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Build you most combat twinked vampire.

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  • Build you most combat twinked vampire.

    Rules: Standard character creation (V20) plus 50 freebies.
    Out-of Clan disciplines allowed, assume that you have access to basicly any Discipline.

    Just post what kind of build you've come up with and how you'd use the stats.

    I was thinking primarily one on one fistcuffs.
    But if you want assasins builds or political builds go for it.

    Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a silly excercise. If you have problem with it, don't post. No "OMG this is not how you play Vampire", "this thread is dumb, silly etc".

    Gold star for most imaginative combinations.


    English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.

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    while im mostly a roleplayer my self .. here's my idead of a good twink.

    first id say you need thaumaturgy 3. for the ritual to make a sword cause aggravated damage. plus blood of potency helps a lot. as well as the fact that you can make many things happen with rituals.

    IIRC it's 7 freebies per discipline dot right?

    but first about attributes. put physical first mental second and social third. heavy emphasis on wit rating (at5) for combat initiative. then 4 points strength 4 dexterity 2 stamina.

    5 background points to have generation at 8. default melee ,firearms and athletics(incorporating dodge) at 3. talents primary skills secondary

    then use 21 freebies for skin of the adder to soak physical aggravated and at a reduced difficulty

    another 21 freebies at celerity for a total rating of 3

    then take 7 any points of flaws for which a munchkin couldn't care less. megalomania or monstrous or enemies

    then 12 points(IIRC) for either movemennt of mind or path of mercury. with the former you can almost always escape battles. or even fight from above. the second makes you a superb assassin and helps you escape. you wear(just in case) heavy clothing and a mask or sth in teleport in people's heavens during the day. and slash!

    i believe thare are a few freebies remaining so take the merit allowing you to use all your dice pool during day.

    i may post a thaumaturgy build later

    oh i forgot you also start with a munchkin path. path of paradox(western ravnos) is good i think. or power and inner voice maybe
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      Here is a few

      Str 3, Dex 3, Sta 4
      Vicissitude 4, Serpentis 3, Protean 2. Celerity 2

      Physical not necessary, Mipulation and Wits at 5
      Obten 5 (Shroud of Night to reduce opponents Stamina, Arms of the Abyss for ripping opponent to shreds, Tenebrous Form for that delightful no physical harm). If you ant you can add the Dark Steel Combo that allows your arms to have twice you Obtenebration rating in Strength and Dexterity.

      Str 4, Dex 4, Sta 4, Wits 5
      Thaum 3 (Path of Warding 3, Path of Transmutation 1), Celerity 2, Potence 2, Fortitude 2
      Path of Warding 3 allows you to do successes rolled on activation in Agg levels (not dice, LEVELS!!!) Transmutation 1 can add health levels to your clothing and/or extra dmg dice to your weapon.

      English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.


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        if you want to build a twinked thaumaturgist

        you should
        a) start an assamite sorcererb
        b)read all magebooks and assume he can do mucf of the stuff there. not as good of course and not all but still.
        c) take the former magus merit, assume your character was a taftani with knowledge of solomonic code. but spirit manipulation and max it and create spirit rituals.
        d) get your self a simoon. all physic stats at 10. 50 health levels. you jsut need a ritual to materialise him since he only has a gnosis of one


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          It kind of depends on your parameters of "combat".

          An Assamite with starting disciplines (Obfuscate 1, Quietus 1, Celerity 1) and a specialization in high caliber sniper rifles as well as producing their own ammo means that they can kill you from over a mile away, no one will hear the shot, no one will see the sniper hide location and even if you manage to soak the damage he has the rest of clip to go before you can even figure out which way to dive for cover (assuming there is actually cover he can't shoot through). Just taking lots of contacts makes it very easy to keep tabs on your target so you can always be setup for the shot in time.

          Use different types of ammo depending on the target. Explosive rounds for head shots, armor piercing for soak critters, silver for werewolves, etc. Of course it is relatively simple to keep a couple clips of each ammo type on hand so you can deal with things on the fly.

          For additional disciplines you add Animalism so you can have lookouts and spies everywhere as well as a food source that can't be traced. This makes tracking the Assamite very difficult to say the least. Then increase the Obfuscate so they can escape the area quickly. If you have points left over, go with Auspex so you can track targets that use Obfuscate and it will give bonuses to your shooting. At higher levels it allows you to recon places without leaving your sniper position.

          While this build isn't for "in your face" combat, it is functional during a Sabbat raid (just find a tall building with a good view and use a radio), it is excellent back up for melee builds since it can give them fire support as well as over view information. Assassination is a given as well as ambushes for enemies.

