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  • 189) A notable Ventrue elder contacts the PCs, looking to hire them for a job. According to the Ventrue, he had a large supply of blood - preserved through Tremere ritual (Sanguineous Phial) - squirreled away in a secret basement on one of the Ventrue's properties. It's easy to assume the blood is of the Ventrue's feeding preference; whether it actually is, or whether the phials were stored for some other purpose, is up to the Storyteller. (Maybe the Ventrue was holding onto a supply meant for his torpid sire). Whatever the case, the Ventrue wants that blood and fast.

    Problem is, in the years since storing the blood, the Ventrue was driven out of that city, following a successful crusade by the Sabbat. The Ventrue cannot just walk into the city, let alone leave with a bunch of blood containers. Not with a bunch of Sabbat on watch for foreign Kindred.

    Making matters worse, even when the Ventrue sent some Ghouls to retrieve his property, they entered it...and haven't come out. Multiple groups of Ghouls were sent into the building, none of which returned. Either the Ventrue's former property is a den for the Sabbat, or some stranger peril or creature resides there. As such, the PCs are being contracted to make the trip and deal with the problem, under the assumption that full-blooded Kindred might succeed where Ghouls fail.

    Yes, this does mean throwing them into Sabbat territory. Yes, they will have to face whatever is inside that building, and get out and leave the city. No, the Ventrue has basically no intel. And no, there isn't any more time to obtain intel. The Ventrue can no longer afford to wait, for reasons he's keeping quiet about.

    Of course, if the PCs do secure the blood, they have the opportunity to take a sample and, possibly, figure out what about the blood is special. It could give them insight into the Ventrue's blood preference...or that of someone else. If, indeed, that's even what the blood is for...


    • 190) A Brujah elder has followed the genealogy of his mortal descendants for centuries. Yet, in the chaos of world wars and societal unrest, he lost the threads of this task for some years. Only recently has he discovered one of his known descendants. Alas, she died of illness, her only son having been shuffled into the foster care system. The Brujah would have remained content with this arrangement, except the boy ran away from his foster home at age fifteen. Leading to the Brujah having to track him down. The boy represents the only link the Elder has to his mortality. He's not about to lose him again.

      This is where the PCs come in. Evidence suggests the boy made his way to the city where the PCs operate. Determined to get him back, the Elder promises Boons to anyone who brings him the child, unharmed.

      Of course, the PCs have options here. They may feel morally opposed to giving up the child, if it means placing him in the clutches of a possessive Elder vampire. No matter what the Elder thinks, the boy may suffer under the Brujah's thumb, especially given the Clan's fiery temper. Do they risk the Elder's ire by shielding the boy or helping him escape? Is it really okay to allow the boy to live on his own, given the dangers of the streets? Would they risk putting him back in foster care, where he could escape again...or be captured by the Brujah, who no longer trusts the boy under any care but his own?

      Alternatively, would the PCs be okay with claiming the boy and then using him as a combination hostage and political tool? Is such flagrant transgression worthy of Degeneration rolls? Do they even DARE opposing the Elder in this manner? Would they rather try to sell the boy to a different Elder, and is that even MORE morally reprehensible?

      Whatever their motives, do the PCs risk becoming targets of other Kindred, who all want the reward for themselves? Would the PCs be willing to break the Tradition against Kindred murder, just to save this mortal child?

      And what does the boy want? Do the PCs even care? Would they override the boy's wishes, either for personal profit or his own best interests? Better question: is the boy they're looking for even the Brujah's descendant? Or did the Brujah make a huge error, and the child is an innocent bystander? Would the PCs work to prove this, and how and why?


      • 191) A Malkavian Elder has, over centuries of unlife, assembled an enormous collection of rare and unusual items, stored in any number of Cabinets of Curiosities on his estate. Exotic items, valuable treasures, the remains of rare creatures, and various other natural or man-made oddities. The Elder's obsession with the curious and rare could never be abated.

        As of late, the recent victory of the local Camarilla over invading Sabbat forces has coincided with the Elder's 500th Embrace Anniversary. To commemorate this serendipitous occasion, he's invited Kindred from far and wide to a formal party at his mansion, where the cabinets will be open and on full display. Heavily guarded, of course, but free to be viewed by any party guests who can behave themselves. Indeed, scholars, historians, and simply nostalgic vampires plan to arrive to peruse the extensive and eclectic collection.

