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  • Inspiration for Werewolf

    So, we have this thread on the Mage forums. why not here?. Recommend your movies, tv shows, comics and music!. From the most obvious werewolf movies to some that might have some elements relatable to the ones of the game.

    -The Wolfman: Holy shite the classic one. The story of a man down on his luck and bitten by a wolf, cursed to turn into a Wolf man creature. Good stuff
    -The Warriors: "Warriors, Come out an Plaaaaay" See the warriors as a NY pack trying to clean their name in a turf war.
    -The Thing: The original one, none of that CGI bullshit kids now a days like so much. A shapeshifting spirit is slowly taking over a base on antartica, and all depends on a group of survivors to try and kick its arse.
    -300 : yeah yeah we got the comic and the movie? but what does has anything to do with Werewolves?. the feel , the epic scale and the idea of a war that's been lost.
    -Freaked: Ok i found this cult film recently, its basically "Fomori The Movie". an actor (alex winter) becomes the spokeperson for a pesticide which turns people into mutant freaks. He gets turned into one and now he is leading a local resistance to fight the Ringmaster of the Freakshow and the maker's of this toxic.
    -The Toxic Avenger: another story of a Fomori gone "Good" ?, a cult classic and a Must See
    -Mad Max Fury Road: If furiosa isnt a Black Fury then i have no idea what is she.

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    Sacrifice video game - the gods can be inspiration for Umbral Lords and the politics & relations between them. Especially if you play through it several times. at 3:00 you have the introduction to the gods.


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      - Romasanta: an lupus Dancer wreaks havoc in the Spanish countryside.
      - Dog Soldiers: Speaking of BSDs, here is a group of regular british soldiers facing a family of BSDs.
      - Criminal Minds: How a mobile pack deals with various Wyrm tainted foes and mundane horrors.

      -Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: possibly the closest to a WtA adaptation to animated form we'll ever get.
      - Stay Still Stay Silent (webcomic)- spiritualism and scifi in a post-apocalyptic world.
      - Best of Bad Decisions (webcomic) - A comic focusing on the life of two coywolves who want to be leaders. Great to get an idea how a lupus might think.

      Youtube Channels/Blogs;
      -Serial Killer files (youtube program): A look into various serial killers and unsolved murders. I recommend the Albert Fish episode for a great example of a Black spiral Dancer.
      - WolvesWolves(blog): A blog dedicated to showcasing wolves, wolf news and knowledge of them.

      My gallery.


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        While it doesn't work with the White Wolf take on werewolves, I highly recommend the 80s Fox Television series Werewolf, particularly the pilot TV movie.


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          Ginger Snaps: The first one mainly.
          For historical ambience I liked Brotherhood of the Wolf. Not exactly a fit for WtA, but I have used it as inspiration for setting details.
          Cursed (2005) was extremely campy, but a fun Werewolf flick.

          Metallica, Of Wolf and Man is 100% WtA to me.
          Imagine Dragons, Radioactive is a Spiral anthem.


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            Music: My favorite theme I've used for a major Spiral vilian (an npc former ally who fell due to a major persecution complex) was Marilyn Manson's "Cryptorchid"


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              I posted some of these in the cWoD thread also, so mea culpa if it's déjà vu. I was going to do a video series reviewing these in a WoD-lens, but eh, I'll probably never get around to it.

              Stranger Things
              It's the most WoD thing I've seen in some time, and while it's all from mortal perspective/interactions, there are LOTS of heavy Pentex and Umbra themes.
              The Dead Lands
              Pretty much anything Māori is hella Werewolf to me, and this especially. This one just screamed a young Theurge (or maybe Philodox) out for justice against the irreverent, glory-hungry alpha of an enemy pack.

              A corvid-born Corax living as a homid, who is possibly on his way to being Fallen. This is one of my favorites for Corax, especially for strong mannerisms and behaviour.