          If used by a smart player who actually knows something about how sniping works, this single character can wipe out whole packs of werewolves over a few nights of hit and run attacks.

          Add a Ghoul servitor to take the "day shift" and your targets will never know who or what is targeting them since their allies seem to be dropping dead during all hours of the day or night. This even works to pin down enemies you can't cleanly kill. Given enough time this can swing the direction a battle is taking in a different location because the enemy has to divert forces to deal with the sniper or the ally which is pinned down can't get there in time.

          Of course you can avoid the sniper fire if you go underground and use the sewer tunnels..... unless the sniper thought of that and left you some surprises.

          Overall this build is less about disciplines and more about smart play and ability dots.


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            Combat optimization on paper is one thing, but you should never underestimate the value of clever tactical thinking. In an elders game a friend's character brought Valerius Maior from The Red List to heel by watching over cargo manifests with a discerning eye and having a few completely non-supernatural flunkies intercept the container he was being shipped in and open it to the mid-day sun.


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              Take resources 5, Contact 1 (guns/ammo). Win.
              Uzi with 9mm tracer rounds and laser sight. Now your uzi deals agg and can give you bonus dice to hit. A flare gun. Now your opponent is in fear-frenzy (and possibly taking agg from the shot itself) and not attacking you anymore. Trust me, taking a flare to the face is a high dc for red-fear provocation, even to an elder (especially to an elder, who probably has never seen a 'torch tosser' before...). At point blank range, to hit with a firearm is BASE dc 4. Add a laser pointer (-1 dc to hit) and tracer rounds (agg), and you are murdering anything's face off. You really don't even need a bunch of generation, as 'going full auto' adds a bunch of dice to hit, which translates into damage dice... You can split actions to fire and reload in same round (so stupid) with the full auto replacing your lost die (or mix celerity in...) MONEY IS THE BEST POWER IN THE GAME!

              As far as gross combat disciplines (what i feel you are fishing for) there is a thaumaturgy path called "focused mind". You can activate all five paths as 'free actions' (doesn't count towards mental actions/discipline activation); first level gives bonus to wits pool or initiative (i go first). second path sets your opponent's first action for the round to be their only actions for the round (example: opp splits to draw gun and to attack; if you use that power on them, they try to draw over and over until next round lol). Later levels let you take two mental actions a round (aside from the entire path)(meaning even more disciplines per round), i think a level makes you immune to frenzy or something similar, last level puts you in a zen state akin to golconda where all your actions are -2 dc, period. If you cannot win a fight with that discipline you need a new storyteller, or to play a new game, or to quit tying to fight ME lol...

              There is 2nd level ritual in anarch book lets you soak agg with stamina.

              Lastly, obtenebration 2. Read that crap! Your victim(s) can't tell up from down (making movement more difficult) and lose most sensory input (. Like, how do you fight like that? you are at massive penalties when hit with that and it is a level two power. It's range? sight, and no one but maker can see through it. Duration? as long as you want it there, basically. Costs? ONE blood point.

              I don't play with house rules either, all the above is straight from books. (Core, one of the thaumaturgy books, anarch, and core)


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                I'm away from books at the moment but here's my thought on something I will call Scry and Die. The following are the key pieces that I can recall off the top of my head.
                • A clan with Thaumaturgy and access to the Path of Praapti/Mercury/Teleportation and Path of Conjuring (at least 3).
                • The Scry ritual
                • Firearms, Science, and Technology at 5.
                • The method.
                  • Scry on your target until you find their home/haven. Wait for them to arrive there.
                  • Scry until you find an appropriate out of the way spot.
                  • Path of Mercury to the spot.
                  • Path of Conjuring up an explosive device (Firearms, Science, and Technology to represent knowledge of how to do this).
                    • The exact nature of the explosive is determined by exactly how big a blast. Since the Thaumaturgist can conjure material up to his own size that covers lots of dynamite, c4, or even a small thermonuclear device. With more time a larger blast can be made by conjuring the explosive in parts.
                  • Path of Mercury back home.
                  • Scry and watch as you set off the explosive charge annihilating your target(s).


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                  50 freebies, is about eleven discipline without stating the whole thing out in accordance to the set rules for the challenge, I'll just list off The Greatest Hits for a TC NPC I've made:

                  Dex 4, Manipulation 6, Wits 4

                  Athletics 4, Occult 5, Stealth 2

                  Obtenebration 5, Daimonion 3, Celerity 3

                  Obviously, this is a DAV20 character due to being 7th Generation. The character is a Lasombra (Baali apostate, hence Daimonion).

