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    whats worse is that the propriator of the lodge had a daughter who witnessed the garous attack and ran away when they were ripping apart her family. The characters later found out on the local nightly news that she was found unconscious in the woods near frozen to death. The Pack decided to tie up loose ends and went to the hospital through the umbra , fooled/negotiated with the secretary/ reception / front desk spirit of the hospital ( a faceless humanoid with 1950's poofy hair and 8 arms speedily multitasking). The pack went to the girls room in the penumbra and came back to the physical realm. They talked over her body for a minute and decided on a course of action. They smothered her unconscious face with a pillow.

    I remember my jaw was on the floor when they did that. I had not planned for any shit like that. Definitely some world of darkness shit right there.


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      And a rather severe violation of the Litany. They effectively covered up the negligent homicide of a Kinfolk child by murdering an innocent child who would have likely not remembered anything because of the Delirium. Murdering a human witness is not repairing the Veil because murder for expediency brings Garou closer to the Wyrm and makes mortals even more suspicious (the girl who was attacked by a maniac was suffocated to death in the middle of the night, so someone is hiding something), which further threatens the Veil. Discrediting a human witness repairs the Veil because it makes future claims of werewolves even more suspect.


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        Laws get broken all the time. Even more so in the world of darkness. The veil isn't always fool proof also I'd like to add. The garou don't have a reference book to know when something wiped a memory clear or not.
        And if your a monster / or a criminal , you wanna tie up loose ends. I was shocked when they did it but it made them monsters and fallible.

        I don't like it when garou are portrayed as knights in shining armor. I like blurred morality . I like when monsters are still monsters despite what cultural rules get slapped on them to toe the line. To me it's just like life on the street but more brutal and leaves you feeling dirtier even when your trying to do the right thig shit happens...and if it can be helped , most people will sweep something under the rug or go to lengths to protect their reputation. More so I believe when renown is on the line and your a monster that's part of a modern day savage society.
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          Hermit in the woods

          escaped con / fugitive

          Bonfire partying highschool drunks trying to score after the "big game/graduation"

          Stepping on an old rusty forgotten hunters trap

          Walking past those infared hunters cameras

          Wild hogs feasting at a feeder

          Unused hunters blinds/stands

          Quiet suicide by hanging

          Starving and weak animals

          Rabid squirrels

          Stumbling on to a military base in the midst of Field Training Excercises