              I only watched a couple episodes of it, but it's okay. It's not very remarkable thus far, but it's an actual werewolf show and I like it better than Hemlock Grove, at least. It's a bit light - definitely not a WoD setting, and it's not high budget (oh, those CG wolves) but it might be worth a watch anyway if you've run out of other things to watch. It could be good material for Kinfolk, Cubs and Cliath, and a more "normalized" Garou living in and amongst the modern world situation.
              The Fountain
              Themes of ancestors/past lives, Mnesis, Umbral quests, or a Seeking. Huge inspiration for Theurges with their theme of death and rebirth, and the necessity of cycles.

              Umbral Realms, dealing with Banes, being a Theurge. Could also be seen from the perspective of a Fomori being redeemed.

              Eastern Promises
              Shadow Lord doing low-key Bringer of Light-style stuff, and Kinfolk.

              Hard Candy
              Black Fury / Kinfolk, incredibly Ragabash-justice. Could also be good inspiration for a Nuwisha.

              The 13th Warrior
              The obligatory Silent-Strider-joins-a-pack-of-Fenrir-on-a-quest. There's even great Auspice role representation.

              Princess Mononoke
              Soooo Werewolf. Themes of Weaver encroachment on the Wyld, Wyrm taint and corruption, spirits.

              Whale Rider
              Lots of good mythos, prophecy, and spirituality themes. Made me think of a Kinfolk-centric story.

              Pandora is such a great representation of an Umbral realm, and a living, vital Gaia. Mnesis themes, animistic spirituality.

              Forest Warrior
              Bear with me here... this movie is basically terrible, but if you look at it as if it is a pack of cubs who find a totem of the wilderness, it suddenly becomes great for a laugh. You can peg Tribe and Auspice stereotypes to each of the kids. And keep in mind, if Werewolves are changing around puberty, the Nation is full of teens and pre-teens like this. (And suddenly the stupid problems of the Nation make so much more sense...)

              Pearl Jam, Do The Evolution
              So much Weaver-Wyrm representation crammed into such a short span of a song and music video.

              Otep, Run For Cover
              It's not a perfect anthem, but whenever I listen to this, I can't help but think of Zhyzhak.
              "I warned you before, I'm addicted to war
              I was praying for armageddon on the day I was born"
              Fall Out Boy, Phoenix
              I'm not much into this band, but that's a modern urrah's anthem right there.


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                Originally posted by Crowley View Post
                300 : yeah yeah we got the comic and the movie? but what does has anything to do with Werewolves?. the feel , the epic scale and the idea of a war that's been lost.
                300 even has the Galliard who is retelling stuff to be way more polished and cinematic than it actually was, in a very meta, very Garou way.


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                  In terms of Gifts, I bet I'm not the only Dragonball Z fan thinks "yup, this is basically a werewolf Super Saiyajin" when the Silver Fang Gift "Body of Silver" is used, especially if its used in conjunction with the silver glow of "Lambert Light"

                  Also, the Saiyajins, also being a proud, violent tempered race of lycanthropes who show the true potential of their powers in The Light of the Full Moon and/or in the throes of rage, are an excellent example of how to portray the similarly proud and violent shapeshifting warrior people that are the Garou.
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                    Slipknot song's Slipknot..i wonder..perhaps because the lyrics says "Pentex sucks, pentex sucks" and "bone gnawer sucks" or because it mentions turning into a crinos and step into the umbra

                    Bigby Wolf from the comic/videogame Fables is a good example of how a garou would play in a changeling game.

                    A friend of mine used to Dm werewolf with a lot of themes and "mood" from a wargamme, Warhammer 40K Anyone ? (Space Marines - Garous, Chaos marines - BSD , Orkz - Fomori etc)

                    Also, i wanted to recommend a comic which shares the Family subject from werewolf. "Lone wolf and Cub."

                    13Th warriors, the antonio banderas movie, or The Magnificent Seven, or hell.. the original one Seven Samurai.

