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  • 135) Assuming a PC is devoted to maintaining a high Humanity, they discover that a serial killer walks the streets, and they know exactly who it is. Moreover, someone is tying the hands of the local police, preventing them from investigating him or even taking the accusation of his activities seriously. If the PC comes to know him, they discover that he's not maliciously murderous; rather, he is a slave to urges he can't control. For a vampire, the obvious solution is simply to kill him, and spare society from at least one predator in the night. But to kill in cold blood would be a transgression against the PC's Humanity - and indeed, the Storyteller should take pains not to mitigate or excuse this. It could even be argued that setting the killer up for death by another's hands would make them equally complicit, and thus would need to roll Conscience for doing so. What, if anything, will the vampire do to settle this situation?


    • 136) A ghouled cheetah escaped from his master, and is wreaking havoc. You've been tasked with hunting it down.


      • 137) A vampire owes you a favor because you gave him a ride home and a place to crash an hour before the sun. He wants to repay you by giving you information on any other vampire in the city's dirty secrets. You can use this however you like as he's a Nosferatu or Malkavian with a lot.

        138) The player character is asked by another vampire to help them in a blackmail scheme. They have photos of another Kindred doing something horrible (breaking the Masquerade, feeding on children). The vampire offers them half of a $50,000 pay off. When the Kindred ambushes them with ghouls, do the players take it to the authorities or try to up the payment?

        139) The players are asked to "take care" of a Thin Blood problem. There's six of them on the docks, chilling, and potentially violating all manner of Masquerade or worse politics. The players can kill them, blood bond them, enslave them, or educate them. Just get them taken care of before they do something stupid.

        140) The players are asked by an Elder to seduce and blood bond a young neonate who doesn't know about Blood Bonds and use them as an in to the Anarchs. The Elder will pay handsomely for this. The players can choose, instead to have her play along.

        141) The players are asked to judge a dispute between Kindred as a disinterested party. Both sides offer to briibe them. They can also screw them both over. It's a first taste of being a bastard scenario. Example: Both Kindred want this young beautiful vessel who they've been trying to seduce and blood bond as a ghoul. She's a singer at the local Kindred nightclub and very rich. The players can do it themselves.

        142) The players hack and slasher quality get political. The players are asked by a local Brujah gang of Anarchs to help them in a dust up with some Gangrel Deputies. The Gangrel then ask for the same and promise Camarilla help.

        143) A newspaper reporter contacts the players and tells them he knows they're involved in organized crime (shows them photos of meeting Kindred) but believes they're not terrible. He has evidence of a human trafficking ring and wants the help of the mob to shut it down. It's actually a local Kindred running it and the players can murder all the ghouls there guilt free. But they'll make an elder angry.

        Also, this idiot is a huge masquerade violation.

        144) The PCs are asked to straight up murder a vampire who killed a Ventrue's favorite vessel/mortal descendant. They know where he is and it's out of town so if they kill him, it's not a Blood Hunt offense. The vampire begs the PCs to let him go and offers them a bribe but you find out he's itchy and has had other frenzies in the past few months--he's got the low humanity, low self control and he's a Brujah.

        But he claims he's going to get better and maybe seek Golconda or something. What do they do?

        145) The Cathayans in the local Chinatown want to hire the PCs as consultants for dealing with Western Kindred. It pays very well but many Kindred will question whether this is a form of treason.
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        • 146) A Ventrue Ancillae asks the PCs to investigate a series of attacks on university students, which he has reason to believe are being perpetrated by kindred or kindred agents. The Ventrue's stated interest in the university is because it was his mortal Alma Mater, and is personally offended by the attacks on it. Since he's a Ventrue, of course, the PCs would be perfectly in their rights to assume this nexus of humanity - this place where so many different sorts gather - would serve as solid cover for the Ventrue's feeding restriction. If the PCs investigate and find the perpetrator - a rival Camarilla ancillae - they will learn that said rival thinks the same thing, and is probing to learn the Ventrue's secret. This creates the standard dilemma of whether the PCs will side with the Ventrue or his rival, as well as the question of what the Ventrue's feeding restriction is, and how that can be exploited.

          In truth, the Ventrue's stated reason for being interested in the university is also the true one. He in fact WAS an alumnus of the university, and guards it out of sentimentality. What's more, the question of feeding restrictions is a red herring, because he is NOT actually a Ventrue. He's a Tzimisce infiltrator, flesh-crafted to look like a freshly released Ventrue neonate over a hundred years ago. He's been feeding information to the Sabbat this whole time, and used the university as a smokescreen to keep up appearances. (Though he truly is an alumnus; both he and the Ventrue he replaced were. They knew each other in their mortal days, and knew each other well. That's why the Tzimisce was chosen to assume the Ventrue's identity in the first place.)

          However, while he continues to feed info, the Tzimisce's loyalties currently waver. After a hundred years playing a role, the Tzimisce is no longer playing; he's gone native, doing his spy work half-heartedly. Indeed, he hopes that if the PCs prove useful in this current task, he can feed them information about Sabbat agents "secretly spying on the city's Camarilla". The Tzimisce's Sabbat allies - the pack he shares a Vinculum with - are currently ignorant of the PCs; the Tzimisce has selectively told them nothing about the PCs. He will have the PCs kill the pack's ghouls, then capture and stake the pack. Not kill them - the Tzimisce cannot bring himself to order their execution - just capture and deliver to him. The Tzimisce assuages his guilt by telling himself that, if the pack are staked and in his care, they are ultimately safer than if the Camarilla discovered and destroyed them. If nothing else, he can always destroy them later, if he so chose. Best of all, even if the PCs all perish, the Sabbat pack likely won't learn anything from them, and won't realize who put out a hit. Indeed, the Tzimisce could always promise to "get more information", and then arrange to have them fall into a trap.