        Naturally, the event will be ground zero for the Jyhad. But not simply because a bunch of Kindred intend to play out their own power plays and plotting. That's standard Elysium behavior, both foreseen and accounted for. Nor even is the prospect of thieves or angry Sabbat/Anarchs attacking the true problem.

        The Malkavian Elder owns many cabinets and many curiosities stuffed inside them. But there is one cabinet that is neither opened, displayed, or alluded to existing. It's what the Elder calls his "Cabinet of Blasphemies". For you see, the Malkavian isn't merely a collector. He's also an Infernalist. Having picked up the wrong tome bound in human skin, he got into a habit of cutting deals with demons, usually in furtherance of his collecting passion. Having devils steal trinkets otherwise inaccessible, or revealing their locations.

        Of course, it wouldn't be a proper collection if the Elder hadn't found or traded for Infernal items. Some are merely the sordid belongings of this or that devil-dealer, obtained for their own sake. Some are actual Infernal talismans, amulets, weapons, and the like, with real power. Not a small number of items that stink of the pit, if one's nose is sensitive to such things. All are locked up tight in the deepest part of the basement, with its own set of guards...not all of whom are mortal (or undead).

        As such matters often go, Infernalists and Demonologists - perhaps even Alestor or Sabbat Inquisition - have caught wind of the Cabinet of Blasphemies. Or if they don't know of the cabinet itself, they're aware that something hidden in that mansion is either of value, or is unclean in a way that must be purged. So while the folks upstairs will be tangling with Kindred politics, rebellious Anarchs, bitter Sabbat, and mundane thieves, there is added the elements of Infernal thieves and zealous agents.


        • 192) Something is terribly wrong with the city's Brujah population. Over the last several weeks, the kindred have begun to notice individual members of the clan are being, for lack of a better word, lobotomized. One of the Rabble goes missing, only to turn up the next night devoid of any of the fiery passion that once spurred them to action. Nobody knows the cause of this change, because those affected by it don't seem to be interested in discussing their experience with others. When pressed on the issue, they simply reply with something along the lines of having been "severed from Troile."

          Whatever the hell that means...

          Those Brujah that haven't been afflicted are getting more pissed off than they already were. They want answers, and the current suspects at the top of their list are the Tremere, who have a long history of placing curses upon those whom they feel are too problematic to be left alone. If they are behind this, could they be preparing to conduct the procedure on a mass scale?


          • 193: More of a Gehenna-ish story, but could be interesting nonetheless.

            Yellowstone's been getting...grouchy. Migratory patterns have rapidly shifted, the caldera floor has been shifting upward with several earthquakes along its rim, fissures have started to appear, ground and water temperatures have been increasing, water acidity and oxygen content have shifted causing fish die-offs, geyser eruption patterns have been massively disrupted, all outside predictable norms. It could be nothing, but it could be a sign the damn thing's on the verge of blowing once and for all.

            The park's been closed to tourists, and USGS and the parks department are monitoring the situation. No evacuations have been ordered and government sources have been saying there's no cause for immediate alarm, and how badly things have gotten has been quietly swept under the rug and discredited as little more than the typical clickbait/conspiracy theorist chatter. And, honestly, the experts are pretty divided as to what's going on.

            That is, until you ask a Gangrel. Most of the Gangrel within a few hundred mile radius of Yellowstone has up and disappeared. Outside that, even as far away as Cheyenne, Boise, SLC, and Helena, has gotten a Very Bad Feeling About This and have been complaining about a constant feeling of being watched, probed, and even mentally beckoned to Yellowstone. The stronger-willed are getting the fuck out and not looking back, and the weaker ones have gone into Yellowstone and vanished. The fewer Gangrel are in the area, the stronger and further-out the mental intrusion and beckoning becomes...and the conditions continue to worsen inside Yellowstone.

