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How do you handle Frenzy provocation/Rage rolls?

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    In the old larp I was in, only one person walked around in Glabro. His character had Fair Glabro. He was a Bone Gnawer Theurge, so he didn't care about looks.

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      Originally posted by Aya Tari View Post
      In my experience, the majority of PCs will walk around in Glabro form (the advantages outweigh the disadvantages) and will pick up the Fair Glabro Merit if they are social characters. The bonus Strength and Stamina, as well as the lethal and aggravated soak, make it harder for them to be physically hurt by mortals, which gets rid of a common frenzy trigger (and most people will not throw a punch at a 6'8" and 320 lbs weightlifter).
      Eh. "the majority of PCs" should not be allowed to purchase the Fair Glabro Merit since Merits by design are add-on traits to make your character special. If everyone purchases a single Merit then it's the STs job to say no to a bunch of them.
      Everything else here I agree with.


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        Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post

        It was the rules in Revised at least, though Revised core was unclear and it was clarified in the Revised ST Handbook FAQ IIRC.
        ​Actually, it was in there, but it was in a weird place (nowhere near the Rage section) and confusingly, didn't use the term "Permanent Rage". It stated that "ratings" were the basis for dice rolls. The Rage Pool is what fluctuates, and the Rage Rating is the "Permanent Rage".