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  • What are your greatest moments?

    What are the moments that you play vampire for? What moments have you witnessed that make your work as a player or storyteller worthwhile?
    ​I'm just curious, trying to drum up conversation, and looking for a general consensus of what makes a good vampire chronicle.

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    In general for me its the making of a plan and successful execution of said plan for what ever goal I or the group have.

    One game I leaked false info to a vampire gang leader on the location of a staked low generation vampire, trapped him in a vault and starved him into torpor. The rest of the group never found out till the game finished and the GM told them.


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      When one of my human PCs killed five Black Spiral Dancers in one turn while dual wielding two Uzis filled with silver ammunition. She ambushed them, rolled a perfect success on the attack, and rolled perfect damage on each hit. And they were in Crinos form. In 25 years of gaming, it has been the single best feat in all of my games, and the character had no supernatural abilities.


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        I played a Sorcerer/Ghoul in the Giovanni Chronicles 4. He was basically a Tom Hagen knockoff from the Godfather, who was the whipping boy/lover/lawyer for Andreas throughout the course of the Chronicle. Due to his Sorcerer abilities, he was never going to get the embrace, and he took the abuse from all the other Giovanni who knew this. After years of play and tons of XP, my character and the one remaining other ghoul get arrested and put on trial. Due to his spells and some wraithly help, and an amazing hour long back and forth with Storyteller playing he FBI agent framing the characters that had everyone else at the table cheering, both characters were acquitted, the FBI agent got arrested, the prosecuting attorney got referred to the ethics committee, and there were high fives around the table at the conclusion.

        It was the most intense and fun RP back and forth I've ever had, the dice rolls went my way, and the defense that my character put on was an amalgamation of Perry Mason, the "Did you order the Code Red?" from A Few Good Men, and Johnny Cochran's famed Chewbacca defense, although since Star Wars had not been released at that point, it became the Spock defense.

        How did it go from there? My character sold out the Giovanni in exchange for the embrace from one of the Elders who set the two ghouls up to begin with. He didn't know their clans when he was negotiating with them, and didn't know much about Kindred other than the Giovanni anyway. He was embraced by a Malkavian...
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          One thing that I remember is that a Tremere with just a sword and some nice rolling, held of a Tzimisce elder in war form for three or four round before the rest of the team could arrive and defeat the elder.


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            Some of them are cool, some of them are funny, some of them are super-angsty.

            A group of Kindred charged with solving the murder of the Prince's childe, unable to figure it out, deciding who in the court to frame for it.

            A forcibly Embraced vampire staking his sire and leaving him for his worst enemy.

            A character going out to die for the anarch cause.

            A vampire investigating a murder finding the bucket of drained blood in the coroner's office, quietly locking the door and drinking it. She didn't even have a low blood pool.

            A character talking her only real friend down from watching a sunrise.

            Craig Oxbrow
            The Trinity Continuum freelancer


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              Painful, angsty, tragic moments. The kind of moments that prevent you from sleeping and makes you glad it didn't happen for real...the more terrible these moments are, the more I know I'm doing good.
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                As a storyteller and someone who hasn't played VtM too much, what I look for is when the players go "oh shit" in surprise of a turn in the story or a revelation. I guess I also like it when I get the sense the players realize they are part of creating the story too.

                Also when you see players realize the visions for your game and they feel just as vested as you do.

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                  For me it's the moments that make me cry or cheer or any huge emotion. Huge revelations that the ST drops on us, or another character admits to. It's so much fun being in the middle of a mystery abd making discoveries in character.


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                    As a ST its the "what just happened" moments. I had a Player playing a Garou who started as a Lost Cub. While learning about the supernatural world he has entered he gets caught by DNA. They tooom several blood samples. Later, much later, the group have to deal with the Player's clone who killed,the mayor of Chicago. Then much later the group find out that the Technocracy had the sample and started mass production cloning the Player.

                    In another scenerio a Player was a Silver Fang, and was actually mystically summoned by a Shidhe to be his Champion as a Pooka Unseelie was trying to usurp the Court. The climax was the Silver Fang and Pooka sword fighting on a moving roller coast in Six Flags


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                      Magic moment when my Brujah tried to recruit his first ghoul... by picking an almost random guy (he needed someone who could speak english, greek, and ancient greek) in a university, then blowing the Masquerade when the human discovered his gun in the car and started to freak out, then didn't believe him that he was a vampire, then believed him because Celerity, then freaked out, then went "ooooooooh" when the Brujah told him he needed him to talk with the REAL Menelas.

                      And that's how the Masquerade was saved. Because some random ghoul was nerdy enough for his nerdiness to overid the "OMG YOU ARE A VAMPIRE" moment.


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                        I played in a chronicle were we were a Sabbat pack sent to infiltrate and take over a city with no support, in game it went on for years with a few torpor breaks. The best part was the way we kept accidentally killing the Sheriffs.

                        First Sheriff we setup an ambush for, without knowing it was the Sheriff coming (we thought some Brujah punks would be visiting this warehouse). He was this former gunslinger with lots of Celerity. Our Malkavian assassin rolled exceptionally well and managed to throw a stake into his chest and stake him before he could react, otherwise we'd have died.

                        Second Sheriff had his head chopped off when part of the pack crashed a gallery opening they heard some Toreador would be out. Turns out it was the Toreador Primogen with his childe he was in love with at the gallery opening, and a few other notables. Our Lasombra knight took the Sheriff's head without knowing who he was in a desperate bid to survive. They ended up killing the Primogen's childe as well, which led to endless Summoning, so we had to stake and bury the members of the pack the Primogen had encountered at the gallery for a year or so.

