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  • 154) The PCs hear that the Toreador Primogen is entertaining a guest from out of town. A Brujah elder that the Toreador apparently has a long history with. Rumor has it the Toreador intends to take the Brujah on a sightseeing tour of the city. In public, no less! If the PCs follow them, they may learn what the deal is.

    Said deal, simply put, is that these two elders were once lovers - having taken a mutual blood bond in centuries past - until their relationship soured, as many do among Kindred. Recently, however, the two have reconnected, the spark having reignited when the Toreador traveled abroad, and they met by chance. If the PCs listen in on their conversations, they can get insight into their shared well as potential future plans. They want to be in closer proximity again, and so talk of one moving to the other's city. Though they have not yet decided which will make the move, and will voice concerns over "unfinished business".

    This development could provide avenue for a number of opportunities, that the PCs can exploit:
    • The PCs could offer to help "deal with" the aforementioned "unfinished business", for one or the other. Helping the Toreador could mean making significant waves in the PCs' home city, and potentially come back to haunt them later. But it would mean operating where they unlived. Helping the Brujah attend to their unfinished business, meanwhile, would require the PCs to travel abroad, entering a new city they know little about. But that also means it would be possible to disrupt that city's status quo, and then leave with fewer repercussions (though it doesn't protect them from particularly vindictive or long-reaching vampires, or the assassins they could send). Further, going to another city might open up more opportunities, such as access to different resources or the ability to network.
    • It's further possible for the PCs to help pave the way for the Brujah coming in to unlive in their city. A new elder on the block will upset a lot of apple carts. Any activity the PCs could do to smooth that transition would be appreciated by the couple, leading to potent Boons.
    • The PCs could go to the Toreador's rivals in the city, informing them of the development, and offering to spoil the couple's plans in return for Boons. Making it harder for the Brujah to immigrate, or for the Toreador to leave, or even trying to drive a wedge between them.
    • For that matter, the PCs could try to drive that wedge of their own volition, if they think stoking conflict between the elders can be leveraged for their advantage. If the Toreador is distracted fighting their lover, the PCs could chip away at their holdings, possibly even usurp their Domain. If they aid a newly antagonistic Brujah, meanwhile, they might even engineer the Toreador's demise, which would leave a power vacuum the PCs could exploit.
    • Alternatively, the PCs could make the couple believe someone is trying to split them apart, and that the culprit is another powerful Kindred in the city. If the PCs dislike this third party or would like to take their power and resources, they could trick the Toreador and Brujah into making war on them. Perhaps further trading favors with either the couple or the third party, taking Boons in return for helping that side in the war.
    • If the PCs are Sabbat, meanwhile, they could try to undermine the couple's romance for sectarian advantage. Try to figure out what lingering animosities one or the other might hold against their lover. That way, they can play off that animosity, and make them hate their lover again. Or else enticing them with the possibility of destroying their lover and claiming resources or power. When the Kindred has been "properly" motivated to hate their lover, yet be unable to bring themselves to strike against them because of their bond, move in for the kill (so to speak). The PCs tempt the Kindred with the Vaulderie, which could sever their bond and leave them free to act against the other. All while drawing into the Vinculum orbit of the Sword of Caine. Of course, if the PCs are Sabbat, they might be motivated to try committing Diablerie on one or both, regardless of any other plans.
    • If nothing else, selling the information they learn, to groups like the Nosferatu or the Setites, could garner the PCs an immediate reward. If they don't feel much like following this plot thread. Getting involved in someone else's romance can, after all, be messy and undesirable.
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    • Note: I haven't browsed through this thread in months. If an idea already posted bubbles up out of my subconscious, it's not meant as plagiarism. I apologize in advance.

      155: The pcs acquire a minor prize of some sort, such as finding a bar that's perfect for feeding, or an attorney who is skilled at making parking tickets vanish. A local elder arrives on the scene and announces, with little credibility, that the prize belonged to them all along. The elder "graciously forgives" the pcs for their unknowing trespass. Do they accept the interloper, or argue? Can they press a case for prestation, or will the court simply wave away the issue as petty? Will this small matter explode into a city-wide feud? And, why is this so important to the elder?

      156: A pc buys a used car for a great price, and it seems to run well. Things start getting weird, though. The radio turns on at odd times, playing songs which seem to comment on the current scene. The car mysteriously breaks down when driving into danger, but performs far better than the driver could manage when avoiding danger. Then it runs down a human in a crosswalk who turns out to have been a hit-man sent to kill the pc. Auspex and Thaumaturgical examination show a weak magical aura, but not strong enough to give any useful info. Is the car haunted? Cursed? A human who has been transformed into a car?