                  She can fling balefire at 4bp/turn from Tenebrous Form.

                  As the chronicle progresses, provided this NPC survives she'll be getting Daimoinon 6 making her only susceptible to sunlight whilst in Tenebrous Form, and pick up Obfuscate along the way.


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                    Originally posted by Knivesthebrutal View Post
                    Take resources 5, Contact 1 (guns/ammo). Win.
                    [COLOR=#252C2F][FONT=Helvetica][SIZE=13px]Uzi with 9mm tracer rounds and laser sight. Now your uzi deals agg and can give you bonus dice to hit. A flare gun.
                    It's not going to be doing very much aggravated damage; the tracer rounds, especially in something as small as a 9mm, are going to burn out most of their mass very quickly. Spectacular results only ensue if your enemy is already quite flammable, such as, say, a zeppelin full of hydrogen.


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                      Not the most twinked, but very annoying because of the survivability.
                      DAV 20 Cappadocian or Giovanni
                      Physical tertiary, Mental secondary with Appearance 1, Mental primary.
                      Auspex 5, Necromancy 6 (Path of Bones 5, Path of Ash 1)

                      The idea is to take possession of a dead human or preferably a Vampire with Demonic Posession.
                      Thanks to the ritual Puppet, the target can also be alive or undead.
                      When Posessing a corpse you can arguably rise it beforehand with the Path of Bones and give it 6 extra physical attributes.
                      If your host body gets destroyed, just pick a new one.
                      As a further death insurance there is the ritual Lazarus Rises, which wards you once again final death. Albeit you are in torpor afterwards in your prepared crypt of choice.

                      If you can, you can use blood bonded vampires as hosts (via the ritual puppet) and thanks to Lazarus rises, you don't loose them if they get slain.
                      Physical disciplines of your host can be accessed while you ride them.
                      So either get some pawns via the merit of the same name, and/or acquire them later. The vampires need not be blood bound, but it is way easier to cast the ritual Puppet on them if they are bound to you, or bound to one of your thralls.

                      So, this Zen Master walks up to a hot dog stand and says: "Make me one with everything!"


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                        The gold standard for this in 2nd ed used to be a Brujah with Presence 2 and maxed out Potence and Celerity. In one Turn, you spend Blood Points, hiss, punch, punch, punch, punch, repeat. Revised made you have to spend the Blood Points the Turn before, but I think the changes to V20 make it the same Turn again.

                        What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                        Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                          Celerity 1
                          Obfuscate 1
                          Dur-An-Ki 4 (Movement of the Mind1 4, Conjuring 2, Mercury 22)

                          Mental primary, Physical secondary. (Yes, this is a combat build!)

                          Science and Technology scores of 3+

                          Firearms, Melee, Brawl, and Stealth around 2 each.

                          High enough Self-Control, Courage, and Willpower to let the character calmly say two sentences: "What clan weakness?", and "Oooh, pretty. That chemical reaction made a lilac flame."

                          Huge Size3 merit.

                          A few dots in Arcane would be helpful, if the ST allows. This build is much more effective if the target doesn't see it coming, though a straight-up fight is not so bad, either.

                          (Math: three basic dots in disciplines, plus seven more at seven freebie each. Screw spending points on mundane attributes. Embrace a military veteran who teaches chemistry, and let's start hunting elders.)

                          Basic order of operation:
                          1. Hide.
                          2. Conjure a dangerous material.4
                          3. Move it to the target using MoM 4.
                          4. Leave quickly.5
                          5. Repeat... either right away, or after a few weeks, when you can again approach the battleground safely.6

                          1 Makes handling unstable materials, like halogens, alkalines and even more exotic stuff much, much safer... for you. Not for the person you throw it at.
                          2Not commonly available to Assamites, I know, but pleeeease. It makes working with explosives so much less... suicidal.
                          3Increases quantity conjured.
                          4Can I get some loving for 130 kg of Cesium, and a common water pistol?
                          5A 90kg sheet of metal netting shaped into a large dome, made of Francium, would make a lovely parting gift. Of course, it only has a half-life of 22 minutes, but would make a decent power source in the meantime if it weren't super-rare. Oh, wait, with Conjuring it isn't!
                          6Seriously this build can create Chernobyl-Bhopal-Bikini Atoll levels of dangerous environments.
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                            Pour all Freebies into getting Charisma 5, Manipulation 5, Appearance 5 and Subterfuge 5, Etiquette 5, Politics 5

                            Become Prince over less than a decade


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                              Shawarbaaz Or spend 5 freebies and start with "Status 5: Prince/Bishop"? Weirdly, this can be bought with a book standard character build, before any freebies.