                        Last Sheriff died the night they were being given the position at an Elysium gathering at the Prince's estate. The pack stumbled upon the estate and knew there were some important Licks inside. They happened to have some TNT they'd salvaged from the Nosferatu warrens they'd cleared out earlier. Our Gangel used Animalism to have some birds fly it up to the chimney and drop it in. Turns out the new Sheriff was standing near the fireplace when it exploded.

                        The pack managed to kill the Prince that night, and he was really pissed about both his house being blown up, and and another Sheriff dying.


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                          Looking back on the greatest moments of my PCs in White Wolf games I would have to pick the following.

                          I was in the military at the time, as was everyone in the group, and had just come back from a thirty day training exercise, or what we called "The Field". When I left we were playing Vampire. My first session back they tell me we're playing Mage now and they hand me the core book and the player's guide with X number of experience points to spend to make me equal to the group. They had been playing almost non-stop the entire time I was gone so they had accrued a ton of XP and had a solid story going. Not wanting to miss out on the fun I hurriedly spend my points and start filling in circles so I can get in the game without reading the rules or really knowing exactly what Mage was or how it fundamentally worked.

                          So the group is looking for some guy that had been captured by the Technocracy and was being held in a high security base that I think was a Horizon Realm stronghold. The group was debating how they were going to break in and get back out again. I didn't understand what they were talking about because if you 'll recall, I hadn't read the darn books yet. So I tell the Storyteller that I walk up to the door and ring the door bell. I was operating under the assumption that this was a "normal place", little did I know, and the other players freak out but the Storyteller demands silence from the group because he wanted to see the Paradox show that was about to begin.

                          Well I used some Life 3 effect on the doorman and then proceed to use Correspondence 4 (along with Mind 2) to begin teleporting around the Technocracy stronghold looking for this guy. The Storyteller began asking for dice rolls naturally and all eyes were on me. It took a while but I managed to find the guy we were looking for and teleport him out with nary a fuss. I was on fire that night and made every roll! The Technocracy was like "Who IS this guy?!" When I got back to the group the one of the players made a bomb and dared me to go back in to place it. I shrugged, picked up the bomb, and went back in to do it all over again with the same dice results. Then I popped back out and the group left. The players and the Storyteller were stunned by the whole sequence of events.

                          I had no idea the enormity of what I had just pulled off and it wasn't until a week later when I had finished reading the rule books that I thought to myself "That was incredibly stupid!" but hey it all worked out. That particular PC went to the top of that particular Technocracy group's hit list. That PC was eventually declared to be a Marauder by the Storyteller because I was always trying wacky stuff like that and I never failed a roll. not even remotely close.

                          Like my main man Han Solo once famously said "Never tell me the odds!"


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                            I make too many mistakes to have a lot of 'great moments'. But I think a favorite moment I recall was playing a Sabbat shovelhead mini-game in what was someone else's Camarilla game. The Sabbat was fractured between a number of leaders in northern California just after the Civil War period. Our pack had been embraced to help sabotage the enemy side. The final event was a large battle between the different sides after a lot of preparation.

                            Anyway, long story short, it ended with our pack splitting up over who they were going to follow. Their ad hoc, super evil Bishop or some newer arrivals. Was a really fun and emotional moment, talking about how they'd probably have to end up fighting one another if they saw each other again. And the fact they had survived so much/shared a Vaulderie.


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                              Character-wise a really great moment for me was when my character reconciled with his mortal love's father after 7 years (real time). The father was a constant thorn in my character's side, and finally there was some peace for the two lovers (the father knew about my character's kindred existence and did everything he could to disrupt his daughter's relationship).
                              And then my character's long-time nemesis killed the father and succeeded in putting the blame on me. So my character had to leave town for several months in order to escape law enforcement. It was a fun moment because it felt like some kind of victory, after a decade of constant problems, but just when I felt like celebrating everything was shattered, and my character was hurled into a spiral of events that changed the status quo considerably.

                              Four more years later my character had a final encounter with the above mentioned long-time (now even longer-time) nemesis. After more than a decade he was finally able to kill the bastard, and after a short moment of hesitation he actually eliminated his nemesis. But it didn't feel good or satisfying. Suddenly there was this empty feeling because now that justice had been served this driving need of revenge was gone. It was basically like Inigo Montoya said in "The Princess Bride": "I have been in the revenge business for so long, now that it is over I do not know what to do with the rest of my life." It was another defining moment for my character.

                              Storyteller-wise I love the moments when my players suddenly have these "OH MY GOD!"-Moments when they finally see through my intrigues and machinations. And of course it's fun to see the players' reactions to really elaborate handouts I worked on for hours (or days. Or weeks).

                              In retrospect I would say my finest hour as storyteller was a story that was the climax of a long-running epic. It involved time-travelling and alternate realities, which are always tricky to handle. But in the end everything made perfect sense, everything the characters did in the past fit perfectly to events that already happened in the present, and some events of the present that previously had made no or little sense were suddenly retroactively explained by my player's actions. It literally could watch the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. And my players took the story serious and didn't fool around with the timeline. Some of the events left psychological marks that reverberate till today.
                              I rarely pat myself on the back, but I'd say this story really was my masterpiece (I was happy that 9 months of preparations paid off...).
                              And although it's been some 8 years since we played that story I still have ideas for a follow-up to surprise my players with...

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