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Hammer and klaive: a VERY good book.

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  • Hammer and klaive: a VERY good book.

    got the book during the holiday sale.

    reading it it has TONS of cool stuff...

    Fetish claws, warpaint, etc...

    any idea on what kinds of updates the stuff needs for W20

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    Yes, I personally think its one of the best supplements for WtA I'd actually really like another version of it for W20. I'm not sure what kind of updates it would be need but I would just like more material.
    Although I enjoy making my own fetishes too.


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      Their was one uber cool Talen

      Candle of Souls.
      page 73

      ideas what kinds of gifts and rites can work through it think infallible argument of logic would work since your not actually talking with them

      or ANY rites other then rending the veil

      Hmmmn or mothers touch to act as a distant support staff for a pack in trouble.


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        One thing about H&K that's always bugged me is that the Beast Courts frowning on fetish weapons came from out of nowhere, since there were fetish weapons in Hengeyokai and only the Hakken had any hint of not wanting a part of it, and only for their ceremonial paired swords. If they did pick up samurai mores, then they would be using spears, bows, and naginata, all with spirits in them, when the time came to throw down, while saving the katana and wakizashi pairing for their interpretation of benevolence and gentle use of force.


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          Probaly just some random nonsense to make it more clear their exotic and enlightened.


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            With the minimal mechanical changes relevant to the book between Revised and W20, H&K is pretty compatible without any significant alteration.


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              Good to know!

              any thoughts on the question on candles of Souls?


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                Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
                Good to know!

                any thoughts on the question on candles of Souls?
                I had a vindictive Shadow Lord use Disfigurement via a fetish that worked like a Candle of Souls. His target was a Silver Fang kinfolk princess that he wanted to socially sabotage, and on important occasions he would cause nasty pustules to erupt across her face.


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                  I hope that he had a reason beyond being an asshole.


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                    hope he had a motivation beyond "MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
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                      I mean, there was this whole thing involving the Shadow Lords and the Silver Fangs of House Unbreakable Hearth, but the Garou's motives were ignoble. He was trying to force the the purity-obsessed Silver Fangs to banish the (apparently incurably) sick kinfolk, as he thought she had witnessed him breaking the Litany. He was not willing to kill her, but he was willing to attempt just about anything else.

                      He got his just deserts in the end when his deeds came to light and he was slain by Gaia's Vengeful Teeth.
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                        cool! anoother thing, how to shield from such magics?to explains why pentex's board of directors is still alive.
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                          oh curious? Thought we could brainstorm fetishes?

                          heres 2 ideas

                          A Talen that keps noise from escaping a radius (not sure what it should be) allowing someone to wait for Reinforcements that never come because no one heard their call for help.

                          A maneki Neko, I have one IRL what level a fetishh ld it make, if empowered to help invite money.


                          "-1 Difficultys to job interviews, performance, things related to college?" or is that too broad?

                          Level 2 Fetish, but usable by Kin?

                          As wealthy Garou are often indefinite house guests of rich kinfolk