      157: In a Camarilla city, a new Sabbat pack arrives in town, a group of teenagers who were shovelheaded a few months ago. They have, against all odds, managed to survive. There's a perky cheerleader (Tzimisce) who acts as the ductus, but her idea of scary is whining loudly and setting her bichon frise on her enemies. Her athlete boyfriend (Lasombra) is the muscle, but doesn't have the stomach for real violence and just sort of pokes people with stakes. His brother is a nerdy kid (Brujah antitribu), who desperately wants this all to be a noir comic book... he wears a cape. The cheerleader's rival is a weird, artsy girl (Kiasyd) who has learned Thaumaturgy, sort of. She is really bad at it, often misaiming the effects at the wrong side. In theory, they must be destroyed, but are entirely harmless and actually kind of nice once you get past all the bluster. Besides, it's kind of fun to watch their elaborate schemes to destroy the antedeluvians fall apart hilariously. Can they be recruited to the Camarilla, or redirected back at their sires?

      158: There's a new hunter on the case! The pcs come to realize they are being tailed by an elderly lady who looks like a Sunday school teacher. If they confront her, she puts up a pathetic fight, but manages to escape. When the pcs search her home, they find she has gained proof of what the vampires are. She was taping the encounter with hidden video cameras... yes, vhs cams, not digital. She also has months of surveillance footage of local vampire activities, including extensive tapes from Elysium. She has copies of the evidence, and is on her way to her grandson, who is an aide to a high ranking politician, with ties to the security services and media. Could this little old lady really break the whole Masquerade? The Prince is furious... and terrified. He has declared a blood hunt on her, but somehow she keeps evading capture.

      159: Toreador, and other vampire music fans, are abuzz about the latest act in town. A Ravnos flautist has begun giving performances. She is a world-class virtuoso, but also uses Chimerstry to make her music supernaturally impressive. Around the time she arrived, however, local kindred became plagued by a thief. It was small items at first, like a favorite necktie, a tv remote control, or a cheap clock from their haven. Everyone assumed it was the Ravnos, but waved it off as worth it for her heavenly performances. Now, the thefts have escalated, with expensive paintings, safes full of cash, and a magical book. The Prince is tired of it all, and is considering a blood hunt against the Ravnos. Is it her, though? Or, has someone else taken the opportunity to steal what they want while there's a convenient suspect in town?

      160: There is a deeply distressed neighborhood in the city. Poverty, violence, and drugs are the order of the day. Local kindred ignore the place except as an all you can eat buffet, and a place to dump bodies. Then a new elder comes to town. She is standoff-ish and polite, but radiates power. Owing her an old life-debt, the Prince concedes the run-down neighborhood to her as Domain. In a matter of months, the neighborhood changes. Drug dealers and criminals vanish without explanation. Businesses begin opening, and landlords fix up their properties. Addiction recovery clinics and adult education programs are filled to capacity with residents improving themselves. Then it gets really weird. The residents all start wearing pleasant pastel outfits. Everyone smiles all the time, and are flawlessly polite. The streets are scrubbed into pristine cleanliness, and lawns are trimmed like putting greens. By the end of the year, it has gone from ghetto hellhole to Stepford suburb. It's perfect... too perfect. Then the ruler gets into trouble: she is rumored to have embraced a childe without permission. The pcs are sent to investigate and discover she is a Setite. Is she setting up the whole neighborhood for a fall, or is she genuinely a do-gooder? And, why are several local elders wearing those pastel suits?

      161: The Revolution won! Yay! Now it's time for a new leader. He is smart, funny, and a real handsome devil. In a session or two, all the worst problems of local kindred are solved. Then the pcs stumble upon the new leader's deep, dark secret. He is actually a Baali, and is constructing a pit for embracing new Demons. He has already tortured and slaughtered a dozen or so children, and needs a few more to complete the project. Then he will start embracing large numbers of childer, as is the prerogative of a Prince/Baron/ArchBishop. If they confront him, he claims they have it all wrong. Baali work to contain ancient evils, like the one trying to escape from its prison under the city. He needs the pit to contain the monster, and save the world. These claims seem quite credible, but, still, they can't actually allow this abomination to continue. Can they?

      162: The Prince has decided to change the rules of his city. Ghouls are far too great of a Masquerade risk in the modern age. No new ghouls may be created, and all existing ghouls must be destroyed by the next Elysium, in 7 days time. Local vampires enter a panic. Some desperately try to save their loved ones, while others regretfully kill their closest allies. Many flee the city with their ghouls. Do the pcs abide by the new rules, or do they try to hide their servants? Do they agree to help other vampires seeking a safe place to store their ghouls until the Prince can be reasoned with? And, why the sudden change in policy?