            Vampires being what they are, this has become the talk of every court and Elysium across the world. Speculation runs rampant, all the way from dismissal as mere rumor and eschatonic panic, to open discussion of that dreaded A-word. Princes, Primogen, and sheriffs aren't even trying to keep it hush-hush lest the Streisand effect takes hold, and their counterparts in the Sabbat are actually trying to keep a lid on it lest overly zealous packs stomp off to Yellowstone to go Antediluvian/Methuselah/Elder Hunting.

            It's at this point an Archon (or Priscus) decides to go investigate Yellowstone for themselves, and they need some backup...guess who gets to go. The only other people in the area are scientists, park personnel, and law enforcement, which makes for a hell of a feeding/Masquerade problem...especially when it becomes obvious other sects' investigators, and the occasional dipshit vampire looking for a lost friend or to crack the case for themselves, are there as well competing for sparse food. How the PC's navigate this particular bear trap is up to them, but other than being inside a supervolcano caldera presumably about to blow and the pervasive sense of terror and dread from that, nothing seems particularly amiss...

            ...until the first time the PC's fall into one of the superheated, acidic springs, ponds, or lakes, gets hit by a geyser or fissure, or strays too close to a fire. They discover heat, acid, even fire, only deals bashing and doesn't invoke Rotshreck. Which is weird to say the least.

            Meanwhile, the PC's and their Archon/Priscus find a Baali nest complete with organ pit. What happens, happens (probably violence), but the PC's learn some key information. The Baali believe one of the Children slept in the magma chamber beneath Yellowstone, and the Baali's presence was to watch and guard it...that is, until a lone Cainite whose physical description indicates it may be truly ancient came to them, and told them Yellowstone was not for them and to leave. Then, it disappeared and the geologic activity began, followed by the Gangrel beckoning, and shortly thereafter fire ceased to be a bane...but only within the caldera.

            What exactly is going on? It's clear something supernatural is causing the unusual geologic activity...but what? Is it a Gangrel methuselah, Ennoia itself, or perhaps something even worse? What's causing fire, acid, and heat to no longer be a vampiric bane inside the caldera? What of the lone ancient vampire, and its relation to the "something" -- is it trying to awaken, commune with, or even destroy it? Is the geologic activity signs of awakening, or battle?

            Whatever is going on, it has to be stopped before Yellowstone blows. If indeed that's even possible, and the PC's don't just have front-row seats to an extinction-level event.


            • 194) During the height of the Anarch Revolt, stories circulated among Kindred about a magical weapon. An Assamite scimitar, called Foe-Drinker. So called because of its ability to absorb the blood it sheds, mystically storing it within the blade as a blood reservoir. For vampiric wielders, its utility was inarguable, especially in the chaos of combat, when lapping up spilled blood is simply not an option. The blade stored blood for more convenient consumption. Even for mortals, though, it had utility, for it could expend blood points absorbed to fuel a Celerity 1 (or higher) effect native to the weapon, which the wielder could benefit from (usually giving them an extra attack).

              Foe-Drinker saw extensive use during the Revolt, being stolen and retrieved a dozen times over the years because of its value. During the latter stages of the conflict, it was finally lost, not to be seen again.

              Until now.

              A mortal archaeologist discovered the weapon in the Alps, inside an abandoned haven dug into the side of a mountain, once belonging to an Elder vampire. Skeletons and piles of ash filled the space, long lost to time. As was the blade. Naturally, once spies in the Camarilla caught wind of the mortal discovery of a Kindred space, efforts were made to quietly discredit the dig project and silence the crew. The archaeologist, confronted by assailants, grabbed Foe-Drinker in a panic...and because it called out to him. See, whether by design, prolonged contact with Warrior Assamites (with their old curse), or by the nature of its enchantment (as a blood-drinking sword), Foe-Drinker was not a passive weapon. It had a thirst. It NEEDED to drink blood. Foe-Drinker is a cursed magic item, driving wielders to regularly "feed" it, one way or another. When the archaeologist fled the site and flew back to his home country (either in the UK, US, or continental Europe), he carried the thirsty blade with him, which even now compels him to seek victims.

