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Most Useful Named/UnNamed Spirits aka Cool Stuff Spirits Do

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  • Most Useful Named/UnNamed Spirits aka Cool Stuff Spirits Do

    Spirits are all over the darn place in the Umbra, and many cross over by materializing or with help from the Garou and others. So which ones are the most useful?

    1. How about spies, that go look in on someone or something for you?
    2. visit that vampire at noon and blast with sunlight?

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    Raccoon spirits are one of my favorites. They have a great charm that let's them borrow items from the physical world for a scene. So you can disarm entire rooms full of ambushers prior to showing up.

    I generally don't ask spirits to spy, since most Fera can do so on their own (my longest run characters were a Fianna Ragabash and a Ratkin Plague Lord). And killing a Vampire at noon should be incredibly easy for any Changer to do without needing to ask for spirit favors. Binding sun spirits though for use at night is a nasty (and unexpected) surprise.

    And Fire Elementals are usually more than willing to help bring fiery destruction to the material world. Slaggers are one of my favorite Talens (usually bullets; they incinerate everything in about a 5' radius).


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      rat spirits are awesome spies as well as cocroaches. and there is a canon fetish, a mask with sun spirit in it, created specifically against vampires.