      • 163: In a small city, an hour's drive from the chronicle city, a small group of vampires have organized a Camarilla Court. The PCs' Prince asks them to visit the city and establish relations, as he received invitations to their first public Elysium. When the PCs arrive they are surprised by the local demographics. The Prince and her two childer are Lasombra. The sheriff is City Gangrel. The Keeper of Elysium is Tzimisce. The other kindred are Tzimisce, Lasombra, and a Kiasyd. They claim to be Camarilla, and seem to be obeying all the Traditions, albeit with tremendous over-population. In theory, all lines and clans are presumed to be part of the sect, yet, still... are they?

        164: Rumors of werewolf activity in the Barrens have begun to spread in local media. The Prince/Baron/Archbishop asks the PCs to investigate. Turns out a traveling Gangrel embraced and abandoned a childe. The fledgling has developed Protean up to level 4, and believes they are a werewolf. They were acting out the stories to cope with their change. The fledlging is not the sharpest fang in the smile, but now the PCs are responsible for them. If there is a Gangrel pc, even moreso.

        165: One of the PCs has a Mentor who is pleasant, polite, and always willing to help with a word of encouragement or sage advice. One night, while chatting in Elysium, the Mentor makes some outrageously racist remarks. Not surprising, really, given their age, but still... do the PCs confront the elder, and risk souring the relationship? Or, do they roll their eyes, and move on with their night?

        166: A stray cat has been hunting mice outside one of the PC's havens. A few nights later, the same cat is seen outside another PC's haven. Then it is prowling around the parking lot at Elysium. Under examination, it appears entirely normal, and yet, what is going on?

        167: A local ancilla who went missing in the 1820s has been found, in torpor, during a building rehab. If the PCs awaken him, they find he needs a great deal of bringing up to date. He also tells them he was put into torpor by an attack from the chronicle's Big Bad. It will take a long time to get him up to speed on the modern world, but on matters of kindred history, the PCs now have a Mentor.

        168: The Ventrue primogen's feeding limitation is an open secret. She only feeds from old women. One night, the PCs witness her getting mugged in a dark alley. Predictably, she overpowers the mugger. Surprisingly, she drains the young man dry, and throws his body into a dumpster. Has she intentionally misdirected everyone about her feeding preference, has it changed, or is she not actually Ventrue at all?

        169: An unremarkable vampire is caught by the Scourge, and hauled before the Prince during Elysium. Expecting yet another thin-blood, the Prince requests the Tremere to test his blood on the spot. The stranger laughs and acquiesces. The Tremere gasp, "This is a third generation vampire!", and run like hell. The stranger walks through the panic, waves at the PCs, and strolls out into the night, never to be seen again. Archons and a justicar arrive the following night to begin a purge. Witnesses begin vanishing or having all memory of the incident wiped from their minds. No one seems to be dealing with the obvious question: was it real, and if so, what the hell does it mean?

        170: A PC who has avoided contact with their family learns that a cousin they remember fondly from childhood, has died, but has no known survivors, either friends or family. It seems the cousin is slated to be buried in a pauper's grave, with no proper funeral. Does the PC organize a proper burial?

        171: One of the PCs has undergone a strange transformation. The PC's body clock has been reset to match a city on the other side of the world, causing them to be dormant during the night and active during the day. Sunlight, of course, still hurts them, but they find it difficult to stay awake with the rest of the coterie. Is it a curse, some strange disease, or just a quirk that will go away on its own?

        172: A local elder has been involved in a terrible accident. A chemical plant exploded as they were driving past. They now consist of only a badly charred skull, a spine, and the upper portion of their chest. Even their face and eyes are gone. The PCs have been asked to nurse the semi-conscious elder back to health. They must find blood to feed the elder, so they can regenerate. In the meantime, the Prince is investigating whether this was really an accident or an attack. As the elder heals, they begin to doubt their patient's identity. Is this really the elder, or the elder's killer?

        173: Someone has been killing humans. A True Brujah has developed an algorithm (partially powered by Temporis) which determines which mortals in the city will do the most harm with their remaining life. She murders them before they have a chance to do so. The PCs, of course, uncover the whole thing, but while the True Brujah is detained people whose names are on the list, do, in fact, go on to do great evil. One murders his whole family with an axe. The next attacks a kindergarten with an assault rifle. Another is raping young boys. The Trujah explains this will continue unless they allow her to continue her work. To complicate matters, she isn't omniscient and some totally innocent people are on her hit list, too. What do the PCs do?

        174: A local Malkavian is in Elysium when they suddenly stand up screaming, "The Eater! The Eater is here!" They then run into a closet and vanish, leaving their clothes behind. If the PCs aren't familiar with the Eater, a local scholar will teach them. Over the next few nights, small items disappear from the PCs. Then, a suburban development vanishes, the buildings replaced with open fields. A high-rise office building becomes an open lot. A bridge goes next. Each time, the world seems to rearrange itself so there is no sign of the objects' disappearances. No one has any memory of the missing items, except the PCs. Why? Why are they special? Is the Eater trying to communicate with them through a pattern in what he eats? (Note: this is a good hook if you know a player will be quitting the game. Their disappearance is thus explained.)


