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    Again drop rite of cleansing, it's not in the auspics job description and it steps on the theruges toes. Plus why would someone teach you that when your role is to tell the great deeds of your pack and others?

    Also primal urge of 3 but gnosis of 1? Also rituals of 3 and gnosis of 1? If you want some basic rite that works well with a homid pick up talisman dedication so you don't have to replace the oh so edgy leather jackets punks wear everytime you shift.

    Just because someone is a high school drop out doesn't mean they can have a high level of knowledge in a specific field (some might say this is a specialization)


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      With what he is, that's right about where his Gnosis is supposed to be. I can move the extra willpower point into it, but that's about it. I'll take a further look at the rites to find something that works better. He doesn't wear a leather Jacket, but good call on the oh so edgy bit. (It's black and red plaid cloth, probably from the wolverine clothing brand, so think a cross between a hobo/lumberjack and a punk.) As for the Academics, it's almost literally described a knowledge of Academia, not music. It's why he has 3 points in composition, due to being a composer and a lyricist.I did change the rite to Totem Dedication, unless you have a better idea.


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        BurritoMage Thoughts?


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          As a get gallard your job "in the tribes view" is to put claws to faces and later tell everyone how awesome you and your pack did it. Anything that's varies from that isn't going to fly if your dude was trained by the tribe. With a mentor of 1 you are really only looking at another werewolf who's a rank 2 at best so not a whole lot of stuff they can teach you.

          With rituals 3 that's puts you on the level of rite master in training, great for a rank 2 or 3 but not a rank 1. Especially if the rite you took was a mystic one (which rite of cleansing is).

          So what I would suggest is dropping rituals down to 1. Take rite of dedication and dump the rest into backgrounds for allies or contacts. As the gallard you are also the social face of the pack


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            BurritoMage I don't think that's exactly how the system works.I can't drop the points in Knowledges to put them elsewhere, I already have it as low as it can be, without unnecessarily crippling the character. So I've dropped Rituals to 1, and put the other points elsewhere, Computers and Enigmas. I can alter his backgrounds, so I've added Allies at 2, Resources, Rites, and Mentor at 1, after dropping Ancestors.
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              Personally, I think Rituals are a good things for a Galliard to have. While the Rite of Cleansing is a Mystic Rite, it's such a basic rite, I feel the more people who know it the better. However, I'd avoid having a specialty in Cleansing rites as a Galliard. I'd focus on the Renown Rites, like the Rite of Wounding and Rite of Accomplishment. As BurritoMage suggested, Rite of Talisman Dedication is a good one to have too.

              If we are getting all nick-picky, I'd switch out Primal-Urge for Streetwise and/or Empathy. Your character grew up on the streets, so Streetwise makes sense. Empathy, since your character is a musician. The best musicians have a great understanding of Human Emotion.
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