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    Originally posted by Perpetr8r View Post
    The ravnos, the tremere, and the gangrel are my faves. I do like the ventrue because she is just amusing to read. And the nosferatu is interesting
    The Venture is the one I'm most likely to use.

    Followed by the Toreador.


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      Sounds pretty interesting, gonna check it out an catch myself a copy i guess.

      Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post
      The characters all very much feel like Post-Revised which is trying a little too hard to be serious in my opinion. I generally prefer my vampires to be a little bit exaggerated in their behavior so my favorite of the 13 were the Scottish Giovanni football couch (which I will have far too much fun doing the outrageous accent of--based on my grandfather no less), the MMA fighter killed in the ring by the Sabbat.
      It might be coincidence or not, but the second one makes me think of a Diablo Verde of the new millenium. Either way, as one who has written such npc concepts as "Malkavian hobo guardian", "Toreador vigilante cop" and "Ventrue cosplay idol/internet personality" among others, i quite approve.


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        Can we talk about D.Z (The Tzimisce) Eyes? I mean,he's in the Path Of The Feral Heart ,but he looks so harmless!