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  • Originally posted by idpersona View Post
    With no insult intended (and I mean that entirely sincerely) your version of the WoD seems to have very little in common with the WoD as written in the books.
    I mean, I believe he also has anyone in the Camarilla be able to learn Bardo. No offense intended to Aya, but I've very often found his perception of WoD to be different than most.


    • If you have lower levels of Divination, you lack the accuracy to be a successful daytrader. At level 4 or 5 though, you should be quite wealthy. In general, I think that Sorcerers should have a minimum Resources of (Divination/Fortune - 2) unless they have a real good reason not to be wealthy.


      • one problem I have with using the Sorcerer Numina, is a lot of them are FAR more powerful then the ones in kinfolk and hunters hunted

        Who wants to take Cursing from hunters Hunted II when fortune exists.

        or Kinfolk unsung heroes Divination when Sorcerer Divination exists.


        • Of course, that was part of the corrections that occurred with Revised. Fortune is Cursing, Divination is Divination, etc. The only older versions that are interesting are the old Ephemera and the old Shapeshifting because they offer equal but different versions of their equivalent powers in Revised.


          • Or the various versions of powers were never written with a complete crossover in mind. HH version of Paths are what there are in Vampire, and Kinfolk (both versions) had their own versions. And Sorcerer was a Mage specific book, even if it was easily used for crossover. But the Kinfolk and HH Paths weren't meant to be compared to Sorcerer Revised. Also, Hunters Hunted II is part of the V20 line, and so it is more updated (and therefore should supersede) than Sorcerer Revised.

            Just some thoughts on the matter.


            • at 2 dots of Divination you may not be ready to daytrade... but should be ready for bounty hunting.

              But even if a fortune teller knows a dot or 2 of divination, they may not use it for each customer especialy on a busy day

              And when they do use it they may still be deliberately theatrical

              Hmmmnn is it that odd to have someone who knowing healing working as a Vet, and thus having a low profile, or at a massage parlor where being a trifle idiocyntric is to be expected.
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