        • 175, for a Sabbat chronicle.

          After decades of ceaseless sieges, infiltration, and strategic planning between an uneasy alliance of Bishops, one of the major cities in the region has been encircled, and the Sabbat is nearly ready to strike the killing blow. Then, it happens. A nomad pack no one's heard of, consisting of vampires of no particular status or noteworthiness, and by the few accounts of infiltrators practicing ritae no Priest can attest to, shows up in the target city and just starts wrecking stuff...but scoring no key victories against the Camarilla and its vampires. Oh, they're using typical Sabbat tactics all right -- Masquerade breaches, mass Embraces, vandalism against Camarilla assets, open but ineffective confrontation -- but still, somehow, getting absolutely nowhere. The only thing it seems they're really good at is evading capture and/or Final Death.

          Making matters worse, is no attempt to contact this new pack or bring them to heel has succeeded as of yet, and their antics are pissing the Cammies off, unifying them and potentially scoring them outside aid. It's getting to the point overt activity inside the target city may make things worse, and even the Sabbat infiltrator(s) are becoming endangered by it. All the while, the Bishops and their packs are getting irritated by the development and starting to point fingers and bare fangs...not at the Cammies or this rogue pack, but at each other. Something has to be done and fast, before the Sabbat loses their momentum and collapses into infighting, giving the Camarilla an opportunity to rally and seize the offensive.

          Unbeknownst to the Sabbat, what's actually happened is the city has undergone a very quiet change in leadership. The Prince was recalled and replaced (for the time being) by a Nosferatu, with the full knowledge and consent of involved Justicars. The Nosferatu, an ancilla with extensive experience and education in psychological and political warfare who was a CIA operations officer in life, was installed with a single directive: destabilize the Sabbat alliance, and manipulate them into turning on each other to create opportunities for the Camarilla to strike back. The Nosferatu decided the best way to achieve this goal, and through means the Sabbat would not expect and to which they would be most vulnerable, would be to start false-flagging their own city.

          Thus, they organized a pack of Anarchs from outside the city, offering them a wealth of boons and opportunities for sanctioned diablerie to come into the city and masquerade as Sabbat, being dangerous enough to unify the city's Kindred but not so dangerous so as to potentially weaken and destabilize its capability to defend itself in a siege. So far, the psyops campaign has proven exceptionally effective, especially since the Nosferatu "Prince" has been able to direct "their" city in a full-blown crusade against the pack, surreptitiously sabotaging the Camarilla's blood hunt efforts all the while.

          Even if the Sabbat PC's learn this information, what the hell can do they do with it? Sabbat-on-"Sabbat" violence in a Camarilla city is all but guaranteed to turn the Bishops against one another, and the only way to verify the story would be to infiltrate the city, capture and retrieve the "pack" without triggering an overt, violent, confrontation. The only real way to deal with the "rogue nomad pack" overly would be to prematurely launch the siege in the face of a newly-unified opposition. If the Sabbat made claims they're being false-flagged, with or without proof, not only would the claims not be trusted, they'd be made a laughingstock for it. Attempts to leak the truth to individual Cams would be written off as recruitment attempts at best, and at worse disinformation tailored to destabilize the city at worst.


          • 176: The Camarilla PCs stumble across a scandal that could rock the Sabbat in a nearby city. Their Archbishop, who poses as a heartless monster, never quite moved on from his breathing days as a pious Christian. He is a Cleaver on the Path of Humanity who keeps a secret family in the Camarilla city. There's a loving wife, three beautiful (if unruly) step-children, and a dog that thumps his tail when the "Butcher Bishop" pulls into the driveway in the hour before dawn. It's all very sweet, yet it is a tremendous vulnerability for the Sabbat. What do the PCs do?

            177: The Malkavian primogen has been... "forgottened". Everyone agrees that there is a Malkavian primogen, as their votes are registered in the records of the city. They have holdings, and childer, and rivals, and all the usual things one expects from a Camarilla elder, and yet... no one can remember the primogen's face or name. Most seem to recall it was a male, and yet... maybe, not, since there was long, or maybe just silky, hair. Are they tall-ish, or... maybe heavy? Once in a while, after the Primogen has left the room, there is a slight smell. Like burning chicory. Or pipe smoke, maybe. Could it be burnt toast? Everyone remembers that the Primogen takes positions, and expresses opinions. They even are recalled to have given a great speech once when Lupines were attacking and a counter-attack was necessary, and, yet... no one can remember what was said. Sometimes, the primogen's face is right there, just out of the pcs peripheral vision, then it's gone. The primogen could be anyone. Maybe the homeless guy you just past, or the girl at the bookstore, or the guy in the next car at the stoplight... Maybe it's even one of the PCs...