                    Some might call "Bullshit" BUT, listen carefully (or read rather).
                    HBO BAND OF BROTHERS. The Mood, the Characters, The Dinamics, the relationships! Hell i'll go into spoiler territory but, When one of the soldier's gets shot by a drunken friendly.. the way they fucking beat the living shit out of him, and the way that Spiers acts its as clear as a it can be when we are dealing with members of The Pack or Tribe hurting one of their members (specially when it comes to Kinfolks), besides..lets be honest, you cant call yourself a galliard without quoting
                    " We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
                    For he today that sheds his blood with me
                    Shall be my brother"
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                      Originally posted by Crowley View Post
                      13Th warriors, the antonio banderas movie
                      Super-endorse The 13th Warrior as a W:tA movie. Featuring a Silent Strider who gets quest-wrapped up into joining a pack with a bunch of Fenrir to deal with a local Fomor nest, complete with pretty distinct Auspice representation.


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                        A few more songs are that irresistibly invoke Werewolf for me.

                        Lamb of God, Reclamation. Red Talon and Ratkin af.

                        Peter Gabriel, The Rhythm of the Heat. Wyld and ritual.

                        Mos Def, Umi Says. This was on the top of one of my Galliard's playlists.

                        Run The Jewels, Crown. The Wyrm in the culture and hierarchy of the Nation, and in humanity. Fomori.
                        "Loaded my weapon and swore to them vengeance and stepped with aggression right into the fray
                        Into the haze, into the murk
                        Told me to prove to them what I was worth
                        We’ll teach you to move without mercy and give you the tools to go after the causers of hurt
                        You'll become death, you will take breath
                        This is for everything you’ve ever loved
                        Use all the pain that you’ve felt in your life as the currency go out and trade it for blood
                        You are not you, you are now us
                        We are the only ones that you can trust
                        You’ll become fear, they’ll become dust
                        Before this moment you didn't mean much
                        You are the smoldering vessel of punishment born to do nothing but justify us."

                        These VNV Nation tracks hit my waning gibbous real hard for human and Garou nations alike: Testament, Sentinel, Tomorrow Never Comes, Nemesis, Honour
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                          I might pop in from time to time as I remember songs but "Sky", and "Genocide" by Ra was a big thing for me when I played Mokole:



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                            OH MAN, I almost forgot.

                            Ethnic Zorigoo feat. Zaya, Khuleg Baatar. You will not find a better song for driving, running, biking, moving your body, and also being outrageously Shifters-at-their-best. I am only slightly exaggerating. Look at these translated lyrics and tell me this is not Werewolf af.

                            Zorigoo: Graced by the great sky, descendants of the snow leopards,
                            Aided by the father sky, forefathers of the great taiga (northern snow forest)
                            Strength has arisen, with the best of horse next to me
                            Warriors of the blood clan, willingly sit with comfort
                            What intent tempts you to dare call us?
                            Boastful lad you are, aren't you foolish?
                            Where are your best of horses?
                            Where are the sturdy men of yours?
                            Where are your patchy bow and arrows?
                            Where are your courage and willpower?

                            Zaya: I am the bestowal of the new Mongols, chained from my ancestors
                            Knowing this, I conquer (overcome) myself, not others
                            Common descendant of the warriors, herders, wrestlers and sages
                            The heroes that created my Mongolia, wait now...
                            Here come the youths of knowledge, and my women are charming
                            Together in unison we will paint the new future

                            Zorigoo: Will you respect the mountains and rivers?
                            Will you respect your blood and family?
                            Will you imprint your glory and honor?
                            Will you treasure your father and mother?
                            Will you respect your forefathers?
                            Will you value your grand history?

                            Zaya: To the unforgotten ones who went to battle for us,
                            For the future, for the tomorrow, I will be here
                            Respects to the mountains and rivers, protection to my family (people)
                            Collect good deeds and forgive those who are heartless
                            Willingly protecting the mountains and rivers, we will strive
                            In our hearts, we will keep this firmly in mind.


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                              My songs might be less brutal, but here goes;

                              Fever Ray- Wolf. This song is such a great Moot song, with a feeling of primal celebration.

                              Sonata Arctica- Blood. A garou (lupus?) dealing with uncertainty with humanity.

                              Stepdad- Wolf Slaying as a Hobby. A metis cub's doubt on growing up in a strict sept.

                              My gallery.