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    Originally posted by Aya Tari View Post
    I am not disagreeing with you, I just do not think that a Mage (or anything less powerful than a Celestine) can circumvent a curse of Gaia, at least not according to the WtA Lore.
    That depends on if you interpret it as a curse from gaia. In purely werewolf cosmology it's more likely, but still a valid question. In werewolf + mage cosmology things get "wyrd" fast.


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      Originally posted by Ruadhan View Post
      I was under the impression from what I've read that Metis cannot permanently get rid of their deformity in the Flux, that it comes back as soon as they leave that realm. Is this incorrect?
      It's ST fiat. But the infertility and the deformity are separate (though probably related). So you should be able to try for one without affecting the other. And maybe you come out fertile, but with 2 deformities. The Flux is the heart of the Wyld. Anything is possible. But that's exactly the sort of thing that ST fiat covers.

      Edit: Worth adding that anything that can possibly cure your Metis sterility is going to be ST fiat anyways. Are Mage shenanigans any more valid a reason than the Flux? I would say not. If your ST wants to explore this path with you than either option is at least just as valid as the other.
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        Originally posted by Aya Tari View Post
        Well, I think that 'Gaia says no' and the Mage gains 10,000 points of Paradox for trying to circumvent Gaia's prohibitions against Metis's reproducing (only a Supernal like the Wyrm seems to be able to avoid that fate). If Mages could just cure Metis infertility, the Garou would try to get along with Mages better. Of course, the only thing the Metis realizes is that his lady love is annihilated in an explosion that takes out a small city (assuming he was not in the vicinity)..
        Why would you inherently gain paradox for messing around with a spirit curse? I could understand not overcoming Gaia's power. But I'm not sure it would express itself through Paradox.


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          Originally posted by wonderandawe View Post
          You know what I would do as ST? I think I would have the child be born a normal human. Not Kinfolk. Not Garou. Not Metis. Not crazy freak monster baby. Just a normal Delerium prone human baby.
          If for no other reason than the "children take after their mother's breed-form" bit, I also would think the kid would either be regular ol' human or potentially Kinfolk (just as if a Garou ended up with a regular ol' human woman).