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    Originally posted by Lys View Post

    It makes perfect sense that the Toreador would surround themselves with great beauty on account of their flaw. Remember that their fugues are triggered by exceptional beauty, but what is exceptional is entirely dependent on context. By regularly experiencing great beauty Toreador shift thier normal context and make the remarkable seem commonplace. They become jaded such that fewer things stand out to them as truly astounding. Eschewing the arts and beauty wouldn't mitigate the flaw, it would make them more susceptible to it. If all a Toreador sees is mediocrity and mundanity, then sight of anything beautiful will seem grandiose by comparison and hold them utterly entranced. It's like how Wax Fang's The Majestic goes,

    "A sight for sore eyes to the blind would be awful majestic
    It would be the most beautiful thing that they ever had seen
    It would cause such surprise it would make all of their minds electric

    How could anyone tell them that some things are not what they seem?"

    You can't avoid beauty, it's everywhere, and the more you try the more vulnerable you are to it. The safest thing to do is to become inured to it, to let yourself become so used to the merely exceptional that it takes the truly astonishing to move you. That is the tragedy of the Toreador, their own personal horror. They have to become jaded and critical, to learn to see smallest of flaws in things, to nitpick and dismiss everything around them until there is very little left that brings them true joy and satisfaction. Because it is in those moments of true joy that they are most vulnerable. So Toreador Clan culture is all about building up tolerance to their own weakness by feeding it with abandon until it chokes on itself. Which is why they tend to become a bickering bunch of bitter cavillous harridans.
    This is beautiful. Fitting.


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      I run the toreador flaw as an addiction. Toreador who don't get their "hit" of beauty are miserable retches and need to spend willpower to function. However you can't keep using the same hit, so it drives them to create further and further.. until they just can't live up to it and burn out. It also drives Toreador to stay close to humanity to find new hits for the drug of art.