Gentleman Gamer. The brief look at Anne's diablerie addiction and her feud with Coven in the Diary were nowhere near enough.

        Vienna has already been published in German, but I since I share the common English failing of being monolingual, I have no idea what it's like.

        Chicago and Milwaukee went OTT with the whole "vampires are the secret masters of the world" thing that you got in the first edition, but nonetheless, I love them, and the Succubus Club companion volume.

        I was fond of Dark Colony for adding a pinch of Lovecraft to the seasoning. Looking forward to the book on New England that's due out for SV this year.

        It's a bit broad to be a "city" book, but Dark Ages: Europe is superb. Dark Ages: Britain was very well done, but it suffered from trying to cater to multiple game lines simultaneously. Transylvania by Night was very enjoyable, too.

        I'd like to see LA by Night updated to include material from the Bloodlines game.

        I'm working on a SV book on the fourteenth-century Fief of Winchester, centered on Winchester itself, Salisbury and Southampton, between the Black Death and the Convention of Thorns, though it'll be a while before that's done.


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          Chicago and New York were the ones I remember getting the most mileage out of. I would've enjoyed something about Cape Town or Johannesburg.

          If I could go back in time and develop the line from the start, I'd have Chicago as the signature city, LA as the second city (and having Werewolf stuff in it), and then Berlin (this would've been '93 or so when the whole "we used to be two separate cities" thing was still topical), Egypt (with Wraith tie ins), Rio de Janeiro (with Changeling tie in stuff maybe), Montreal, Hong Kong, and Israel. Maybe also Melbourne or Sydney. Then on top of that, four regional sourcebooks about the Southeast, New England, the West, and the Caribbean that talked about their unique gothic and horror genres, as well as historical settings that work well with them. And also crossover books for each game combination (Vampire+Werewolf; Vampire+Mage; etc.) that had a chapter on what each is doing in the others' signature city (Rage Across Chicago, New York State by Night, Mystic Chicago, etc.). And the book about African vampires would've had a section on South Africa and probably Cape Town as a gateway for western Kindred into the region.

          Dark Ages would've been Paris as the signature, Constantinople as the second, and then ones on England, western Germany, Iberia, Venice, Hungary, Jerusalem (the kingdom, not just the city), Sung China, and a section on either Damascus or Alexandria as part of the book about the Midnight Crescent and Muslim vampires. And the book about running chronicles which go from the Dark Ages all the way to the modern nights would've had a chapter on how Paris changes over the years, especially during the Revolution, the Victorian Era/Belle Epoch, and WW2.

          (Werewolf would've been New York, Alaska, the Amazon, the Balkans, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Tibet, and Russia, with the historic line being the Roman Empire and Britain as the signature setting and Rome by Night as a Vampire crossover. Mage would've done Seattle, Washington DC, Great Britain, Tokyo and Las Vegas, the Victorian Era with London as the signature and Transylvania as a Vampire crossover. Wraith would've been New Orleans, Boston, Ireland, Prague, Mexico, Vietnam and the Appalachians. Changeling would've been San Francisco, Toronto, Denver, Seoul, and Miami. And then a WoD: Hawaii book.)

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            Now that I'm reading Beckett's Jyhad Diary, it's nice to get an update on what's going on in those cities.

            Spoiler: Now that Hurricane Katrina took out the Prince of New Orleans and half of the Vampires that lived there, I'm curious which were the other ones (other than the prince's brood).

            See my splat, Angel: The Revelation (With a MUCH better link):


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              Id really like another "A World of Darkness" book, more focused on updating the world as a whole with both crunch and fluff.

              As far as specific cities, New Orleans could really use an update, and to be honest I was never really a huge fan of how the first was presented.

              Id like to see one of the larger/more popular Texas cities done, (Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, etc).

              Kansas City, Mo/Ks might be interesting, too.

              Rather than cities specifically, I wouldn't mind something like Israel by Night, Germany by Night, France by Night, etc... more than a brief overview of an area, but not as detailed as a city book, particularly with NPC blocks. Rather some of the big players, politics for the area, (city by city, or even region), looks at the Clans, how the Sects function, various pertinent events, and things like that that can trickle down across regions.


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                Baltimore by night could be an amazing setting.. I mean, the city is pretty much at war with itself on several levels. Sure there's the "Freddie Gray" Blue on Black thing, but even before that Baltimore has always struggled between east/west Baltimore. Don't even get me started on it's conflict with the neighboring counties, who have decreed that Baltimore is not allowed to grow. A person can go see a musical at the world famous Lyric Opera house and have to walk around ambulances and police tape to get back to their car. Or heck, skip the opera and go get shot in the waiting room of the world's most respected hospital. Meanwhile, it's close enough to cities like D.C. and Philadelphia that a person wanting to exert influence on a congressman could take two hours out of their busy schedule and do just that. Or make a day-trip (night-trip?) to New York.

                On the flip-side, there's cities like Charleston SC and Corpus Christi TX.. like.. I'd love to use those cities in WoD games, but I honestly need help figuring out how to make places like that interesting (Yes, living there would be nice, but having a chronicle set there seems boring.. sorry Charleston.) Why do I need a "by night" book for a city like Baltimore that already practically exists in the WoD, so maybe Charleston by Night would be a better idea.


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                  Ottawa Ontario would be fun, beyond the fact it is my hometown, the close proximity of Sabbat Strongholds (Montreal Toronto and Detroit IIRC) and the Gatineau Park gives it a lot of potential.

                  and Cincinnati. I would love to see Cincinnati by night.
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                    Originally posted by Beckett View Post
                    Id really like another "A World of Darkness" book, more focused on updating the world as a whole with both crunch and fluff.
                    Back in the Revised Ed days, I wanted a revised A World of Darkness that showed the setting from a mortal perspective, as well as aspects of the world's underlying metaphysics and an overview of the "Twilight People" who exist in-between the mortal world and that of the supernatural (psychics, blood dolls, mediums, the fey-blooded, witch-hunters, etc.). That and A World of Blood/Rage (rev)/Magic/Death/Dreams for each of the game lines.

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                    Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                      Originally posted by Neall View Post

                      I'll poke Harry and see if he's got any insights.
                      Oh. Oh my, yes. The DMV thanks you


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                        I would like to see something like "Rage across Freehold Necropolis <city name> by Night. Something that would help the ST create a crossover game. Or one of this options with others included (something like in SF by Night, which was for Cainites mainly but say a few words about werewolves also).

                        As for specific cities I would like to see Łódź as my hometown. I also like Burton upon Trent (I begin to explore this city cause my sister lives there). And, as some kind of easter egg I would like to see how St. Claire looks now (fictional city from Project Twilight) or Ashcroft (from Hunter: the Reckoning video games).

                        Heck, maybe WW/Paradox could do something like France by Night: allow the players to present them their version of a city, and it they approve it publish the citybook created that way officially.

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                          Manila by Night on the Storytellers Vault is my current favourite.


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                            If I cant get my home city of Dallas(extremely unlikely), Id be happy with a Paris by Night book.


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                              Philadelphia would be amazing. A lot of history (including such ripe historical figures as Johannes Kelpius, a Transylvanian mystic and end-of-the-world preacher drawing a crowd of cultists at his cave outside the city who just screams "Osiris!"), old money East Coast families, Edgar Allan Poe, haunted places, plenty of crime during the Mob days, and plenty of crime today. The adventure seeds and NPCs are basically writing themself.


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                                New York By Night. It is the only city book I have.