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A Rock-Band Pack Based On The Beatles / "After-school Tea Time" of the Hit-Anime "K-ON!"

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  • A Rock-Band Pack Based On The Beatles / "After-school Tea Time" of the Hit-Anime "K-ON!"

    Seeing as:
    1) Werewolf encourages you to draw inspiration from your favorite TV-Shows/Movies/Anime/Literature in creating characters
    2) My current most beloved Anime is K-ON! (Dragonball Z is an equal favorite)
    3) The band members of Hokago Tea Time are directly inspired by members of The Beatles AKA The Fabulous Four, leading to become my favorite Western Band after researching them as a result of this fact.
    4) The Beatles' TRIPPY adventure in the world of The Sea of Monsters and Pepperland in "Yellow Submarine" is an excellent representation of what it "looks like" to step-sideways into the Wyld.

    Wouldn't it be a neat (or, Fabulous) idea to base a Rock-Band Themed Garou Pack on "The Beatles" and "Afterschool Teatime" that drew inspiration from the 'Fab Four?

    So, Here We Go with brainstorming:

    John Lennon/Hirasawa Yui = The Galliard Lead Guitarist (Child of Gaia): A head-in-the-clouds, kind-hearted romantic idealist who is not all up there, can't even read sheet music, but more than makes up for his/her childishness and shortcomings with his/her talent, passion and enthusiasm. His/Her loyalty and love for his/her friends is the "heart" that holds the band/pack together.

    Ringo Starr/Tainaka Ritsu = The Ragabash Drummer (Fianna): A devil may care, fun loving joker and hooligan without a serious bone in his/her body, who holds the pack/band together with his/her humor and enthusiasm.

    Paul McCartney/Akiyama Mio = The Philodox Lead Bassist and The Pack Alpha (Silver Fang): Mature, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, and the sole voice of reason for the band/pack, even if he/she can be overbearing in his/her need to keep everything in control AND insist on writing sickeningly-sugary and sweet lyrics. Left-Handed Bassist who taught the band/pack's resident idiot-genius Lennon/Yui how to play the guitar from scratch.

    George Harrison/Kotobuki Tsumugi = The Theurge Keyboard-Artist (Stargazer): Halfway with his/her head permanently in the clouds of eccentricity, Harrison/Tsumugi is even more disconnected from reality than Lennon/Yui is, but is therefore the spiritual heart of the pack/band that is able to think outside the box to find new meaning (and new sounds), and strengthens the bonds of band/pack with regular afternoon-tea/trips/meditation/moots.

    Just something needed to get out of my otaku (and now certified Beatles loving) head before I sleep.

    Obviously there's no Ahroun archetype amongst Beatles and After-School Tea Time band members, but their primary mission is a spiritual one to spread Love and Hope through Music, so in this pack's case, Ahroun-less should be no problem.

    Off to sleep, with hopefully more crazy ideas in the morning.

    Good Night!
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    That works rather well, I think.

    (I'm only four episodes in to K-ON!, and I'm enjoying it. I'm not sure I'm going to end up liking it as much as I did Bamboo Blade in the category of "after school extracurricular girl group anime", but it has been fun so far.)


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      Oh trust me buddy, K-On, is *much* better (especially from a "Werewolf" player's point of view) than Bamboo Blade.

      Whereas the cast of Bamboo Blade is made up of caricatures that barely have time to interact, much less bond with each other, The Cast of K-On are less exaggerated (but no less endearing) and feel more "real", and the show takes its sweet time to subtly watch them grow up as people and bind with each other, and become closer than blood families in spite of their differences, or rather, because their differences complement each other.

      Much like "growing up together" with your Garou pack, growing up again together with "Afterschool Tea Time" is such a heartfelt and deeply personal experience that by the time you have to say goodbye to them, it's bears the warm sorrow of parting with actual friends.

      While nowhere as violent as say, "The Wild Bunch", "K-On!" Is irrefutably the best and most sincere study of friendship I have had the good fortune of partaking in outside the Action Genre.
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        Well, any series that has 36 episodes is going to be more in depth character wise than one that only has 12. And I'm almost done with season one of K-ON and enjoying it quite a bit. The early Beatles influence on the show seems pretty upfront.

        (Girls & Panzer is still my all time favorite "girls' after school club" anime, just for the sheer ludicrousness of the concept, and the fact that as a life long GI Joe fan, Cover Girl was always one of my favorite - and criminally underused - characters from the team.)


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          A friend of mine always wanted to run a series of one-shots based on a Pack following The Spirit of Rock & Roll. The goal of each run was to save Gaia and get to the gig on time.

          I believe both vocalists/guitarists were Galliards, the drummer was an Ahroun, and the keyboardist was a Glass Walker Ragabash called "Sparks".


