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What if the Croatoan were able to exist again?

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    Well, it would require Turtle to awaken, adopt sufficient number of Garou and Garou Kinfolk, and make the Garou Nation accept it.


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      Well I can see the totem having to wake up, and adopt garou and kin, but I don't thing the nation has to accept it per se (Bunyip). I guess one of my big questions is: Do you think a totem would really adopt enough Garou and Kin to scratch its original tribe and start anew?
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        The impression I get is if Turtle awakens then the bindings against the eater of Souls unseals. So I don't think turtle would do this willingly. But if it happens then we could get a host of Croatan spirits and I'll wager several Uktena and Wendigo would hel by changing tribes to help get the new middle brother off the ground.

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