            178: Dozens of innocent young women have been kidnapped and tortured by a local Baali, who plans to sacrifice them at the full moon in two night's time. One of the women is a Touchstone of a PC. The coterie has tracked the Baali, and prepare to force him to tell them where he is keeping the women, so they can be rescued. Small hiccup, though, the Baali has been detained by the Sabbat Inquisition who are about to destroy him. If they do, the women will die a long and agonizing death in whatever holding cell they are hidden in. The PCs find themselves having to rescue a Baali serial killer.


            • 179) When the PCs first show up at Elysium, they are approached by a Kindred who wears a medical face mask. She is a Nagaraja, and due to favors she's done for a few powerful Kindred in the area, she has been allowed to stick around despite her...unique dietary requirements. Speaking of, she hands the PCs a card, with an address and phone number. Telling them that if they ever need to dispose of a body, there's a dumpster out back they can deposit it in. She sees it as a public service (to vampires, at least). The dumpster is locked by a combination, which they get by calling the number (because the combination changes regularly, for security purposes). She doesn't advertise this, but the dumpster is also being watched, both by a clearly visible surveillance camera and by a not-so-visible wraith servant. Just so she can keep track of who has used the dumpster.

              It's very likely the PCs will go a long time between receiving this information and actually needing to act on it. Maybe it's a botched feeding or a purposeful murder, but the PCs have a cadaver on their hands, and knowledge of how to make it "disappear". So they bring the corpse over, get texted that night's combination, and open the dumpster...

              ...and find one of their Ghouls, friends, or loved ones inside, thoroughly deceased. Or, if the Storyteller is being less punitive, they're merely beaten, tied up, barely conscious, and mind-wiped into not knowing who attacked them.

              Whichever is the case, one or more of the PCs has been hit where they unlive, so to speak. Now, the dumpster is watched by a camera (and a wraith), so the PCs might as the Nagaraja to show them the tapes. She will refuse, citing "client confidentiality".

              Do the PCs try to make a deal with the Nagaraja (it would be a difficult Persuasion roll, and require a heavy favor done in return)? Do they try to bust into the property, in the hopes of finding the recording equipment the camera is attached to (potentially coming under attack by zombies and wraiths, and royally angering the Nagaraja)? Or do the PCs have some way to know that a wraith is around and witnessing the activity, and have some way to convince/force it to divulge all it knows? Or will the try to circumvent the Nagaraja altogether, and attempt to examine the area and their loved ones/ghouls for clues?


              • 180) After a particularly confusing and embarrassing series of Prestation-related incidents, the Prince formally stripped the local Harpies of their status (and Status). Considering them utter failures, for the botched maintenance of the city's Boon economy. As such, the Prince has assigned a local Nosferatu Ancillae as Chancellor, a title employed in exceedingly formal Camarilla domains to keep track of Prestation. Not the informal affair of a Harpy, but in the manner of itemized records of Boons and Debts. This Nosferatu was recognized as being well-informed of the city's residents and of their deal-making.

                Just one hitch: the Nosferatu is secretly a Tal'Mahe'Ra infiltrator. He knows as much as he does because it's his job to understand everything about the domain. How else is he supposed to spy for the True Black Hand? As such, he has a vested interest in using his Chancellor position to interpret Prestation in a manner most convenient for the Tal'Mahe'Ra; since the Chancellor can decide whether a debt is paid or not, he can nudge things in favor of whatever he sees fit.
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                • 181) Several of the Prince's important ghouls were injured in a Sabbat raid recently. The incident was too public for the Prince to just juice them up with Vitae and have them healed that way. They'll have to leave the hospital the old fashioned way.

                  A prospect that may prove difficult, as the hospital in question has come the control of a Tzimisce vampire. A Tzimisce who, in contrast to his more overtly violent sect-mates, is content to just hold the ghouls hostage. After a fashion, at least. The Tzimisce has agents within the hospital - doctors, nurses, janitorial staff, even patients - that are in place to affect the ghouls' medical care, or even eliminate them if necessary. The Tzimisce has made this much clear to the Prince, demanding concessions in return for their safety.

                  Assuming the PCs are sufficiently unknown to the Sabbat, the Prince conscripts them to solve this problem. To find which hospital regulars have been compromised, and either take them down or claim control of them. If the PCs can trace the Tzimisce back to his haven and capture him, dead or unalive, all the better. Further, since whatever Camarilla Kindred (if any) controlled the hospital originally are presumably without power or deceased, the PCs could stand to gain the hospital itself as Domain.

                  It's worth remembering that those who serve the Tzimisce are just regular people. Some of them ghouls, some Dominated, some bribed, and some intimidated. But all are or were normal folk. Doctors and nurses who got into the business to help people. Grunt workers trying to make ends meet. Sick and injured patients, who struggle through pain and financial burdens. Do not allow the PCs to avoid the ethical implications of their actions in relation to these people, in any case.
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                  • 182) The Malkavian Primogen calls upon the PCs, looking for a favor. He asks that they come to his Haven, and to do so post-haste. Preferably while also bringing a human vessel.