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            Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
            (Girls & Panzer is still my all time favorite "girls' after school club" anime, just for the sheer ludicrousness of the concept, and the fact that as a life long GI Joe fan, Cover Girl was always one of my favorite - and criminally underused - characters from the team.)
            Hmm, in terms of Auspice/Tribe, "The Anglerfish Tank Pack" would probably look like this

            Nishizumi Miho: Pack Alpha and Oarai Sept Leader (Tank Commander, Philodox, Get of Fenris)
            Reizei Mako: (Tank Driver/Smart-Silent-Type, Theurge, Stargazer)
            Takebe Saori: (Communications officer, Galliard, Fianna)
            Akiyama Yukari: (Main Cannon Loader/Espionage Officer: Ragabash, Shadow Lord)
            Isuzu Hana: (Main Cannon Operator, Ahroun, Child of Gaia)
            Last edited by Lin Liren; 02-27-2017, 05:49 AM. Reason: Come to think of it, Miho's original school is based on Third Reich Germany, and Yukari is all about cunning, so changing tribes to fit concepts. Also Clarifying *What* Yukari actually Loads.


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              Please, everyone knows that Team Hippo were the real stars of that series. (More seriously, my reaction to that clique was a recurring one I have to various cultural bits in anime: "It that really a thing in Japan?")


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                Now that you think about it, "Camps" in Werewolf would probably be analogous to the "Cliques" or "School Clubs" of our world ("You're still ostensibly a member of a school that is known for the best sailing team in Taipei, but you happen to belong in the Violin Club instead." 😉)


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                  It sort of depends on the Camp, I think. If presented well, they should come across as "you're a member of a school that is known for the best sailing team in Taipai, and you belong to the Navigators' Club". The Silent Striders are the ones known as travelers and nomads, and the Harbingers are the Silent Striders known as bringers of important news and warnings. And so on.


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                    I used the violin analogy because sometimes camps can deviate wildly from the ideologies of it's mother tribe.

                    For instance, Children of Gaia are on paper about forging peace and unity, and yet produced the "Imminent Strike" Camp that advocates violent action over words.

                    The Get of Fenris despise weakness, and yet produced "The Hand of Tyr" camp which passionately hunts murderers tyrants rapists and bullies, with all of its members willing to gladly lay down their lives to protect the weak and innocent.

                    And the ideology of the "Whelp's Compromise" Camp, which advocates forgiving and making peace with Humanity, is seen as outright treason of the genocidal dogma of its parent Red Talons Tribe.

                    Much like how Sakuragaoka High School of K-ON! also has a swinging Jazz Club in spite of being most beloved for it's rock-band "Afterschool Tea Time"

                    And how Miho of Girs Und Panzer, in spite of hailing from a bloodline of Ruthlessly-Darwinian Tank Warriors, is a kind and gentle pacifist at heart who fits better in the diversity of Oarai Girls High over that of the Military School that was Kuromori High.

                    Not to mention nobody before that 1964 Broadcast of The Ed Sullivan Show expecting Four Lads with Neat Haircuts from Proper-and-Stuffy-Old England taking The World of Rock-and-Roll By Storm....
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                      Well, like I said, "if presented well". Some of the original 1st edition presentations (and in a few cases concepts - I'm looking at you, Swords of Heimdall) were questionable or wonky.

                      To me (and I stress this is mostly just my take on the game), every Tribe has an overarching theme and the camps tie into that. The Get's theme is Strength and their camps should be based around what members draw strength from. For the Valkyries, its "I am woman, hear me roar!" female empowerment. For the Hand of Tyr, it's their sense of righteousness (which sometimes requires self-sacrifice). For Mjolnir's Thunder, it's their unwillingness to compromise or to rest. For Loki's Smile, it's their intelligence coupled with physical might. And so on. (I suspect the Swords started as something dedicated to drawing strength from kinfolk, family and breeding, and then got derailed by the widespread eugenics fixation of the 20th century.) Edit: And yes, a lot of the Norse god derived names don't work so well in light of the revised tribe book's (IMO brilliant) choice to flip the traditional mythology on its head and make Odin and his gang the bad guys. I like to think that, say, Freya was the name of the Valkyries' founder back in the super-early (Mary Wollstonecraft era) days of feminism.

                      Red Talon's are about Extinction and the camps are how they deal with the looming inevitability of that fact. Children of Gaia are about Unity under Gaia (with themselves in charge, naturally), and like every utopian group that's ever existed, there's a faction - the Imminent Strike - that thinks beating everyone else into line for "the Greater Good" is the way to go.

                      Such has always been my take on things, at least.

                      And I'm now about half way through season two of K-ON and enjoying it a lot. I still like the closing theme music from season one better than the one from season two, though.
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                        Wait a sec, there WAS An Ahroun among the ranks of the Beatles.....

                        Mr Stuart Sutcliffe, who was the Beatles Bassist in its formative years, before getting into a violent scuffle that had him kicked in the head and dying of an resultant Brain Hemorrhage in 1962
                        Must have been a REALLY hot tempered fella to have gotten into fights that often...

                        As for Afterschool Teatime... on the other hand, that role would fall to their outwardly-sweet but actually-psychotic Club Advisor, Musical Teacher and one-time Death-Metal Rocker Yamanaka Sawako, K-On!'s answer to Beatles Producer George Martin.

                        Come to think about it, Yui's position as "Sept Leader" should be removed, and given to Sawako, resulting in.....

                        George Martin/Yamanaka Sawako, Level 6 Elder Ahroun and Abbey Road/Sakurakaoka Sept Leader (Get of Fenris):