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  • W:tA Reverie of the Kol Kin

    there has been some debate in a game i play about this gift. most say it does not affect demons from D:tF. does it work on them or only on malfean demons?

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    Technically each game is in its own bubble universe with shadows of the different player types existing in the others. If the Fallen exist in the storytellers game then its up to them if this gift effects them or not. Given that its one of the only gifts that specifically calls out Demons, I normally have it effect the.


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      This is up to the individual ST and playing group. However, I'd allow it to be used on any "demon" in any games I'd run. That would include any Banes, infernal demons in Vampire, Demonics in the Tempest in Wraith, Astral Demons in Mage, or any of them in Demon: the Fallen.

      The Gift is rather low-powered in my opinion, so it wouldn't be breaking the game.


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        Echoing both above, I would say it should affect them if you are using DtF in Werewolf.

        Honestly, in 99% of games, this Gift is going to be a waste to learn. So why not let the player who decided to invest in it have their moment of glory?