                    When the PCs arrive, they wander around the Primogen's manor, until they find him wandering the halls in a daze. He informs them that something in his madness has gone wrong (or more wrong than usual), and he's "trapped in a waking daymare", unable to leave his Haven because he's become lost in twisting hallways. Even his ghouls are affected, and he lost track of them somewhere in the manor. He figured if non-Malkavians show up, they can lead him out, and hopefully this will dispel the maze-madness. Indeed, if one of the PCs is a Malkavian, she will have experienced the hallucinations and disorientation herself, and would need the PCs to guide her inside.

                    Unfortunately, as the PCs try to leave, they'll discover that the hallways have changed. Soon they, too, will experience disorientation and hallucination, the environment shifting into a strange and surreal landscape, that they could very well get lost in. As it turns out, the madness of the manor seeps into the mind of anyone on the property. Malkavians and their ghouls simply experience it first. Further, the madness drudges up figments and phantoms from within the minds of everyone trapped. Apparitions of hopes, regrets, and traumas, that can inflict damage that certainly feels real.

                    The PCs will have to find their way out, and hopefully locate whatever is inflicting the maze-madness on the property. All while being hunted by their worst fears.

                    (Spoilers: It isn't the Malkavian Primogen causing it. But don't advertise this fact. If the PCs want to kill the Primogen in hopes of stopping the madness, let them. Afterward, they'll be both trapped and guilty of breaking the Traditions.)
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                    • 183) Word on the street is that the Sabbat are preparing to mobilize a Black Hand death squad, with the intention of snatching up as much territory in the city as possible. Even if they can't outright seize the property, the mass property damage they would inflict upon the district would see it reduced to a breeding ground of warring gangs and impoverished citizens. This alone would be cause for alarm. But what is more concerning is that the Sabbat have become uncharacteristically subtle in regards to combating the Camarilla. This particular squad, if the rumors are true, is composed of Nosferatu, Toreador, and even Ventrue antitribu. All of whom will be lending their unique talents to ensuring the raid is carried out successfully!

                      Nosferatu = Hacking the city's electrical and surveillance grid systems. Spreading chaos and confusion wherever the Sabbat needs them to.

                      Toreador = Keeping the public distracted with false information and gossip mongering, while the death squad carries out its business.

                      Ventrue = Using their wealth and influence to secure funds and resources for the operation.
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                      • 184) A couple hundred years ago, a Toreador Elder fell in love with a mortal, and started a whirlwind romance. She painted her paramour a hundred times, the two growing very close. In time, the Toreador took her as a childe, and all was good.

                        As is often the case, it was not to last. Was it the added element of the parental to the romantic in their romance? Was it the disparity in ages, that caused the gulf to grow? Did they merely grow over-familiar with each other, that familiarity breeding contempt? Perhaps it was political. Whatever the case, they had a heated argument. Cutting words were exchanged. The childe stormed out. The sire, enraged, took a knife to scores of paintings that bore her childe's face.

                        All except for one. With her frenzy spent, the Elder could not bring herself to destroy it.

                        In the coming nights, when the childe had openly joined the Anarchs and moved to a different city, the Elder sulked. She couldn't stand to look at the last painting anymore, but didn't have the energy to destroy it. She unceremoniously handed it to a Malkavian, who accepted it in that nonplussed, vaguely bewildered sort of way to which the city's Kindred were accustomed. The Toreador just wanted it gone, and she didn't care how. Not at the time.

                        By and by, her Anarch childe did what many Anarchs do: Die. For a span of years, the Elder simply sat on her feelings. It was an old wound. Recently, she could no longer keep it down. That most onerous of feelings all too familiar to Kindred and Kine alike: Regret.

                        She wants the painting back. But that Malkavian who accepted it disappeared decades ago. Vanished to parts unknown, if indeed he still yet unlives. Does the painting survive? She holds out hope that it does. She'll pay handsomely for its return.


                        • 185) Whether by the hands of PCs or NPCs, a coven of Baali were wiped out in the city, following a string of diabolic atrocities. All except for one, who took several months to lie low. Now he's back, and he's taken a different tactic.

                          He's decided to reconstitute the Baali's foothold in the city...with children. Yes, children.

                          First, he tempted various pre-teens and teenagers into joining a demonic cult. Mostly targeting the usual sorts. The socially awkward. The isolated. The disaffected. The rebellious. The desperate. The abused. Whether out of a desire for power, community, or even just a bit of taboo fun, he singled them out and assembled them. Coaxing them into engaging in rituals. Seemingly innocent rounds of light blasphemy, at first, so as to ease the children into Infernalism as a lifestyle. As it went on, adding instances of animal sacrifice and destruction of property.

