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Is there a Sept Position for this Ragabash?

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    Lupus CoG Philodox - Truthcatcher/ Master of Challenge?

    Homid GoF Arhoun - Sept Alpha/ Caern Warder (He was Caern Warder when the BSD attacked and hasn't transitioned the position yet)
    Homid GoF Galliard - Talesinger/Master of Howl/Den Mother
    Homid Glasswalker Ragabash - Master of Challenge/Keeper of the Land?

    Homid Uktena Thurge - Master of Rite, Caller of Wyld, Gatekeeper (she's kind of overworked. If the Quest PC isn't a Thuerge, she will have a Metis cub to assist her)
    Homid Glasswalker Ahroun - Alpha is training her to be Caern Warder, but there is some resistance to this as she is Glasswalker and newly Fostern

    It's a quest, so there is only one PC. The PC is one of four cubs in the Sept. The quest hasn't progressed to the point where the Players have picked an Auspice for the PC yet. Once they do, other three cubs will have set Auspices. (PC gets first dibs on Auspices)

    Homid GoF Whatever - The Quest PC
    Metis Glasswalker Thuerge or Philodox (I should note this is the Glasswalker Ragabash's kid)
    Homid GoF Galliard or Ragabash (This character is threatening to choose Glasswalker at his rite of passage)
    Lupus CoG Ahroun or Ragabash

    I bolded the positions that the Garou actually holds. The other positions are "I'll take care of it." assignments.
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      It is based on a population analysis. If the Ground Nation has a global population ratio of 1:500,000, then you need an average life expectancy of 25 years after First Change to maintain that population with a global Garou Kinfolk population ratio of 1:5,000. If you decrease the average life expentancy, you have to increase the global Kinfolk population ratio proportionally (an average life expentancy of 5 years would require a global Garou Kinfolk population ratio of 1:1,000).