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How many forms with Shape of the Beast?

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  • How many forms with Shape of the Beast?

    Hi Forum, nice to meet you.

    Quick question: Do I get a Fight- AND a Flight-form with Shape of the Beast or only one of them? Because my GM said I would have to buy Protean 4 AGAIN for 15XP if I want the other form as well. I kind of see where he is coming from, as it says "... the legendary ability
    to transform into a wolf OR bat
    ." But I'm not sure if that's right. It is not stated anywhere that i can/should buy disciplines levels multiple times. So I'm confused.

    Thanks for you help.

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    I've always understood you had both of them, and buying the same level multiple times (even when you have alternate powers) is something I have seen only as a house rule.


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      I could have sworn it was stated somewhere (I think in connection to City Gangrel) you get one fight and one flight form (flight as in fleeing, not necessarily flying)


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        Yes, it says Wolf OR Bat because you can only transform into one of them at a time. When you purchase level 4 you get 1 form for each flight and fight (always bat/wolf for none Gangrel).


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          Sounds like the GM is getting their wires crossed with Requiem 1st edition. You only get one or the other there, and can buy extra forms for 3 xp each.


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            Thank you for your quick response. It's possible that my GM mixed things up, as we were playing Requiem beforehand.

            I have follow-up questions regarding Shape of the Beast. (I'm not sure if I should open a new thread or if it's okay to continue here. So I'll post it here. Please inform me if I was wrong.)

            It is stated that it costs 1 blood point to assume the desired shape (, either fight or flight). This requires three turns, but can be accelerated by spending blood. The new form is maintained until dawn or until the vampire decides to change back.

            Do I have to spend 1 blood point to change back at dawn? Or only if I change back before? Or not at all, because changing back is for free?
            Does it take three turns to change back or is it instantaneous? Can I speed this up as well with spending more blood?
            (For example: Can I fly around as a bat, then change back to human form in midair in order to crash-land on my enemy?)

            And what happens to my stuff? Do I leave it behind when I transform. And wherever I go, I would be naked there? Or is it like an "Extended Aura" thing, where my stuff gets transformed as well? I think I remember somehting from Werewolf: the Forsaken where you have to buy an extra power in order to keep your stuff.

            I ask so many questions, because I want to make things right. Transforming into a wolf is pretty cool, but not if I am trapped in my own cloths after transforming.

            Now that I think about it, ... my stuff (cloth, cell phone, stake) also earthmelts alongside of me. At least that's how we played until now. Could one argue that it should be the same with Shape of the Beast?


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              There's no cost to turn back into human shape from animal shape. The power itself does not say how long the transformation back takes, so decide for yourself. I'd say 3 turns, since that's what the base transformation takes.

              In V20, there is no mention at all of what happens to your clothing and carried items when using Protean 3, 4 or 5. Obtenebration and Vicissitude 5 also make no mention of what happens to your stuff. Serpentis 4, though, does specifically say that clothing and small carried items transform along with you. So you're safe assuming that the same logic should apply to the other shapeshifting powers.

              Clanbook: Gangrel Revised goes into much more detail on Protean 4 and makes it explicitly clear that learning Protean 4 gives you both a Fight and Flight form.

              I'm a professor! Why is no one listening to me?!


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                Originally posted by Telgar View Post
                Clanbook: Gangrel Revised goes into much more detail on Protean 4 and makes it explicitly clear that learning Protean 4 gives you both a Fight and Flight form.
                You this version of Protean 4 is anyway much better than the Standart version. It gives a bonus on your physical attributes, what makes the Fight form much better (I really don't understandy why they didn't used this updated Version of the power for V20). The with the normal version you are probaly a better fighter with just Protean 2 and some body armor.


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                  How does the stats work in V20? It does say that you get easier perception rolls and +1 agg dmg but is that it? It feels pretty weak compared to the gangrel lore book which gives you that + increased attribute stats by 5.. Am I getting something wrong?