                          Next, once he'd got the youths hooked (and coerced any that thought of getting cold feet into staying), he singled out the cultists who showed the most promise and commitment to the cause. These, he embraced as Baali. To limit the degree of harm that could come back to himself, he's always appeared to the children in a variety of illusory forms and faces, never revealing his true visage. Anyway, with the childer newly blooded, he's stepped up his game. Making the cultists do increasingly awful rituals. They have pledged themselves to the Baali's demonic master in word. Soon, he will have them meet the fiend in person, through a summoning rite. There, he will have the children pledge their very souls. Those who refuse or cannot stand the summoning will, naturally, be fed to either the demon or the vampiric cultists.

                          It will likely be once the Baali fledglings start hunting for themselves that the PCs will become involved. Investigating the presence of vampire children. If the city is Camarilla, the Prince and Primogen will prefer that these unsanctioned Embraces be terminated, especially to protect the Masquerade. If the city is held by Sabbat, they will be more accepting of child vampires, but still want them suborned to the Sword of Caine (for their own good). At least until they realize they are Infernalists, at which point destruction is the only answer. Only an Anarch controlled city will balk at the killing of innocents; nonetheless, there will be voices in the Movement who would call for their capture or destruction, for their collective safety.

                          In any event, it should be stressed to the players that these Baali are still children, as are the mortal cultists. The possibility of Humanity loss should hang over the PCs at all times, as they are left with a practical and moral quandary. Can they stop the children from being embroiled in the summoning ritual, and save their souls? Will saving their souls require them to die? Would they need to die regardless, for the sake of removing Infernal blight from the world? Can the PCs bring themselves to do the deed? Is there an alternative? Do the Embraced children even want to be "saved"?

                          To complicate matters, the moment the ruling sect realizes the children are an Infernalist threat, experts in the matter will be called in. The Camarilla will invite the Josians, while the Sabbat's Inquisition will arrive whether the local Bishops like it or not. They will see no moral quandary here. Only more Infernal taint, to be expunged with all haste. Can the PCs find and deal with the cult in their own way, before that happens?


                          • 186) A Sabbat city has effectively fallen to Camarilla forces, with Cam Elders arriving and carving the burg up between them. Only a single pack remains, stubbornly refusing to cede their last foothold. Calling other Sabbat packs to bolster them is a dicey proposition at the best of times, but currently no assistance is forthcoming. Either because of the Fourth Civil War or the onset of the Middle Eastern Crusade, no one is going to come running to a city already deemed lost.

                            To prevent themselves from being cornered and destroyed, the Sabbat's resident Tzimisce gives the entire pack new faces. They proceed to present themselves to the acting Prince as "newly arrived Anarchs". Eager (by "Anarch" standards, at least) to aid the Prince in consolidating power, in return for being permitted to "settle" in the city. The PCs are likely to also be new arrivals (if they aren't the Sabbat pack themselves), so their presence isn't considered overly strange. Not with other Anarchs flooding in, either having been part of the take-over, or interested in securing holdings while the balance of power is in flux.

                            Moreover, the acting Prince is overly concerned with his position. An Ancillae, the acting Prince was part of the spearhead to push the Sabbat out and claim the city. Naturally, he's fearful that some Elder - or multiple ones - will rush in during the trying times and assume control. Claiming "right of age", or something like that. Ergo, the acting Prince is desperate to gain support, and reinforce his claim to power. Even if that means calling upon the aid of the young. Moreover, establishing ties with the Neonates and Anarchs (and "Anarchs") could serve as a fallback, in case the Camarilla would insist on ousting him. He's prepared to assume the title of Baron if he must.

                            Each of the newly arrived Elders and Ancillae have their own ambitions, and eye the burg hungrily. Each will make what deals they must to benefit themselves, if they receive the right offer.

                            Lastly, the Sabbat pack is keeping an eye on events in their native sect. The possibility of all-out civil war, or of a crusade in the Holy Land that might end badly for the Sword of Caine, has them on edge. The pack will need to decide if they can successfully orchestrate the downfall of the new Camarilla domain...or if it might be wiser to dig in and settle into their new positions in the Anarchs on a more...permanent basis.


                            • 187) The PCs wake up one evening to find themselves placed inside coffins and buried. Their first task is simply getting out. It could be as easy as using a cellphone and getting someone (like a Ghoul, Retainer, Ally, or even a called favor from another vampire) to dig them out. Assuming, of course, the Storyteller lets them have their cellphones on them. If not, it could be as difficult as busting through the coffins and digging their own way out. Luckily, only one of them need succeed, and they can unearth the others.

                              The second task, obviously, involves figuring out who did it, how they got into their havens without notice, and, most importantly, what horrible things the PCs will do for revenge.

