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Odd Question about werewolf forms

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    Originally posted by Rahod View Post
    The reason of the need is I am filling a pack. The pack is going to be troupe of rejects, outcast, and the punished. I am trying to get the bottom of the barrel and the first idea that scary guy who was punished for his failures. Whats worse than trying to be intimidating when your a fluffy dog or being taken seriously when your Shirley Temple?

    That isn't so bad.

    What are the rest of the rejects like, if you don't mind me asking?


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      Still working on them at the time got any ideas?

      Like the Sun I am relentless even in death...


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        If they are Wyrm-aligned, having one of them be possessed might be interesting. Usually such creatures are scorned even by Black Spiral Dancers for their weakness, but it allows for some freaky abilities and horrific mutations, depending on the possessing spirit.

        Another might be a skin-dancer. Those are not terribly popular among Gaian packs. Mockery breeds like Samsa are also pretty bizarre, if you can get the paranoid freaks to hang around.

        You could also have fallen fera. Bitter-Grins, Mad Destroyers, Buzzards, all weird and twisted comapany for a screwed up BSD. If you want something really unusual you could feature a Baleshark that has eaten a heavily contaminated control rod or two from a nuclear reactor and now can create her own polluted sources of radioactive water.