              Word of the incident has gotten out, as historians and vampires old enough to remember Foe-Drinker take notice. One way or another, the PCs become just another group of parties within the Kindred world that seeks to track the archaeologist and seize the weapon for themselves. Sabbat packs, Camarilla Archons, Assamites both schismatic and Web of Knives, True Black Hand agents, Tremere sorcerers, Anarch firebrands, serial diablerists, Infernalists, Red Listers, and others besides, all competing to claim Foe-Drinker's power. Meanwhile, the archaeologist has gone to ground, on the run from the law, the monsters chasing him, and whatever forces wished to silence him in the first place. He may seek aid from fellow antiquarians, vampire hunters, magicians, or even killers who, to his dismay, are now his peers.


              • 195) Something unusual is happening to the kindred population within the city. The number of Thin Bloods is dwindling, while both the Banu Haqim and The Ministry are seeing an influx numbers. Nobody was sure of the cause, until recently, when it was discovered both organizations have been recruiting the Thin Bloods into their ranks. Using the forbidden act of Diablerie to purge their clans of those who they feel are exhibiting a "lack of faith."

                Even if it is self cannibalism, this can not stand! Both the Anarchs and the Camarilla sitting by while two of their clans commit the biggest taboo in kindred society? But convincing one group of religious zealots to stop their ways is hard enough. Convincing two of them might just be impossible!


                • 196) For a Victorian Age Vampire campaign: the PCs are traveling across vast distances on a train. Whether they travel as passengers or "cargo" is up to them. Partway through the journey, the moving train comes under attack by some force or another. A force that is hideous, dangerous, and capable of coming going off the train as it pleases. It variably sneaks around the cars, spies at passengers through windows, and attacks people, all in hit-and-run fashion.

                  Can the PCs discover the source of the trouble, stop it, prevent a Masquerade breach, AND avoid uncomfortable questions from the mortal passengers and train staff? Further, what happens if the train is forced to stop? Or worse, gets derailed, stranding the PCs out in the countryside with no civilization in sight?

                  What's worse, the sky has chosen NOW to drop inclement weather on the region, making it harder to see or hear what's going on.

                  The truth is that the train is under assault by a group of Gargoyles, who have their sights set on a high-ranking Tremere who is also on the train. A Tremere who is guilty of having abused Gargoyles in the past, among other crimes typical for Elder vampires and blood magicians. Unfortunately, the Gargoyles don't quite know what the Tremere looks like, hence their spying and probing attacks. The Tremere, sensing danger (both visceral and to the Masquerade) has used Weather Control to drop a storm on top of the train, either rain or a blizzard (depending on season and climate), to mask the presence of the supernatural.

                  The PCs must prevent the mortal passengers from discovering that monsters exist (let alone vampires), while also keeping the Gargoyles from getting them all stranded in what very well may be Lupine country. If they discover why the Gargoyles are attacking, they could either 1) help protect the Tremere big-wig (in exchange for hefty boons), or 2) help the Gargoyles obtain their prize (in exchange for lesser boons, and maybe the satisfaction of seeing a Tremere bastard dead).

                  Possible complications include:
                  • One of the passengers is a vampire hunter, who will do everything he can to eliminate monsters on or around the train. He considers any other passengers as useless and at risk, to be kept in the dark. He is, however, familiar with common vampire tricks, and will turn on the PCs or the Tremere VIP if he catches sight of any. As far as he's concerned, no vampires can be trusted. Convincing him to collaborate against the Gargoyles (or the Tremere) will be difficult.
                  • A famed detective is on board the train, and upon the discovery of a corpse (whether made by Gargoyles, the PCs, or a coincidental mortal murderer) will lock the whole train down, as he begins his investigation. The train attendants - bowing to his authority - will attempt to enforce rules designed to keep everyone where others can see them, so "the murderer does not escape...or strike again!". Naturally, the PCs will garner suspicion from the detective and other passengers if they go running around the train and evading questions. They will certainly be suspected if they weren't registered as guests, but as "cargo".
                  • The train is forced to stop, deep in Lupine territory. By some method, said Lupines become aware of vampire presence in their lands, and converge on the train. Not only must the PCs deal with Gargoyles, the Tremere VIP, and the mortals, but werewolves as well.
                  • A mortal anarchist is caught, upon which it is discovered that he planted a time bomb somewhere on the train. While the threat of Gargoyles is ongoing, so is the threat of the train exploding, unless someone can locate the bomb.
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