                              There is, however, a hitch. Before this happens, the Storyteller should take one of the players aside for a little...special tasks. Because, sooner or later, the PCs will realize that one of their number is actually an impostor. A look-alike planted in the party, using the burial to sneak into the coterie. The double might be flesh-crafted or merely high Obfuscate (to circumvent Auspex), or it could be more esoteric, like a shape-shifting fae being, a robot double, or the original PC's long lost twin. It depends on how easy or strange the Storyteller wants to make the plot.

                              From here, the PCs are given even more questions. Why did the doppelganger want to get close to the PCs? Did the double pull this plan off themselves, or is it on someone else's orders? Is the switch related to the burials, or did two uncoordinated plans collide? Where is their real coterie-mate?


                              • 188) A Camarilla city has come under siege by Sabbat forces. But, like many Sabbat crusades, this one is fairly disorganized, the call having gone out for recruits and disparate packs answering in their own fashion. Currently, the forces are divided along faction lines between three groups: Ultra-Conservatives (the main organizing body, that presumes to command the siege), multiple loosely allied packs of Loyalists (who think that organization is stupid, and want to pursue the siege in an unstructured way), and a smattering of packs who - in lieu of any other identifier - fall under the Moderates by default (they just came to do they own thing).

                                Naturally, the Ultra-Conservatives and the Loyalists do not see eye to eye, on principle. Multiple Ultra-Conservatives have plans to establish themselves as Bishops and Archbishops when the siege is successful. The Loyalists object to the idea of placing another entrenched power structure. Even before the idea of victory is discussed, however, the Sword of Caine must oust the Camarilla, and even on this the factions disagree. Mostly because the Ultra-Conservatives started issuing battle plans as soon as they arrived, which the Loyalists ignore simply to be contrarian...well, that and because the Loyalists think the Ultra-Conservatives are deciding lines of attack with their own profit in mind. That the Ultra-Conservatives choose targets based on how valuable they would be to claim for one budding Bishop or another. Rather than due to any sort of tactical value, or its ability to ultimately dislodge Camarilla power once and for all. Every Loyalist pack has its own targets in mind, and think a scatter-shot approach to wipe the board completely of Camarilla is the most sensible. Ultra-Conservatives retort that they have all the tactical information, and the Loyalists don't know what they're talking about.

                                Suffice to say the two groups are intractable, which can hurt the war effort in the long run. The Moderates, meanwhile, are on the fence, each pack either making short forays into the city or waiting around for orders/targets. As such, if the siege is going to have any chance of succeeding, it's likely that someone will need to win the support of these Moderates for one or the other big factions. It might lead to one side being wiped or driven out, or merely pressured into acquiescence by strength of numbers.

                                Which is where the PCs come in:
                                • If the PCs are Sabbat, they probably want to ensure that the siege is successful and everyone being on the same page. Or at least to break the paralysis and get the siege moving. They can attempt to drum up support for either Ultra-Conservatives or Loyalists (both parties will have much to offer the PC pack for their aid, if mere philosophy or tactics doesn't interest them). They could try to be diplomatic, getting the two groups to come to a compromise for the sake of the crusade. The PCs could try winning the Moderates over to their own side, taking the reigns of the siege for themselves. If one or more PCs have, let's say, flexible loyalties, they could even spy on the different camps and packs, and sell the Sabbat forces out to the Camarilla (or other group, like the Giovanni or Setites), in return for rewards and/or a place in those groups.
                                • If the PCs are Camarilla or Anarch, they may be interested in stopping the siege...or exploiting it to their advantage. Since the Sabbat forces are largely from out of town, all but the most well-informed Ultra-Conservatives will be ignorant of the PCs. As such, they could try pretending to be a Sabbat pack, and manipulate the Sabbat's internal politics for their own ends. Spying on Sabbat forces alone could net the PCs Boons from the Prince and Primogen. As could steering the situation towards the benefit of one or more parties in the present power structure. If the PCs are persuasive, they could stoke conflicts between Loyalists and Ultra-Conservatives, in order to sabotage the war effort. Get them to fight each other so much they become easy pickings for the Camarilla. It may even be possible to convince some Moderate packs to abandon the Sabbat entirely and join the Anarchs (joining the Camarilla is nigh impossible, though not out of the question).
                                • PCs from Independent Clans or groups like the Tal'Mahe'Ra can gain a great deal of opportunity from exploiting the siege to their advantage. As such, most of the above options to approach the situation can apply, to one degree or another. With the added bonus that the PCs may want to stoke tensions between Camarilla and Sabbat, in order for their own group to sweep in when the chaos subsides and all survivors are weakened. Those PCs looking for more vampiric power could also commit Diablerie on powerful elders (on both sides), using the chaos as cover for their crimes.